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Hi community agrain.

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Hi community agrain.

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i seem to have encountered myself...?

i think this might be a bug, pretty strange to see myself from the past though
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God Rest Ye Merry Gentledeer

Merry Christmas to all of you. God bless you all!


Reshade unedited screenshots III

Check out the TEF discord for directions on how to install Reshade.
Dumping these here before I yeet my screenshot folder.

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Clair de Lune

Screenshots inspired by the music of Claude Debussy.
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Well, hello again.

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Widmung (Photo Gallery & Bio)

I haven't introduced myself for the past 3 years since I first appeared on this game in 2017. You may consider me who I am as a helper, guide, or a good friend. So, let me introduce myself and my story (in 3rd person).

This is Widmung, he is one of the 3 deer owned and operated by Jeweleye, who himself has been playing on this game for the past 13 years. Widmung is the German word meaning dedication. Certainly, he is based on the beautiful piano composition written by Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt (Opus 25 No. 1) of the same name. Usually, you see him meditating in the sunlit mushroom circle overlooking the pond and bridge. Occasionally, he likes to greet curious and friendly players who come to meet him in his circle. Despite of his eternal age, Widmung has a pure soul in his heart. He looks scary to others, but he is very sweet, gentle, and calm. Widmung trusts players that welcome him into societies, gatherings, or events. Sometimes, when Widmung sees new "unique" 5th generation player pictograms that appear in the forest, he's on a mission. He likes to give flowers to new players (mostly fawns) so that they will keep their flowers as long as they like to. Eventually when he seeks players that they need help with their appearance, he can truly help them to become good looking characters. Widmung is considered to be a guide to the forest, he will show the resources on how to get pelts, antlers, and masks, to new developing players who come here on this game. On holidays, like Halloween or Christmas, Widmung enjoys bringing candles from the playground to everyone in the forest, he brings them as a gift. He doesn't care if they like it or not. He always bows and treats the players with respect. Widmung is considered to be a very kind, loyal, wise, helpful, playful, and a respectful player to others. Mostly, in the afternoon or evening, you see him occasionally in the game but sometimes, he has other stuff more important to do.
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