[II.I.] Contested

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There is a note pinned to the tree by the ruins. It's hard to miss. Paper isn't so common here in the forest.

It seems to have been written quickly and is almost illegible, which is odd considering the carnival-like content.

Decipher this paper and win a prize!
Do YOU want something UNIQUE and MAGICAL?
Attach your answer below and win an amulet that will always guide you home!
Everyone who deciphers at least ONE RUNE will win a jar of imbued honey--great for sealing up old wounds and healing new ones!

Beneath the first paper are pinned two more--one a charcoal rubbing and the other a browned, ancient piece of paper inscribed with runes.

There is no signature beneath the declaration. Whether it and the prizes are real remains to be seen.


You post your guess on the paper. From behind you comes a soft voice, laced with exhaustion.

"Yeah. That's it," she says. She takes the paper down. From around her neck, she looses a small amulet.

"Like I promised," she says, before turning back to study the paper.

"It says—find the runes?" She pauses for a moment. "Look behind you. You see that tear?" There's a strange, rippling oddity now visible on the hill by the ruins. She frowns at it.

"You and whoever else you can find...if you can go in there and find them for me, I think we can fix this.

"It's dangerous. But whatever you find in there, it's yours to keep, if you want. There's a lot of good stuff in there. So I hear anyway."

"I also need an amulet-looking thing. It’s supposed to be in a shack. I just…heard it’s good luck or whatever. And we all need some luck, right?

Bring those things back to me. Like I said, you can keep whatever else you find, I don’t care.”

She nods towards the tear.

"Watch out for the creature. And just--be careful," she mutters, before slipping away.

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Speak its name not brother

Speak its name not brother find the runes

Wait, should I have answered this in character?
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No in-character needed, good

No in-character needed, good solving! You're correct.

For anyone coming in late, there's still more to learn about Brother here and there will be more community participation in just a bit.

Let me get to work on posting up the second part of this. Keep an eye out.
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Oh yay!! Thank! :3 Look

Oh yay!! Thank! :3
Look forward to the next bit, first time I've gotten to join in on the fun. ♥