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On a Lighter Note ~

So much seems to have gone down in the time I have been away . . . that many might have noticed with the numerous rant posts that have popped up. HAHA. Yet, I've decided that I really do want to try and get my butt back into being active here on TEF despite all of it. Hope this isn't any bad timing. ehhh? Yet, I doubt anyone has noticed my absence since I don't think I was that to much of an active lady here on before. Ether way, HI!

Small updates to those who care:
- I'm turning 20 in 20 days! YAYA!
- Probably only going to focus on 1-2 of my characters instead of all three
- Also, been busy working 6 days a week washing dogs 5-8 hours a day. SO TIRED~

Besides all of that, I'm probably just going to be focusing on ether Radish or Ntombi . . . w00t.
So hey guys, miss me? c:
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Best in Show Sim - user discussion thread

Best in Show Sim is a realistic dog SIM game where you can train, show, and breed your own virtual purebred dogs. Specialize in obedience, agility, or conformation, and enter true-to-life shows based on AKC standards and scoring. Compete against other kennels for ranking placements and prestigious awards. Through layering and careful balancing efforts, Best in Show remains simple and accessible to newer players with scalable complexity and engagement for more experienced players. Becoming a member of Best in Show's supportive and inclusive community is just a click away!

What I think of BIS
In my opinion it is extremely fun an addictive. It is much more than just breeding and showing. It's starting out with two dogs that can be who knows how far from breed standard and spending months, breeding and showing, creating the best. It is competitive yet a very warm and loving community, a lot like Alacrity's. There are threads on the Forums page where breeds of a certain breed can talk, organize breedings, shows, find out about current and future litters! A nice little touch. BIS is a well thought out and laid out game, easy to understand, and if you get lost there is always people around willing to help and explain things. I won't be going into large detail about it so you'll have to join and find out for yourself!

But I will say, out of all the breeds, only a few are competitively bred and shown because the community is so small at the moment. I am only 1 of 2 users that breed and train Poodles at this time but don't let that stop you from picking a breed you like.
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Animal Crossing: New Leaf (TEF Chat Center)

Do you play?

- - -

The player assumes the role of mayor of a new town, and with the help of the townsfolk and Isabelle, an eager secretary, it will be their job to make the town a better place to live. Compared to previous installments, New Leaf's aesthetics are more realistic, with more human-proportioned characters and more realistic flora.

- - -

I have purchased this game on the 18th of this month, totally hooked. 8D
Who wants to chat about this game and ask for advice or help?

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Tumblr for Radish?

Opinions, should I made a tumblr page for Radish? If I did, would you follow? o.o

- - -

If so . . .
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Hey There, Hey - Ideas for RP?

Alrighty, I would really love to move my characters along with their development and would love some volunteers or ideas for them! So please, don't be shy and just toss some ideas right at me and whatnot. Go on, I won't judge ideas. 8D

Radish, the gardener
- Needs more costumers
- A male friend perhaps, cause only does seem to talk to him. LOL
- Drama would be fun.
- I was thinking romance? I want to see him become a love sick fool

Lily, the shy doe
- I was thinking of her running back to the pond scared, still having trouble interacting with others. Maybe a bully or someone who speaks harsh to her?
- Attempt at friends?
- Mother or father figure? idk
- Other ideas?

Ntombi, the towering female
- Drama for the tallest member of the forest?
- Not sure what else?
- Maybe a child for her to care for? To show her mothering side?
- I love the idea of her falling in love OR someone liking her but she doesn't see it that way. xD

- - - - -

So, any takers or ideas?

Want to eMail me? o.lizzylizzy.o[at]gmail[dot]com
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Gen 4?

Just curious, do you think there will be a Gen 4 for TEF anytime soon or is it a bit early for that?
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I'm sick, I'm sorry :c

Just giving a reason to why my activity has been little to none this past month. I haven’t been feeling the best and as of two weeks ago my condition took a ugly turn. I began to itch, hives formed on my skin and I would have random body ache on different joints. I’m still fighting this, having a doctors appointment soon but fear that I might have a form of Lupus.

I have a number of the symptoms;

Random high fevers
Swollen glands (neck)
Swollen joints
Sore all over body
Sensitivity to the sun/symptoms worsen then I’m outside

I’ve taken notes on my health and what I have eaten so I can show the doctor. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be alright and hoping for the best. Wish me luck. ;-;

. . . so I might not be on active wise for a while :c


UPDATE: 11/2
Still not 100%, more like 80% ish. Went to a stupid doctor who didn't care to hear about my symptoms besides Hives. So, I'm going in for a Allergy Doctor appointment thing next week. But I hope they do some useful tests with the 3 viles of blood they took. x-x
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seed [a poem]


Tiny seeds buried deep and in sleep,
grow up strong, exposing your green.

Rise from the earth and all her warmth,
greet the day and what it may bring.

Reach for the sky above you,
stretch your roots out far.

With each day you will grow stronger,
growing up to show others what you are.
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Little Sweet Thing [Dulcie]

Update; updated 'in forest'

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Update 8/27
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