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"Weihnachten Stimmungsbilder" (Christmas Mood Pictures)

Please enjoy my latest pictures of this holiday season. Hope all of you stay safe from the Winter Storm.
May the Lord bless you with comfort and joy.

Merry Christmas!

Reshade unedited screenshots VII

Reshade unedited screenshots VI

Soap Party

Reshade unedited screenshots V

Reshade unedited screenshots IIII

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An Amazing Experience

Thank you for the wonderful experience of controlling and being with the twin Abiogenesis gods.
It is something that I will never forget. Idea

A deer without horns?

Hello, today I wandered through the endless forest and found two deer without horns. I would also like to make a deer hornless (so that other players can see me without horns), if you know, please tell me how to do it?

I think everything is more clear in the second image:

Circle of friends in the mushroom circle.~

Sorry if someone didn't want to be photographed.

In the company of friends

It's the same feeling when you spend this wonderful time with friends and share this unbroken silence with them..
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