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[Warning: Mature stuff ahead and all that. Sensitive kiddies, beware XD]
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. . . U P D A T E S . . .
June 1st
Mental |||||||||||||||||||| Physical

"The poisons aren't helping anymore.
I keep up my consumption though, afraid...- afraid of what will happen if I give up. Ha. No. I know very well what will happen. I'll be overcome by madness- like my mother; my brother. For so long now, spiteing them has been my motivation to keep going. I thought I could prove them wrong. I thought I could show them that I was capable of love, and that others were capable of loving me, too.

Always the fool...

It's all a joke now - waking up every day, going through the motions. Do I look thinner? Sometimes I forget to eat...Well, aside from the plants that feed by growing nausea. I feel so sick, but somehow it's still better than the alternative...

I did venture down to the pond today. I stood ankle-deep in the water for the longest time, staring out across it's surface, looking for those devilish eyes amongst the lilypads. 'Neath...would he take me if I lay down and offer myself? Could it be that easy? He never showed, of course, and I remember laughing so hard I had to vomit in the reeds.

Heh, 'reed's. A fitting place for vomit.

The taste of my own blood still lingers on my tongue. Perhaps I wont have to go looking for the Reaper. Perhaps he'll find me first. I shouldn't care, but...the thought doesn't sit well with me. I can't die from this. I can't simply lay down and let myself wither away. But why? It was not as though my existance deserved an anymore nobler end... Yet my body aches - not just from sickness, but restlessness. That old familiar masochism that yearns for a more violent death. Go down fighting? There was an idea...

Alas, just an idea. I've always been full of silly ideas. In the end, would it really matter? Dead was dead. Nobody would waste their magic on me, drag me back from hell or revive my soul. There would be no regrets. There'd be nothing at all. I have no immediate plans to act on any such ideas, of course. I've been accused of overthinking things, and now is no different. Sitting here, alone, the sun on my bare face, it's easy to roll thoughts of my own mortality through my head
I would miss the sun."

D wanted this to be in his own words this time...
Also, relations updates.


Name: Darcy. Prefers just 'D'
Gender: Stag
Age: Late Thirties (Birthday: June 9th)
Size: #13
Voice: Similar to Ethan Hawke
Scent: Old Spice 8| The man your man could smell like~
Set: Monarch Pelt, Real Deer Mask, Fan Antlers


Laid back and easy-going, Darcy isn't the hardest stag to get along with. He's generally accepting of strangers big and small and takes anything 'out of the ordinary' in stride. While he has his charming and polite moments, the stag's humor is generally pretty dry. Sarcasm is a second language and making a joke out of everything is second nature. There's also a definitive air of self-confidence about him that makes up for his lack of size and general bulk. He faces challenges head on and all too often with a smirk on his face. Darcy has very strong principals and rules that make up his sense of 'right and wrong' and follows them closely...even if they sometimes seem a bit contradictory to others. He often expects the same courteousness in return and may pass judgement quickly on anyone who doesn't heed those expectations. Rudeness is something he doesn't take lightly.

Once a loyal and fiercely protective friend and lover, Darcy is now weary of close connections. He thrives on casual encounters, intimate or otherwise, and will reject any company he feels may be getting too close, or who is already close and straying - a 'hurt them before they hurt me' mentality. When he does acquire a friend or a lover, Darcy can lay the charm on thick. He's calm, sensitive, respectful and attentive, giving a deer exactly what they need when the occasion calls that he give anything at all - unless, of course, what they need goes against his own principals. He rarely ever opens up to anyone, unless you somehow manage to slip past his censors and grow closer to him then he often permits. His smile often times hides lies and the something that brews beneath his calm exterior can sometime be seen through his eyes and subtle expressions.

When he acquires an enemy, however, Darcy can hold grudges. He may even go out of his way to spite another if he feels the 'hurt' must be repaid. He holds no biased between males or females, treating them equally, and sometimes even fawns, though he adjusts his tactics according to weakness. He's not afraid of a fight, though he may refrain from one of loss is a certainty. Most of the time his confidence in his abilities trumps any doubt and he'll rush headlong into competition in ways that may appear reckless to most. When he fights, Darcy fights dirty. Quick on his feet and skilled with his maneuvers, he'll take down his opponent however he can if it's a serious battle. If not, he may enjoy teasing and taunting his enemy more then harming them, keeping just out of harm's way and dancing at the edge of danger.

