New player

I've only recently joined. There's so many amazing looking deer's around here.

Welcome to the forest, Ai.

Welcome to the forest, Ai. Nice pictogram.
If you have any questions, just ask. I could also give you some masks/horns/pelts in the game.
The 'Display name' is bugged by the way. It won't let you comment unless you remove it.

Thank you ! When I'm near

Thank you !
When I'm near another deer, are the two icons that appear just for inspecting them a little closer ?
Also since my deer is still a fawn, I wouldn't want to take any spells from you. Worried I might accidently use something while I'm still learning ^^

Accidently sent twice, my

Accidently sent twice, my mistake

Yeah, they're for having your

Yeah, they're for having your deer interact with another deer. The one with the 'smoke' is for sniffing, the other is to nuzzle/hug.
Also, if you're holding a spell, an icon like this (symbol = type of spell) will light up, letting you spell the other deer.

The fawnhood is the time for experimenting and making mistakes in this game, though. I wouldn't pass it up, if I were new)
The only 'mistake' you can possibly do in TEF is to cast a pelt spell on a miniature adult deer, because they have a whole routine for loading their appearance back.
Anything else is fair game for fawns. Don't keep yourself from exploring!

I see I see ! I've managed to

I see I see ! I've managed to collect(?) some spells so far, figured out how to make my pelt white too.
Water would also clear all spells I heard ?

See if you can find the red

See if you can find the red pelt)

It clears all magic you have on your deer, yeah.
But if you had your appearance saved via the game menu earlier, you can reload it after taking a dip.
Only one spell of each type is saved, though (mask + horns + pelt + shapeshift).
You can save even if you're a fawn, as long as they're visible on you. (exceptions are the white and the red pelt)
Exiting the game through the menu autosaves your appearance, also. So fawns should fully load it, before they quit.