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Fan art in the game!

Hello there!
I am Margo Putzeys, a student Game- and Digital Design and I am currently doing my internship with Tale of Tales. I am still studying but I will be entering my Master year next schoolyear.
For my internship Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn asked me if I wanted to work with the players and make models and concept art together. And with great pleasure I accepted this of course! This means you will be able to add art to the game!

But there are some 'rules' attached to this: If you make a 3D model, pleas send it as an .OBJ file to me. But a .Blender file ( Blender's file extension ) would be even better! But a .OBJ is good as well! As for the concept art you can send a photoshop file, PNG of JPEG.

So what can you make? Well it's like a set that the deers can wear in the game! This set includes: a mask, antlers and a pelt. Both made for the adult deer AND the baby deer. You can (if some of you know how and want to) texture these models by using a UV map. If you do texture them, send texture files as a PNG. ( PNG supports transparancy )
But of course you are never obligated to making more than you like. The meaning of this task is also for me to make stuff, so if you only would like to make the adult deer's models, that's fine by me. I can always texture them, add models, etc.

So if any of you are interested in putting your art or 3D models in the game. Send them to me and I can adjust them if necessary or take a look if something needs to be changed and so on.
You can of course also send your concept art to me and I can realise that concept art into a 3D model which may have a chance to be put in the actual game: The Endless Forest!

My e-mail adres is : I hope I will be hearing soon from you guys!!


EDIT: from Michael and Auriea --
To be clear, we want Margo to do ALL of the modeling and ALL of the texturing. Because that is what her internship is about.

Spring Rally Sparring Competition 2021

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Will TEF run on BlueMaxima's Flashpoint?

Since Adobe Flash Player has ended it's support to Microsoft, has anyone accessed TEF through BlueMaxima's Flashpoint?
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Happy Halloween 2020! [ +Video ]

Heavy images under cut!
(Move to other tab to see bigger version)
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I am here asking for your reagents [Seeking interaction on alchemical part harvest]

Yo so,
Zuriel is my alchemist and we all know the endless forest is all sorts of magic.
Of course, he is interested in various materials found in here.
They don't necessarily need to be inherently magical.

Here I am asking if anyone would consent to have some of their character's ' hair, hoof clippings, antler, saliva, horn shavings, eyelashes, feathers, scales, shedding, and so on and so on' harvested.
(or if things go more awry, bigger chonks of the body(if anyone needed an excuse to hate on Zuriel and miss and ear or a tail, this is a splendid opportunity))

If so yes~
I'll give a visit in-game when I find the character online, or perhaps vice-versa.

For what reason he is doing this, shall remain unknown.
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Small proposal

I've been holding onto this for a while, and today has me thinking about it again so I figured I may as well post it.

I want to suggest a tradition within the Forest. Thus far, it has been tradition to honor a fallen community member with a vigil lasting a day or a few days. It is one of the things I find most endearing about this place, and I in no way wish to encroach upon that.

But I would also like to see us never forget those we care for, and the bond that the community shares.
Once upon a time there was an annual walk to remember those who have gone, which Quadraptor put together to honor his late father. I would like to revive that, albeit in a slightly different way.

I would like to see the walk start at Run's memorial, in the sun spot at the Ruins. We would walk to the poppy fields, where we gathered for Flyleaf. From there, to Fern Hill for Fincayra. And for every loss thereafter, whatever location the mourners deemed proper for their loved one at the time of passing, wherever they gathered to remember and hold vigil, would be added to the walk the following year.

When the walk has concluded, those walking could visit the memorial places of loved ones, or resume normal Forest life, or walk the route again - whatever their heart tells them is right. And because event timing is such a delicate balance with so many time zones involved across the community, I would like to see some way for those who cannot make it to the initial walk to participate as well. I think a three day event would suit that need.
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rut tings

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