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~~Head Tilts for TEF~~ Artwork donations for TEF funding! (Officially closed)

Update 1/07/10 - Head Tilts for TEF is officially closed! I just sent the last payment for the November and December donations today! Thanks to everyone who supported this event!

If you were working on a piece for Head Tilts, I'll still accept it and will send an additional payment when you get it done.

The official amount I donated from this project was $54.50. That's about 39.18€


Hey everyone, I had a neat idea for funding towards TEF. I know many of you don't have money to spend, likewise donate, so my idea was that I would donate a small amount for each person who made me a quality artwork!

I know, this is going to come off as really greedy, but in the long run it'll be very beneficial, especially for the Forest.

Click here to see all the submissions made so far!

Basically here is how it will run down:

1. Submit an artwork from the list of subjects below.
2. I will add the artwork to a separate topic that showcases every submission. Each artwork will have a monetary value I will designate (starting at $1 and possibly increasing to $2-3) based on the rules and bonuses for them.

When you feel jolly rotten...





And, just to make this forest related...

[Bumping to make sure enough people can get this song stuck in their head. ;D]

Considerate Characters and How to Make Them

I will in no way be pointing fingers, nor naming names. That is childish and I ask you resist doing so when commenting on this blog. Thank you. Smiling
There also might be some milllld language, forgive me! Sticking out tongue
Occasional bump-age can be expected, at my discretion, should I find the message of this blog again become/continue to be relevant.

[EDIT: June 11, 2010: Due to new types of characters surfacing within TEF at large, I've chosen to expand this guide to include 'OOC Deer', as well as 'Parody Deer'.]
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