There is a darkness in Darcy, of that you can be sure...but also a lot of light. He no longer is the stag he once was, but glimpses can still be seen beneath a colder, more distant mask. There is always a certain sadness and secretiveness about him, clear in his slow, thought-out expressions and careful words. He does his best to control the worst side of him through a variety of methods, and ignores the judgement passed on him. In anger and distress though, he sometimes loses all control and lets the darkness out in irrational bursts. During these times, he is a mere shadow of himself, empty yet full of rage and despair.


By Others


TallaSweet little doe and a long time friend. Protective toward and strangely tolerant of despite her skittish nature. | IsaitaAnother long time friend. Has known the little doe since she was a fawn. Yet again, protective toward and tolerant of despite her skittish nature. Wishes she would seek him out more... | Dinah MoonGood friend. Unsure how the relationship blossomed, but glad it did. Respects her attitude and enjoys her company. Flirts with often. | IdelleDaughter of Dinah. Allowed close to the fawn after she was born and fell in love with her. Protective of and fatherly towards, though rather disapproving of the friends she's chosen to keep... | ThatchA new but strong relationship. Has an attitude and manner about her that draws him in and keeps him wanting more. Possible connection forming. | UmayHas a wavering sort of friendship with the feline-doe. Enjoys her company while it lasts and admires her strength. Feels he's still kept at a distance though and frequently passed by. | NeathFascinated by the beast. Feels he still owes him after saving him from hungry vultures. Often jokes that if he were to die, his body should be given to the monster as payment.
RavynA friendly acquaintance, though feels he's never been close enough to call her a true friend. Will seek her out on lonely days. | HennaUsed to consider her a friend. Enjoyed sparring and playfully harassing the doe with his flirting. No longer tolerated by her due to Eraline's death, but still feels lingering respect for her. Has hope maybe someday their relationship can be mended... | LinA fawn he adopted as a daughter long ago. Their bond now wavers. Sees her less and less, and her insistence to remain in 'fawn' form annoys him - as does her bond with Herla. Tolerates her jealousy less and less. | SaosinUncertain of where he stands with this stag. Occasionally spend time with him, even roughhouses with him, but more often than not they keep a distance between them. | SiannaOnce hated the doe with his every waking breath. Now...Tolerant towards her, and even intrigued by her ways. Attempted to have a casual relationship with her, but his refusal to get closer caused it to fall apart. Would still welcome her company if she ever returned. | CielA fawn taken in by Herla, tried to help the doe raise him and failed several times over. Now he remains the only deer in the family he can stand to be around. Secretly appreciates the stag does not blame him for Eraline...One of the few. Does not mind his company. | IndiIsrael's female protector. At first was quite annoyed by the doe's standoffish ways and judgmental looks. Now, however, he grows intrigued by her, pathetically thankful that she did not turn him away despite his...ahem, outbursts, and still seems to trust him with the boy. | IsraelA small fawn that somehow tumbled into his life. Looked after him for a time but feels a strong disconnect now that he's older. Knows the boy never heeds his guidance, so he no longer plans to give it.
NightmareOnce close to the monster. Sacrificed for the beast and felt they shared a bond between them. In the end he was forsaken for a doe however, and Darcy does not plan to forgive him for it soon. | HerlaConsidered her his best friend and, in a way, a savior in his return to the forest. Shattered by her eventual rejection and betrayal. Loathes the doe and avoids her now, barely able to acknowledge her presence. Will act aggressively toward if pushed. | IsielA good friend from the past only recently returned. Hoped to get in touch with her again, only to find the doe obsessing over males and eventually letting one 'claim' her. Disgusted by her and driven away by her companion, has forsaken the doe as a positive relation. Will act aggressively toward if pushed. | RamsusThe beast who claimed Isiel. Always found him to be a giant numbskull; loathed him more after his attempts to keep him away from Isiel. Just looking at him tends to irritate Darcy. Will act aggressively toward. | ThaneAdoptive father of Eraline. Jealous of the stag from the moment he knew. Eventually grew to completely loathe the male in his attempts to drive him, and then his daughter, away. Blames him a great deal for the doe's death and wont be happy till he meets his own. | RavenflightA very old friend in the forest. Once had strong interests in her, though never got to know her well enough to pursue them. Felt close to her until her friendship with Herla turned her against him. Disgusted by how easily she was swayed to betray him. Wants nothing to do with her now. | JokermanAlways had a tentative relationship with the doe, yet found himself quite attracted to her from the beginning. Even after she hated him for Eraline's death, still held quite a bit of respect for her. Recently, however, has grown to see how two-faced she really is by still associating herself with Thane's family. Finds her hatred toward him is fueling more fire between relationships than putting out. Realizes now just how large a part 'she' actually played in Eraline's demise... | ReedOnce his best friend and big-brother like figure, now just another betrayer. | JettemRespected and protective toward, will now have nothing to do with the doe for taking Reed's side against him.



