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Unreal TEF screenshots

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Crow size and pelt correspondence

So I made this AGES ago, before the new pelts were introduced, but I just found the file and figured it might be dandy for others to know about? So what happend was that at some point we realized what pelt you wore under the crow spell, decided what size it'd get if you prayed at the twin gods.

Default pelt makes for a very smol crow, but the monarch/butterfly pelt gets you a giant birb. You know. For science!

I don't know if this trick corresponds the same way to other animal spells. We didn't get that far. And I'm also not sure if this is like common knowledge by now, apologies if it is!
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a clone of my pictogram

I was on my alt account, when I found this! Someone with my exact same pictogram. How likely is that to have happened?!
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The Path

The great meeting of August 2018 (now the meeting of memorial)

So from what I heard this event is dedicated to Flyleaf who recently passed away after a long fight cancer which made him weak and when his stomach got blocked he couldn't handle anymore... Sad I'm very sorry to hear that, it's the first time when I hear about him and I already feel sorry for his loss... May he rest in peace... Sad
I found this event on the game yesterday and also this big circle of deer that made me think about a sort of a great, meeting, hence the title.

So here's Koanluq (my stag) along with many other deer (that I don't really recognise) in a snowy night.

I have more screenshots of this event, if you want to see.
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Still beautiful

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Mosh pile of some old familiar faces

edit: tfw image doesn't load in right.


edit 2: Fixed it!
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