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Glowing Antlers

I tried coming up with a pelt to go with the antlers and mask, but nothing fit. Then I remember the black pelt in the game (though not part of the regular sets). And I thought to myself, "If that pelt had antlers and a mask to go with it, what would they look like?" *shrugs* So with using the black pelt, something simple and plain, it took nothing away from the antlers and mask I had in mind.
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Golden Blue

Just going for something simple, yet different.
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Second in the Big Cat series.
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First in the Big Cat series.
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Winter Deer Set

The face is a tree stump.
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Autumn Deer Set

Props to Huduvudu for collaborating on the ideas for these.
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Summer Deer Set

"Help, a mushroom is eating my face!"
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Lina's deer design

A drawing by Endless Forest character designer Lina Kusaite.
You can see more of her work at
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