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New bio! Looking awesome in

New bio! Looking awesome in these new digs!

((First comment is MINE! Huzzah!))
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Wow! You're art has greatly

Wow! You're art has greatly improved over the years. Your character designs have grown more detailed with better defined characteristics.

(And awww... Darcy and Rowan... ;_; )

Loving his new biography so

Loving his new biography so much, I can say the same for his design. Really like that song, too.

This is really beautiful.

This is really beautiful. <33 /Track. My Waarhijd met him once, I don't know if you remember that though. :')

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His entire design is

His entire design is gorgeous, really like the layout here as well.
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Sight: Nooooo why did you

Sight: Nooooo why did you make a 'first' comment, why!!? Haha. Thanks luv! I will reply to our RP here ASAP.

Steph: I'm glad you think so! I look at the old pictures I drew of him and shudder a little. Such an awkward looking thing...let's just say he's all growed up now and save me the embarrassment haha. (And SHHHH I need to find something different to put there...)

Pinkpaws40: Thank you, I'm glad :3 I was a bit iffy about the song but it always reminds me of him when I hear it haha

Nopje: Thanks! I do vaguely recall Waarhjd...Or maybe her picto is just memorable :3' I admit my memory is craptastic! She has a beautiful design though.

Jin: Very much appreciated. He is a tad bit generic as far as creative freedom goes but we are just old school like that -cough- Haha.

Nice layout and the drawing

Nice layout and the drawing of him is awesome. (:
-plants a track and waters daily-
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Boink! Good-looking, this.

Boink! Good-looking, this. Hope to meet him more in-forest.

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tracking this

tracking this
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Apeldille: Gracias midear! We would like that :3 Darcy isn't always crazy I promise haha
Midnightrose: <3
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Woo, lookin' good! *sets up

Woo, lookin' good! *sets up camp right hur* 8D
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Hi!, I've met Darcy many

I've met Darcy many times!
He taught Fangorn how to hug trees... xD:

Laughing out loud
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Welp, the game just decided

Welp, the game just decided that I needed to not play anymore for the night. While jumping mid-air, it just completely disconnected and I can't connect again. I keep getting an error message; so I apologize for Kumiko's sudden disappearance.... Because everything disappeared on me.
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wocio: Darcy loves Fangorn! He considers him a good friend ^^' Good to know he picked up a few wacky skills baha.

Steph: Yeah the Forest tends to spaz out around this time every just have to stick around and wait it out for the most part :3 Darcy thought he was having a bad trip baha, SO many glitches were happening. A fawn he was playing with turned into an old gray deer then turned into Sorog. It was [s]hilarious[/i]frightening
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Hellllo! &hearts;

Hellllo! ♥

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Oh, you mean the TENT IN MAH

Oh, you mean the TENT IN MAH PANTS?, I don't. I'M WORKING ON IT, OKAY FFFF
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A familiar scent was carried

A familiar scent was carried over the lush hills on an afternoon summer breeze. The musky, yet sweet, aroma brushed against the twilighted doe's nose as she warmed herself in the sun, perched upon the crumbling walls that overlooked her beloved graveyard. Kumiko's nostrils huffed slightly as she took in the forest's air to analyze the scent. Her ears perked with anticipation the recognition began to lure her. Gracefully she leaped from the wall and began a full sprint the moment her light hooves touched the ground, following the direction of the wind. It had been a few days since she last met with the monarch stag and was curious as to rather or not his condition had improved since their distant heart-to-heart encounter.

