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Blue wanderer

My new appearance in TEF.

Good evening

logged in for a moment and found friends in the ruin's nap square :V

But, I've also noticed, my deer's 'name' hasn't shown up yet. Is it another waiting period, or until my deer grows to a full stag, or did I mess up the name your deer process? Or is it just a glitch? I also don't know where to find my deer's name.

A tree

one with nature
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Reflets dans l'eau (Reflections in the Water)

This Picture was taken 1 year ago. A vivid atmosphere of night colors blending in with the music from Debussy's Images, Book 1.
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bloody ones

Another perspective of a deer best quality...

In case you missed it the first round. Let me show you again my star.
Your choice. Look at it.

Speak to it.

What would you say is your best quality, deer?

Been a week.

My star. Have you seen it? Let me show you. I want you to look at it. Look at it.

i don't need to see it.

Look at it. You know what comes out of there.

Seeing double

How strange...
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