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Old Screenshots

These are old screenshots. Sticking out tongue They're from early January.
The last image was a pain to upload, ImageShack hates me. Sad
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Dancing in the Twilight

Maybe editing made it look bad.. x_x

But such a lovely shot it makes. =3
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Doe Magnet

I had to take advantage of this screenshot! Laughing out loud


dance on the bridge

lots and lots of fawns dancing saturday 12 jan.
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Dark Magic Bubbles

Laughing out loud
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The Great Oak at Abiogenesis

Here is a screenshot from the Winter Abiogenesis. Enjoy!
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The good times~

Continuing sharing our love through the Invisible Treebranch.

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Demon bucking

Well, a cute screenie of Demon bucking.
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The BZD has a Girly Side.. Really..

He loves flowers, no?
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