In the distance, she could make out his figure laying in the clearing with a small, black doe nestled at his side. She skidded to a halt some distant away. Her hooves kicking up dust and stone as she braced herself for the stop. She had recently met the doe one on one the other day, but still feel uncertainty about if her presence was welcomed among the leisuring couple. She figured it would be wise to wait for a chance to speak to Darcy alone instead of risking intruding on their bonding moment.

Time passed as she ate away at time, keeping herself preoccupied until the doe departed. Now with him alone, Kumiko cautiously approached. Her eyes studying his body. Searching for signs of distress or harm. "[="#7A67EE"]Darcy?[/]" The doe kept her voice low as she called out to the stag while standing before him. With her head cocked to the side as it hung slightly below shrugged shoulders. "I haven't seen you in awhile. I just wanted to make sure you were ok..."
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Love Darcy!! And your CSS!

Love Darcy!! And your CSS! AAAAAAND your drawing of Darcy!! *swoons* I love how you did the mask - it looks like leather!
*lays in the moss, sips coffee*
Kobal Snuff


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Ama: Hai therr 8D Ickydog:

Ama: Hai therr 8D

Ickydog: AND I LOVE YOU? In a totally non-creepy sort of way. I think. Unlessyou'reintothat.

010: I see you there.

Darcy's eyes narrowed thoughtfully as he watched the little doe retreat into the distance. He frowned. Something was wrong. Lately she had seemed so edgy around him. He blamed that night, his unstable reaction towards her... What she had to see afterward. Herla insisted otherwise but what else could it be? Still, he was grateful for her returning company, even if it did confuse him a little these days.


The low voice nearly startled him, had he not seen her first out of his peripheral vision. The stag turned his antlered head to find himself staring up at a familiar doe as she came to a stop in front of him.
“Kumiko,” he spoke in surprise, quickly blinking back his former negative thoughts. Once successful, his face lit into a wide, welcoming smile as he rose quickly to his feet.
“Hey! I'm well enough,” he spoke cheerfully, and seemed to be about to continue before he got a good look at her. She seemed... subdued. The stag's smile faded a little, his brow creasing with concern as his eyes swept over her critically.
“And yourself? Are your wounds healed...?”
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Her ears flickered with the

Her ears flickered with the spike in his surprised voice as he recited her name. His stare had a conflicting sparkle of joy, concern, and worry as he peered down at her with his brows woven slightly above his burning amber eyes. The weight of his stare caused her shoulders to sag slight move. Her whole posture slumped before him. Her slender legs were drawn in close to her puffing chest as her hind legs curved to support her arching frame.

"Oh yes," her pitch rose to her normal tone. Nodding her head with her speech, her ears pulled themselves towards her head. Unusual tension seemed to surround the stag. His response to her appearance, while normal, seemed disoriented as if something had distracted his train of thoughts. "There is no reason to concern yourself about that. It was just a stupid scratch." she sheepishly smiled trying to cheer the stag up with her childish antics but her own smiled faded as she kept sensing unseen distress from him.
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Darcy tensed. The doe was

Darcy tensed. The doe was ...deflating before his very eyes. Her body shrunk and cowered from him as though he had stood and scolded her for something. The stag's elongated ears pulled back against his head, his smiling expression immediately disappearing. Here stood his friend, slumped in submission before him... and there he was, standing there like a clueless idiot, staring down at her with a mixed expression of concern and bewilderment. She spoke, the volume of her voice returned and her tone sounded fine...but clearly something was not fine. This was how he'd found her before – meek and apologetic. He had thought-...What? He grimaced. He'd been selfish again, hadn't he? He'd thought he'd made everything better by telling her the truth but there was still much to be said, wasn't there? The stag's chest heaved in a weary sigh as his head shook slowly from side to side.
“I can be concerned about what I like, you know,” he responded in quiet scolding, paying little mind to her forced smile. The only distress she could possibly be sensing from him was the one her reaction had ignited.
“What's wrong? Did you...did you come to talk about something else?”
She must have. He had left it open to her to do so, and he'd meant it... It was not the idea of that that troubled him, but how sad and uneasy she seemed.
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Straightening her body,

Straightening her body, Kumiko slowly rose. Her sleek body returning to its former shape as she stood just below his eye level. Even though Darcy was shorter than most stags, she old rose to his chin. She shook her body as she tried to chase away the tension as he questioned her presence.

