Someone is using my account, I have been hacked

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Someone is using my personal account. If you please log off, I will have to manage my personal account. Please do not go to my account site. Or else, I would have to change my password. This will put my security into high risk. Sad

If you are the person using my account. Please stay off of it. I am sorry to say that this site is too dangerous for all users. I don't want any hackers to vandalize my email and information.
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Was it a naked deer ingame

Was it a naked deer ingame with your picto?

It is only the community

It is only the community website that is unsecure if you mean someone is logging into your account on here. A lot of real nasty people on here. Your email is safe. Making a new account will not fix this either. It is something the creators will need to address whenever they decide to give this place a facelift.
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I'd be careful with such

I'd be careful with such statements, Balg. Because sometimes it turns out you've been one of them all this time!
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it's wayyyy more likely that

it's wayyyy more likely that it was the ingame glitch where a nameless deer shows as having your picto. This is really common, everyone gets it. Thus, no hacking.
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Balg, stop looking for any

Balg, stop looking for any excuse to spew your negativity. Your snide little comments on completely unrelated blogs aren’t doing you any favours – go find somewhere else to preach about these ‘real nasty people’.


Widmung what makes you suspect you’ve been hacked? Sometimes tef can glitch making it appear as if your deer is still in game – or the site remains logged in on one account when you switch to another. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about and your email is likely safe!

that poor balg dude, can't

that poor balg dude, can't find their way out of this "cursed" and unhealthy" place. so considerate of you to stick to us no-lifers for years tho uvu

as for the post - you most likely faced the guest glitch. sometimes guests steal pictos of other players in the game but it's completely safe, they cannot affect your account in any way.

Widmung, The email to contact

Widmung, The email to contact about your problem if it is on the website
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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your consideration. This all started when the Internet, I am using, says that "Your protection is at risk. You have 1 new leaked password." Telling me to change my password on this site. When I logged in the community, I saw two online user names that said "Widmung." I realized that someone had breeched into my account, causing me to post this. Look everyone, I have very important information on my computer, including my social security account. I don't want to lose everything. I am trying to change my password for my account but nothing worked. My mission is to help new players to have new appearances to their avatar, and I want to bring happiness to everyone, not letting someone to log in my account and create trouble. I am real busy with my college work, and if this happens again. I will be saddened. Thank you all for your help to me, I will try to do anything that will fix this problem.

multiplying user names in the

multiplying user names in the Online list is also a very common glitch that happens frequently to everyone! often your name may double, and maybe even triple.
but if you want to be sure and calm then i'd strongly advice you to change the password on this website if it's the same for any other places you use; it's best to not use similar passwords on any websites.
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Oooh that's also a very

Oooh that's also a very common site glitch! Don't worry about it. This site isn't particularly secure though so I would suggest you contact M&A to change your password to something that's different from anything else you have. But I don't think you've been hacked Smiling

The site is really poorly coded so the only way to change your password is via contacting M&A. Here's a viable email:
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The site showing 2 'versions'

The site showing 2 'versions' of yourself logged in is super common, it's nothing to be worried about.
I'm currently showing as being online twice despite only having one internet tab open on TEF -

But there's no harm in contacting M&A to ask for a password change for peace of mind ^^
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Yeah, it shows your username

Yeah, it shows your username twice because there are two domains: and It just means you're logged in on both of them.
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True, it shows that I am

True, it shows that I am using the community website on both domains. Another reason for having two accounts open is that I log into my account by using two different computers therefore, my name would appear twice in the online user section. I understand the glitch but, the password leak warning wants me to change the password to my account, which I will do. I'm only logged in the community for a brief moment and then log off. That is the only way for me to be safe. I will try to fix this solution later. For now, I have important stuff to do with my work. Thank you again for your cooperation.