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Spring Rally 2022 - Dates Announced

The spring rally poll for this year is now up -

The spring rally will be held on the 21st of May - 4th of June

Event Discord -

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Someone is using my account, I have been hacked

Someone is using my personal account. If you please log off, I will have to manage my personal account. Please do not go to my account site. Or else, I would have to change my password. This will put my security into high risk. Sad

If you are the person using my account. Please stay off of it. I am sorry to say that this site is too dangerous for all users. I don't want any hackers to vandalize my email and information.

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Wiccan Divination Sessions

 photo GDfqTwaY7ys_zpsjdzsryou.png

The Rain Dancer's Divination Sessions!
Do you want to know what awaits you in the near future?
Find out your lucky card?
Order a small amulet?
Get advice for the next month on your zodiac sign?
Then come to our cozy company!

So, I just thought, since I have been doing Wiccan craft for 5 years, namely tarot fortune-telling, why not share this craft with other inhabitants of the forest?
Yes, I know that other members of the community can do something similar, but the idea itself is inspired by the fact that I do tarot myself, as written above, and have also been studying Wicca for 7 years. I MAKE PREDICTIONS NOT ONLY IN TEF

- Crying Idol
- Ruins (only on special days)

How to use the services:
- Find Feha in the forest (her pictogram is shown in the photo);
- Sit next to her;
- Write to me on discord (7FinalGirl8#3004, also i can be found on some TEF servers)
!To order an amulet - just write to me in the discord or under this record, you DO NOT NEED to look for me in the game!

When the sessions take place:
- Friday
- Monday
- Saturday
These days Feha can be found at the Crying Idol, if she is there, then the predictions are still relevant!
Usually she is there like two or three hours

List of services:
- Fortune telling on ONE card
(Just draw out the card with the desired number and get a specially prediction);
- Find out your personal card
(all you need is to say your full date of birth);
- Advice for the next month according to the sign of the zodiac
(find out which rules are best to follow this month by simply saying your zodiac sign)
- Purchase a lucky charm for your character
(it can be beads, earrings, scarves, figurines, whatever, Feha makes all this herself for a variety of occasions,amulets can be purchased ready-made or by special order)
!All services are free, any gratitude gifts are optional!

Amulets shop (constantly replenished, you can find out about all amulets and their properties before purchasing)


In stock:

The Rut 2021 - Post-Rut Discussion

Event HUB

Seemed like a particularly good one this year!

Now's a good chance to offer any feeeback for the event. So please have at it!

We decided on a timeframe that covered 3 weekends to try to maximize participation opportunities for everyone. How was that? If it went well we may just keep this formula.
How was the Challengers role, and how we modified it? Did it suit its purpose?
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--| The Pale Witch |-- x --| Rut Blog 2021 |--

. The Rut 2021 . (Finished!)

The Rut 2021

Rut 2021 Event Dates - Dates Announced!

It’s that time of year again! When should the Rut take place this year?

The Rut will take place August 28 - September 12!
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