Did you...did you come to talk about something else? Indeed, she had. Much was on her mind since he had offered her a chance to peer into his hidden past. So many questions she waned to ask; so much she wanted to know. She had known him since her birth in the Forest but now she felt such little connection to the kind stag beyond the casual playful affairs they indulged in frequently. Though she could not lie to herself; she always felt a great sense of distance between the two. Even in the past when she spent her days at his side comforting him in the wake of his despair she had been careful to not tread pass the line she had drawn to keep separation. She had never meant to do it intentionally but fearing to grow to attached to another made her that way.

She glanced up at him. Her hazel eyes sparkling behind the polished magpie mask that hid her feminine face. She was eager to learn more but terrified at the same time. While she had greatly enjoyed their bonding from the previous nights, she still questioned if breaking the boundary that was set between them was the wisest of ideas. Silence hung between the two as she quietly debated what to say... Or if she should even begin to speak.

"The other night... You mentioned something about the truth..." Her voice still shook as she spoke. Stopping mid-sentence, she stomped her hoof in frustration at herself. She had promised him that she would not be this way anymore. Yet here she was. Still cowering. With her ears standing straight up and her chest puffed out, Kumiko gathered courage and spoke strongly, "The other night you mentioned something about swapping truths. I know you told me a lot... A lot more than I knew but there is still much I do not fully understand. What exactly drives you to this... this madness you feel?"

Her lips curled with astonishment at her own confidence, but had it been too strong? Her ears fell in place once again as her shoulders slumped once again. This time though, out of worry that perhaps she had pushed too far.
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The little doe was just full

The little doe was just full of surprises, wasn't she? Whether she had caught onto how her posture was making him react or she had simply – suddenly- found her confidence again, he didn't know... But she steadied herself before him. Her figure relaxed beneath his careful gaze and she returned to her normal height and stance. Almost. Something was still amiss. Something was still eating away at her. Her hazel eyes lifted and remained steady upon him, and he returned her stare. Yes, he had hit it right...there was something she wished to say. She was determined...but apprehensive. So what was he? Darcy couldn't tell. He was so swept up in her own emotional torment that he temporarily forgot about his own.

When she spoke, his ears lifted again. They swiveled carefully forward, conveying his uncertain interest as her voice trembled, then paused. A brow cocked and his head lifting to its full height again as she expressed some inner irritation with a stamp of her hoof. The corner of his mouth twitched in the hesitant signs of a smile, though the glimmering of amusement was plain in is eyes. He should be shamed of himself, silently laughing at her attempts to puff herself up and be bold, but...Ha! The stag somehow managed to keep his buoyant emotions in check, his gaze level as she finally managed to explain herself. The tension that followed her bold questioning almost made him chuckle. Forcing his grin into submission he bowed his head and briefly closed his eyes.

Maybe it would take more getting used to than he'd originally thought...

“Hmm... Take a walk with me?”
Darcy finally looked up, his scarred lips once again pulled into a genuine smile. His gaze was warm and reassuring as he met her eye and held it a moment before turning away and nodding his head in the direction he intended to go - towards the Crying Idol...into the birch beyond it. The male stepped off, then stopped to wait for her figure to settle next to his before continuing onward. His steps were slow and contemplative. Darcy didn't seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere as his eyes leisurely took in his surroundings, his smile serene.
“I really wish you would relax... I don't bite. It's far easier to open up to a friend than to someone acting like they're a stranger,” the stag mused, giving her only a sideways glance, his nearest brow lifting in light-hearted emphasis. He was teasing her.
"Though I admit you are pretty scary when you're all serious like that. You might just be able to stomp it out of me with that little hoof of yours..."

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The corner of his lips

The corner of his lips twitched as she saw him fighting back the urge to smile. Trembling slightly, they pulled themselves into a forced frown as he tried his best to not reveal the amusement at her "courageous" act. As he spoke, the ties that bond his lips broke, springing to life with the welcoming smile she had always known. The twinkle of delight in his eyes was as warm as the glowing color that made them up. Melting away most of the discomfort as his gaze attempted to soothe her emotional wound. While it brought her some ease, she still could not help but feel as if something in her mind was begging her to stop, but she ignored the crippling fear as Darcy stepped to the side asking her to follow him on his stroll.

