- Adrastos -

• Stats
" I have my eye on you. " || Health - 100% || Feeling - Uncertain

  • Updates - 6/18/2013

    Been being stalked by Kari, not really sure what she's up to. Knows that she's capable of being a real pain in the ass but doesn't seem to be causing any problems, yet, although there was a close call with a fawn pushing buttons and thought he'd have to punt the doe across the forest.

• Basics
: Adrastos ||
: Male ||
: Ref ||
: #15 ||
: #877777

Son of Darkweaver & Laghodessa
Brother to Archelius, Loki, Laoise, Cearul, Arien, & Idaine.

¤ Bulk of herd considered exiles from The Endless Forest.
¤ Born outside of The Endless Forest, somewhere in Russia.
¤ Family and old herd considered 'demons' needing to be destroyed.
¤ Risen from the dead by Osias, along with his mother and younger sister on 11/3/2012.
¤ Was housed in his older brothers antlers for some several centuries until finally resurrected.
¤ Traveled quite a bit. Killed along with his mother and younger sister by devout pelted 'zealots'.

• About
Likes kids but not entirely sure what to do with them. Always afraid he might accidentally step on them. Sterile, won't ever have any of his own.

Really loyal to his family, always puts them first. Weird about forming tight relationships outside of familial ties because of it. Doesn't want to hurt anyone in the event things don't work out. Bringing food does not guarantee a friend for life.

Not really concerned with forest happenings. Immerses himself in family stuff and there is also the fact that a spirit followed him upon resurrection against his will. I't's not 'evil', just really bitchy and it really serves no purpose other than to nag at him near constantly for who knows what. Arguing with it is futile so doesn't bother. Kind of just hoping someone eventually senses it and takes it away.

A glutton, and exceptionally lazy. Doesn't mind romping around or engaging in playtime but... would rather laze around. Pretty terrible at investigating things too. Unless something happens with him right there he's unlikely to go out of his way to locate sources of chaos. Not forgiving, but not prone to revenge either, at least if it requires tracking them down.
If things take a violent turn doesn't necessarily process anger. More or less passionate about all aspects of violence even if he doesn't go out of his way to find any of it. Does coincidentally have issues with backing down, but it's not anger that fuels it, rather a deep passion backed by an unethical sense of hilarity.

Mostly acts on behalf of a set of moral standards that he has been exposed to, what brings good fortune and praise. Doesn't necessarily care about any of it, save for the foundation of which compels him to follow them; familial ties, doesn't wish harm upon his family, therefor behavior may shift to accomplish this. Not really 'set' in his ways save for a bit of a comedic nature... whether or not anyone else actually finds him funny is something else entirely.

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and a track. I have so many

and a track.

I have so many profiles to make. augh.
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So happy to see this.

So happy to see this.
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*Dives on in here*

*Dives on in here*


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Glutton. ♥ All the

Glutton. ♥ All the nomnoms.

Flatsoda - Mm Mauvable -

Flatsoda - Mm
Mauvable - Haha, yes. ♥

his tail is my favorite part

his tail is my favorite part of his design.
a nice, different touch

*rolls all over this*

*rolls all over this*

Dinamo - The others seem to

Dinamo - The others seem to have long tails as well, so thought why not?
ClockWorkC - Rolling permitted.
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Iiii'llll just track this.

Iiii'llll just track this. <3
Signature By Aihnna, Avatar by YaraMyst

Ah, incredible design he has.

Ah, incredible design he has. Really loving the skull and the markings. The tail aswell.
My little doe is really curious about him. : )



I love his skull, gorgeous. I

I love his skull, gorgeous. I like his personality too.

CydaLuva83 - Merci Sixxella

CydaLuva83 - Merci

Sixxella - Thank you. Really like his tail too. Definitely love your little doe, Ella.

jala - boop

Lung - Thanks, you. Personality though, still need to work quite a bit on that.
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Walter informs me that if

Walter informs me that if Adra is going to buttsniff him, he's gonna buttsniff right on back! =P
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Walter Buttsniffs are an

Walter Buttsniffs are an honor. XD
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Gotta track this, I'm

Gotta track this, I'm intrigued. n_n

Verdalas - I'll be sure to

Verdalas - I'll be sure to pass that on to Adrastos, lol.

Zergarikiaka - That they are.

Snowsauria - Glad to hear it. (:
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Track <3
also i might go afk here in a little bit for dinner :3
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Lil something for

Lil something for you,Verdalas requested this <3

Ooh, thanks. It's lovely.

Ooh, thanks. It's lovely.
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Where'd the bio go? o.o

Where'd the bio go? o.o
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So happy to see the big lug

So happy to see the big lug again. ♥