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- Hind | Doe | Hen
- Deer-Site age ; 3 years+
- Created on ; June 5, 2008
- Color ; #2C9961
- Remember pictogram by ; looks like an "F"

- Pictogram
- Theme song

H I S T O R Y ;

Born high in the mountains; Rowan is from a secluded herd that left the forest many years before her birth. They were nomads, owning no territory and claiming none. Her father was a grey fellow, big like a caribou, named Dray. Her mother was of spanish decent and very quite the feathered beauty, named Jaipo. Rowan was born premature and couldn't walk the first month or so of her life due to underdeveloped legs. She grew up happy with the band of nomads....that is, until disaster struck. Her family was slowly torn apart. Some missing, some dead, some possibly escaped. The culprit? A disease-stricken vagrant called Vincos-Baerk. He took Rowan in forcefully and attempted to recreate his own herd with her. Rowan's young body was not fit for life yet, and her daughter Thistle lived little longer than a few months before dying of lung failure. Furious at his incompetent doe, Baerk began to beat her in her madness.

She escaped however, to The Endless Forest. Here she raised and cared for her three brothers like a mother. Rowan grew up here without the her evil captor, and thrived. Later, Ark and Emrys, two of her brothers, would depart from the forest. Her second daughter was born not long ago, fathered by Darcy. Rowan calls her, "Mariposa Mia" (Butterfly of mine,) even though she has no name. She was stillborn. After the birth of Mariposa, distraught and hurt, Rowan left the become a nomad once more. She currently refuses to tell where she was, or what she did in her absence.

She has returned once more, but this will perhaps not be the last time she goes missing. Even within the confines of the forest she is hunted by by an irresistable urge to move and roam. There is currently no word on Vincos, but he did however tear off half of her ear in thier last encounter so that the world might know of her shame.

L O O K S ;

S E T / H I S T O R Y First set was the peacock pelt, the real-deer mask, and the key antlers. She likes to cheer on any deer she sees wearing this set, (it's her mother's.) After I got the halloween data, back when I was a newbie, she wore the DotD pelt, antlers, and skull mask. However I like to think, in stories and art, that she was always a peahen like now. So even if I draw her a fawn, she will look as she does now.

M I S S I N G / L E F T / E A R ? Vincos (see history) took it from her, a horrible scene of mutilation where he ripped it from her head. When he bit into her his bottom teeth connected just under her jaw, and moved up. It left a scar from beneath her chin to the base of her ear, and then a stump for an ear. It does pain her sometimes, but rarely bleeds. Her right ear is pierced only twice, it used to be four, (you may see art with four.) In those she wears two golden hoops.

B E A K / O R / F A C E Changes to and fro at will by use of forest magic. She also likes to go maskless. When human-faced, she has small, lighter-blue locks on her forehead that act like hair.

T R A I N / & / F E A T H E R S Tail can be moved, swished, splayed, presented, and slapped as she pleases. She can display it and her headress. She has irregular head feathers - hers pile into a sort of mohawk from above her beak, and decend down past her shoulder blades. Has small feathers on her front ankles. Her back legs are hard and scaled like a bird.

S C A R S Many - mostly hidden. Thick growing of feathers in colder months generally hides them. In hot months she sheds profusely, and they become obvious. Mostly found on lower rump and hind legs. If her feathers lift in fear or panic, or as a mechanism to cool down, they are much more obvious. She bears several deep onces, much harder to see, on her neck. The left side of her face is bare of feathers under her ear with her scar.

E Y E S eerie, blazing, white. While she looks blind and unfocused, she DOES still have pupils, which is a sign of sight. Her vision is not hindered at all with these eyes.

S I Z E On this chart she is a twelve. Small and thin. Smaller than the majority of does, but not dwarfed drastically. This is from her premature birth. Her feathers give her ample fake size in winter, but she slims down a lot in summer.