With a bounce in her step, she leaped from her resting place towards his side, somewhat brushing up against his sun heated hide. She had grown to like the feel of his touch after the night they had spent under the stars. Though the moment she felt his shoulder against her's, she pulled away. Perhaps it was not right to enjoy it; perhaps that was a sign of getting to close. She stayed near though, keeping the smallest amount of space between them as she caught up to his speed.

"You don't bite, you say? I bet the trees would like a word with you then!" she playfully mocked back in reference to all of the trees who had lost their mushrooms to the stag She was still amused by his teases towards her, but hoped she had not said the wrong thing. Maybe it was best to forget about the worst parts of that night...

"Well, I wouldn't want to stomp all over you but if I have to in order to get some explanations, then I will."
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He snorted in response to her

He snorted in response to her jab, his mouth falling open as he mocked a wounded expression. His grin soon returned however with her second round. He was happy to see that she was willing to play along with him. Darcy was no longer inebriated. His mind was clear, and so...well, he had to be careful. Without any drugs in his system to aid in keeping him calm it was all up to him now to steer them away from seriousness. Despite her returned banter, Kumiko still seemed a bit resistant to the idea.
“I assure you my love, physical force will not be necessary,” he chuckled, then sidestepped to bump her lightly with his shoulder. The trickling of water filled his ears as they grew close to the river. The trees thinned and the sunlight glided warmly across their backs. Darcy inhaled the scent of summer and held it within his lungs a moment as his thoughts finally returned to the question she'd asked. He was surprised to find it...really didn't bother him at all. He could talk about it...and it wouldn't matter. It was...freeing.
“So... What drives the madness you ask...” he repeated carefully, staring off somewhere ahead. His smile was briefly interrupted as his lips puckered in contemplation before relaxing again.
“I can't say for sure. Intense emotions, I suppose? Moments of...weakness. It's always there in the back of my mind, waiting for me to lose control. I could easily give myself up to it if I chose...”
The muscles in his face tensed at the thought, almost like a wince. When they relaxed again his smile was crooked and he looked a bit embarrassed.
“I've never said that to anyone before...Wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Not really something a stag wants to admit to himself much less anyone else...but don't worry. I have no intentions of letting it win. That's...not who I am.”
Kumiko's picture

The stag's sudden - but light

The stag's sudden - but light - bump caused the petite doe to loose her step. However, Kumiko was quick to respond to the imbalance. Playfully she turned the stumble into a leap. Using her legs as a spring, she hopped a few steps around Darcy as she took a breath of the clear, afternoon air. She slide to a halt before him as he began to speak, listening intensely.

Her joyous smile faded as he gave her the response. Her eyes grew cloudy and her hung once again. "You're not lesser than anyone, you know that right, Darcy?" Her strained voice turned into a whisper, but she smiled at his promise to win over it.
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Ha...he had said it again,

Ha...he had said it again, hadn't he? It's not me. Except that was a lie. This darkness, whatever it was...was a part of him now. No amount of denying it would help. It was him...just not what he wanted to be. The details of that little slip up didn't seem important enough to correct however. Glancing over, the stag could tell she was thinking. Kumiko's smile faded and her lead dipped again. She seemed to be burdened so much more by these thoughts than he was... Suddenly Darcy felt a swirling of doubt in his gut again. This was...this was exactly what he had been avoiding before. He didn't want his problems to burden anyone else! Was...was it really fair of him to be telling her this?

By the time she finally sorted her thoughts and spoke again, his smile had faded and became strained. Her quiet words surprised him a little. Maybe it just wasn't the reaction he'd been expecting...His ears ticked back in apprehension.
“I...guess I hadn't thought about it that way heh. No. I'm just me. Whether that's more or less than anyone else...well I couldn't tell ya. I couldn't be anyone else if I tried...and trust me, The Gods know I have.”
They approached the fountain. The great stone face gaped at them with her dark, hollow eyes. Darcy turned his attention to the idol and paused to nod his head at her respectfully before continuing to pass her by.
Kumiko's picture

"I... I didn't mean it like

"I... I didn't mean it like that..." Kumiko bit her lower lip as she questioned if she had accidentally belittled him. It would have appeared that she misunderstood his previous statement and her hopeful words of comfort were useless.

