The Rut 2020 - Post-Rut Discussion

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Thank you, all, for another lovely Rut season~

If you have any comments or critiques, suggestions for the next year's Rut, etc, please feel free to comment below!
Please focus on things that we can change; for example, we don't have much control over whether or not people are paying attention and actively participating. We can't glue people to their chairs - we can only make things more interesting and encourage more participation.

With that in mind, is there anything you would like to see next year?

Dates announced! Character

Dates announced! Character submissions are now open!


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Casually Bumps ~

Casually Bumps ~
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This might be something for

This might be something for the player base to consider more than actually changing the event. Choosing the roles that fit your character while taking the roles responsibilities into consideration.

If you have a character that wants to fight but has no interest in keeping a herd, then perhaps consider the wildcard role. Part of a competitor's role is to go around collecting lone judges. (Not sure if its clear enough in the role info). The formation of herds is what gives the comps a reason to fight. While many characters are not strictly feral these days, the basic idea still exists that you fight to impress the judges and the judge decides if you're good enough to follow. If comps are not collecting judges, this aspect of the event is lost. And trying to rely on one or two comps to do the collecting first and then fight them after, will lead to the forest getting quiet real fast (which we may have seen this year).

On that note though, the wildcard role itself has always been vague imo. I don't know if its worth considering the challenger role again if there are enough comps that simply don't want to form/keep their own herds? This way we'll know what the characters intentions are easily as opposed to trying to guess and potentially have awkward encounters in the game.
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^^^ Seconding joka.

^^^ Seconding joka.
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Darn, missed it!

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Would like to second the idea

Would like to second the idea of bringing back the Challenger role, I did find it different enough from Competitors in the past usually. Visually (for me at least) it's easier to distinguish characters intents this way when looking at the map right away. I think the numbers might have seemed a little wonky because a lot of chars who want to be taken seriously choose Competitor as opposed to wildcard but then there's like 10 Competitors on the same map and splitting all the active judges between them can make the herds seem sparse...if that makes sense.

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absolutely agreeing with the

absolutely agreeing with the idea of bringing back the challenger role. I think it works better for brawlers that still want attention (or don't) and being taken seriously but don't want to take on the lofty herd keeping that comes with being a comp or the vague and somewhat less central role of wildcard.