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The Rut - Phaios

Rut blog for Phaios
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But Rlog

Hello!! Thank you to everyone who interacted with my characters this rut
and made the first week enjoyable before uni nuked my free time. As always my characters
are still up for interaction and lasting bonds so please don't feel nervous about
approaching us outwith the event!

Mmmight still be open to offering Jalo as a sire so feel free to hmu if you want to offer a mother or play a baby!

. The Rut 2020 . (Finished)

Event Hub for The Rut 2020

The Rut 2020 - Post-Rut Discussion

Event Hub

Thank you, all, for another lovely Rut season~

If you have any comments or critiques, suggestions for the next year's Rut, etc, please feel free to comment below!
Please focus on things that we can change; for example, we don't have much control over whether or not people are paying attention and actively participating. We can't glue people to their chairs - we can only make things more interesting and encourage more participation.

With that in mind, is there anything you would like to see next year?
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Spring Rally Baggage

Spring Rally Baggage

"Give me that thing and don't forget to look at my sto

Spring Rally Arena Games 2020

Spring Rally Arena Games Hub

Spring Rally Sparring Competition 2020

Spring Rally Competition Hub
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