S E A S O N A L ;

In the summer, about May, Rowan begins to molt her winter plume. During this time she can be seen scrubbing trees to pull out uncomfortable underfeathering. Her molting does not last too long; no more than two weeks. After molting she is considerably thinner and her scars are more noticeable. She also lacks a lot of her waterpoof feathers, and tends to get messier when cooling in the pond. Her long tail train becomes very short and thin.

Waterproof feathering begins to grow in. She'll scratch at it sometimes, but there is not much change to her appearence. Her tail train takes longest to grow back; it begins growing thick again when autumn comes. Her coloring begins to dull.

Begins to grow thicker feathers again. Tail train is fully extended by the first snow. Her neck feathers grow thickest, but the feathering around her stomach grows thick to. It grows thick to protect any possible winter fawns there. Her tail is thick and long. If she does get wet in winter, it's extremely hard to her to dry. She suffers if wet. When dry, she often serves as a warm "blanket" for friends and fawns. Her coloring further dulls.

Gains slight weight for use by any growing fawns, again, since female. Begins to thin out. Coloring is most vibrant and extravagant in springtime.

O D D I T I E S ;

+ Loves fawns.
+ Terrified of elements of the zombie and DotD set; but can get past that eventually.
+ Hates the Birch Forest as a whole, but there are one or two spots she loves there.
+ Runs away VERY often...she will usually return quickly. Terrible habit of wandering.
+ Somehow gets lost and turned around very easily; will call out for guidance.
+ Doesn't like to talk much. She thinks herself unsmart.
+ Totally ADD.
+ Probably safe to say she is off her rocker. She is REALLY out there.
+ Likes to chase NP forest critters that others don't see.
+ Hates the sound of her bellow.
+ Combines english and spanish. Slows down and repeats herself when nervous or upset, and hesitates in speech.
+ Has picked up an odd habit of; if a deer runs by her, she will burst into chase after it. Usually turns away soon after to go back.

F A M I L Y ;

+ biological son Yahto does not and will not know his father
+ Adopted ; Aeis, Lin, Rajan
+ Love ; xx none
+ Brother ; Gabriel (His mate ; Pica)
+ Like a brother ; Vipin
+ Old friends ;
Reetno, Wyvern, Fledermaus, Kumiko,
Atiq, Darcy, Skokey,
Rutilus, Sluggs, Witcher,
Sakura, Trinket, Ephra, Quamar.

A C T I O N ;

+ REAR & CHARGE - Females fight by boxing and hugging. She'll either hit with hooves, or hug and bite.
+ LOWER HEAD - usually pulling protective stance (no contact). Can and will use in fighting.
+ Note that she loves to playfight. She doesn't like real fighting - but will if need be.
+ COWER & NO - "I'm afraid of you. If you want to meet me, please be patient with me."
+ COWER & HEAD LOWER (Nonaggressive) just asking the deer to please back away.
+ SPELL & FLEE - Game of tag :3
+ TAUNT & NOD - Encouraging rough-play.

Retrack cause i want to >:{D

Retrack cause i want to >:{D
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Tracking for the FIRST

Tracking for the FIRST TIME.


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Rowan is the shiznit. Fact.

Rowan is the shiznit. Fact.
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Tracking as well.

Tracking as well.
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her music is so beautiful.

her music is so beautiful.
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Thank you both very much!

Thank you both very much! <3


Rowan! <3
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O_O *ties down* STAY. GOOD

O_O *ties down* STAY. GOOD LIN. XD Hey love! Where in the world have you been?

Busy! Very much so. I've

Busy! Very much so. I've tried to get back into the forest on multiple occasions, but TEF appears to be no longer compatible with my computer. I'm really disappointed. I haven't a clue what happened.
I'd really like nothing more than to kick Lin in there for a quick visit,
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;_; -cling-

;_; -cling-
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Are you sure you have the

Are you sure you have the newest version of the game, maybe?
We would really, really love to see her sometime.

