Circle of friends in the mushroom circle.~

Sorry if someone didn't want to be photographed.

In the company of friends

It's the same feeling when you spend this wonderful time with friends and share this unbroken silence with them..


In Slavic mythology, vodyanoy or vodyanoi is a water spirit. He usually rides along his river on a half-sunken log, making loud splashes. Local drownings are said to be the work of the vodyanoy (or rusalkas). Vodyanoy are considered to be typical of Slavic demonology. According to the legends, they are fallen angels, thrown by the gods from heaven and trapped in the water spaces.

Sleep in a stump

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some little pictures from last weeks

thanks for helping me, getting my set back!

fun and little "sit in" with Mark and a couple of deers


thanks kid for your company (is this kamaya on the right side?)

New player

I've only recently joined. There's so many amazing looking deer's around here.
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Blue wanderer

My new appearance in TEF.

Good evening

logged in for a moment and found friends in the ruin's nap square :V

But, I've also noticed, my deer's 'name' hasn't shown up yet. Is it another waiting period, or until my deer grows to a full stag, or did I mess up the name your deer process? Or is it just a glitch? I also don't know where to find my deer's name.

A tree

one with nature
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