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Memories Of Halloween 2019

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Big One is back :-)

Lucky me, got into TEF and met a lot of friends and see the BZD!
look at this:
Yummy neck Urschi, gimmy more of this/you Eye


I hope this works!
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Memories Are Made of This

Here are some pictures of my deer with other longtime players of the game and new ones. These photos were taken back in July, August, and September. For the players who met me before, brings back Happy Memories that I will never forget. I'm looking forward seeing you all at Halloween. Have a happy October, and I will see you in the forest.

You're all mad fun

But I gotta rest, see ya. I'll be there in spirit Twisted
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Sunday Night Raindrops

On a Sunday Night, my friend and I were contemplating the rain. "I enter the world called real as one enters a mist." - Julien Green
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rainy evening - tell me who you are

Thank you for the lovely, peaceful, warm evening you spent with Cu and me. and thanks for the fun we both had.
Cu really likes if there are a lot of deers around him (the more he "catch" the better is) and he allways try to bring deers together!
@ starling - sooooo good to see you! maybe next time, I would be able to met, you, Vala and Uitleger at the same time!!!

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thank you for the fun tonight

What a wonderful night; thanks to you all for cheering me up! Name your deer, if you like.
@Uitleger - this new look is amazing, especially the pelt is cracking my eyes. (der burner man)
I never see it before and it looks strong (hey, a bit like ironman?! - now can I call you irondeer or something like this - lol)

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Team Red (?)

Have no idea what kind of sabbath was that (or wasn't), but huge thanks to everyone who participated. You made my day.
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