She watched as he continued forward. For a moment she remained at her place as she began to think if she wanted to truly say what had been on her mind since the whole incident began. It would be a risk but was it worth it...? Perhaps it was but she held it back in and choose a different direction instead. Feeling the willingness to move again, she quickened her pace to catch up to the stag, smiling sweetly to ease him, "Good.... I wouldn't want you to be someone else. Closing her eyes, she let out a shivering sigh before looking up at him again. "Well if you need help being brought to reality, you know who to call."
Shiori's picture

“Good, I wouldn't want you to

“Good, I wouldn't want you to be someone else.”
Darcy raised a brow at the doe as she came trotting back to his side, the corner of his mouth lifting with it. They were just the sort of kind-hearted words he would expect from her...but the stag still doubted they were the truth. For her, he certainly wished he could be more than what he was. Something less selfish; something more stable. But those were brooding thoughts he'd put behind him. Now was a time for owning up and being better.

Her shuddering sigh drew his ear. Her face was tense; pensive. There seemed to be something there, lingering, like he'd sensed before when she'd first approached. When she finally did speak...Darcy wasn't convinced they were her true words. He smiled anyways. He nodded his head and reached over, nuzzling into her neck as they walked.
“Thank you...but not if I can help it,” he whispered in her ear before pulling away again.
“It was foolish to have risked your safety before. If I hurt you...Herla...anyone - I don't know what I'd do.”
His eyes flitted to hers before glancing off to avoid them. 'Him' or not...these were things worth being ashamed of. Shaking his head, the stag cleared his throat.
“Anything else on your mind?”
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(Sorry for the late reply. I

(Sorry for the late reply. I told Ocean this already but I don't know if you saw. I probably won't be in the Forest until late tonight, if I get on at all. At a friend's tonight and might go to the waterfront to see fireworks.)

They pranced about the sunburned birch forest as their conversation continued. Around them the birds sang softly and the critters of the Forest scurried the leaf covered floor. Kumiko tried to enjoy the environment but her inner thoughts distracted her ability to focus. Darcy's nudge did more than just be a friendly nuzzle; it was a reconnection to reality. His whispers into her ears sent a shiver down her spine. A line of fur from her nose to the tip of her tail stood straight. He had never done things like this before. It both excited and terrified her.

It was foolish to have risked your safety before. Her head cocked in confusion. Was he referring to her attempts at protecting the fallen fawn's grave? Or was there something else...? His worrisome voice continued to forewarn an apology from hurting anyone, but she could not recall a moment where he had willingly turned his antlers on a friend. He lips puckered to the side in uncertainty. She did not understand where his comments were coming from, but she could sympathize with his uneasiness. She too shared a similar feeling.

"Yeah..." dipping down to a whisper, Kumiko dropped her speed, falling slightly behind the stag as he trudged onward. Hear ears twisting from anxiety as she stared down at the ground. Watching the dust swirl in the wind as she kicked at the ground with her front hoof in thought. "I would forgive you, of course.... Herla would too..." Her gaze drifted upward but refused to connect with his glowing orange body as he stood a short distance in front of her. "If I lost you... I don't know what I'd do..."

Yay, new bio!

Yay, new bio! <3

and getting high

Oh, Darcy.
Lin'll be sure to give him an earful about that.
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Kumiko: [Lol I decided to

[Lol I decided to take a break from writing last night anyways @_@' Hehe. Back on track now!]

The stag slowed and eventually stopped when he realized Kumiko was making no attempts to catch up. He had let the doe fall behind, giving her as much time as she needed with her thoughts...but now he turned his head and watched her. She barely seemed aware that her legs had stopped moving, even as she stared down at them. Darcy followed her gaze and scanned the ground for anything of interest, but her words drew his eyes up again. His ears were planed in some undecided way from the sides of his head as they rotated to catch her softly-spoken words. What...was she saying? The stag slowly turned to face her, his head tilted to one side as he regarded her with a soft frown and a critical eye.
“That...might be so, but I couldn't forgive myself. I've struggled to forgive myself for enough already. I don't deserve any more chances.”
Darcy did not sound sad as he said this. His gaze was level and his tone was still light and informative. He seemed to smile then, though it was so subtle it might have been a trick of the eye.
“As for losing me, there's no need to talk that way. Come on. I want to show you something.”
The stag tilted his antlered head to some point in the distance before once again turning and trudging off towards it.