Positive. It'll complete it's

It'll complete it's download and all, but when I click on the leaf icon, it begins to start up but then just...freezes. Then I get a pop-up with the whole 'error report' thing and what not.
I'm installing it now. Hopefully it'll work this time. ^^
We miss Mr. Darcy. ><
Just sayin'.
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=0 Oh that's horrible

=0 Oh that's horrible ;^;
Hope it works out, I really do.

My apologies; I'm kind of

My apologies; I'm kind of 'spamming' your biography with my computer problems. XD
I got the same result. Ah well. At least there's the community website.
I'll try and visit more frequently. n__n
Maybe I can get her biography back up~
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He growls slightly, almost

He growls slightly, almost playfully at the bizarre, yet so very beautiful creature standing in front of him. He takes an odd liking to the way the colors of her feathers shine under the sun and how they ruffle slightly in his presence. But there's something even stranger, and as his eyes scan the bird in front of him he cringes slightly at her missing left ear. His focus is obvious, and he knows it.

He talks casually and makes his way closer, wary of the butterfly stag in the distance and says,

Tell me Peahen... Who gave you such lovely colors?

As he grins, he tilts his head slightly and focuses back upon the bird. So many rows of jagged, bleach-white teeth are revealed from the depths of wolf-like jaws...


I hope Vasla isn't becoming annoying to Rowan or Darcy. If he ever does, please let me know. (:
Oh, also, please excuse my crappy roleplay skills. x:
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Rowan pushes against the tree

Rowan pushes against the tree once more, scrubbing off more molted feathers; as much as she could for the time being. Attention aroused at a sudden growl, she whirls. Her messy feathers prickle as she catches Vasla in her sights. Her long train spreads and hangs a few inches in the air, and her headress is splayed messily. She can feel his hard stare examining her, and her ear, and the disgusting scar running to underneath her chin burn. Her face burns in shame.

Her ruffled plume settles - ever so slightly - and she regards him with a wondersome stare, as if fearless, or just senseless all together. The latter, more than likely. "Is that a trick question," she eyes him, "Señor lobo?"


Aww no he didn't annoy us :3
Row got really curious about him, actually. And you roleplay just fine. ;3
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OH LAWD I'm finally satisfied

OH LAWD I'm finally satisfied XD
My poor trackers. I update too much. *^*''
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Hello! *Tracking*

Hello! *Tracking*
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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;_____; Baww random tracks

;_____; Baww random tracks make me so happy. <3

I love this! If only mine

I love this!
If only mine could be as amazing
as yours!
My blog entries are always bland and dull ):
Love it!
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There is no such thing as a

There is no such thing as a bland diary entry :3
But thank you very much!
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Her image has always

Her image has always fascinated me. I'm tracking this, and will learn about her. c:
Icon Art © Beloved
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'Has picked up an odd habit

'Has picked up an odd habit of; if a deer runs by her, she will burst into chase after it. Usually turns away soon after to go back. '
That reminds me of a dog chasing after a car. xDDD
-track; this looks lovely-
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I don't know WHERE in the

I don't know WHERE in the world she picked that habit up XD
It does annoy me lol xD
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Tracking c:

Tracking c:
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Rowan is a beautiful doe.

Rowan is a beautiful doe. <3 I've always wanted to tell you that. I love this bio too!


:3 <3 would love to meet her
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Aww, I love waking up to

Aww, I love waking up to sweet comments in the morning Smiling
Thank you both very much ^w^

Going to be editing this today so please disregard constant updates~

*Noms on the edges* |3

*Noms on the edges* |3

Signature by Terabetha
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The patience is appreciated

The patience is appreciated guys! I'm all done editing. <3

Track :3

Track :3
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Thank you ^^

Thank you ^^
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Track ^^

Track ^^
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So pretty. >w

So pretty. >w<"" Tracking~ (If that's okay, if not then... Whoops Q~Q")