They moved further into the birch. Even moving from the clearing around the river to the cover of trees once more, it felt warmer here; brighter. The smooth white surfaces of the trees seemed to bounce the light back and forth in some strange prism effect. A group of large rocks was scattered up ahead, half buried in the soil. One particular cluster was arranged in a strange, circular way. No deer had done was just a strange coincidence of nature. High above them, there was a parting in the leaves, allowing rays of sunlight to filter down and warm a spot right outside the ring of stones. Darcy gingerly stepped beneath it. His skin shuddered at the intensity of the light as it washed over him, the warmth seeping into his fur. The colors of his pelt were washed out beneath its brightness and the soft oranges and browns it created blended extraordinarily well with his surroundings. He stared down at the boulders for a moment before turning his head and smiling at Kumiko, encouraging her forward.

Awwww Darcy's in trooooubbbllle -snicker- Ah, poor guy. He will have to properly explain his habit one of these days before Lin gets too pissy at him hehe
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As the stag's gaze met even

As the stag's gaze met even to her's, Kumiko could feel the warmth of his breath upon her nose as he spoke. His amber eyes blazing with sternness. He spoke about himself as if he were a criminal doomed to damnation as a punishment for his crimes. Without any remorse or regret, just willing accepting the end, but Kumiko thought otherwise. Her mouth hung open slightly as her lips formed in preparation to object to his statements, but he had already changed the subject.

Come on. I want to show you something. Closing her mouth, the doe tilted her head to the left as her eyes followed the direction upon which he was pointing. For a moment, she stood motionless, processing the change in the atmosphere as the suffocating tension eased away. Blinking with curiosity, she began to follow him. Her ears twitching about her head as she listened to the voices of nature welcoming the pair deeper in to the Forest.

The world around them glowed in the afternoon sun. The bleached trees swayed their leafs in the breeze, almost as if they were hands whimsically motioning the monarch and the twilight to their side. She paused for a moment taking in the scenery as she watched Darcy disappear almost completely out of sight. His soft pelt blending in to the natural surroundings behind him. She had to squint to make out his figure against the treeline. She, however, was still quite visible. Her unnatural coloring had softened in the intensity of the light, but it prevented her from hiding as well as Darcy.

"It's so serene here..." her voice silenced in admiration of the Forest.

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(Yes! Great to hear! Haha, I

(Yes! Great to hear! Haha, I was wondering. Mine is :3 I will reply to this is a little bit, just wanted to let you know haha)
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She did indeed stand out

She did indeed stand out against the warm backdrop of the forest. Despite the warm wash of light, she appeared much darker here than she did in the earlier hours, the purple-blue of her pelt almost black... But the sun bounced off her sleek fur and made the opalescent colors shimmer so much more brightly. It was like waves of color rippling down her petite frame as her muscles moved beneath her skin, carrying her towards him. She was a beautiful creature, there was no denying it...

“It's so serene here...”

His smile became crooked as one side lifted a bit higher than the other. The stag sheepishly glanced away as the doe wandered up beside him. She didn't seem to notice the circle of rocks yet, too enthralled with the larger, showier features of her surroundings.
“Yes...I guess that's why... she buried her here.”
He stared towards the center of the ring, his amber eyes soft.
“Our daughter, that is.”
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The stag's steps were soft -

The stag's steps were soft - as if he was tiptoeing - as he shifted away from her side and stepped forward. His movements were delicate, graceful for a stag, but with a build like his, it was not entirely too surprising. There he stood staring firmly as his eyes fixed themselves upon the earth. His orange pelt erupting as the sun soaked into his pelt, causing him to glow brightly but faintly exposing the healed scars that he wore.

Kumiko took a single step closer, examining the ground. As her hoof moved forward, it lightly tapped a stone buried partly beneath the soil. Her eyes shifted downward as she caught glimpse of a similar stone just inches away from the first... And then another... And another... Circling around a patch of sunlight. She was unsure as to how many rocks had sprung up or where they had come from, but they seemed to have been placed with great care.

“Yes...I guess that's why... she buried her here.”

Her head lowered as Darcy softly spoke at her side. Her heart clinched by sorrow as forgotten voices echoed in her mind.

“Our daughter, that is.”

Old memories flashed before her eyes of their earlier lives. Kumiko had known that Rowan was with child but as she searched her mind for answers, she could not recall what had happened. Where was Rowan...? And what had happened...? Dare she ask?

The doe looked at Darcy from the corner of her eye. Her hazel irises glistening as her brows drew together with concern above them, "Darcy.... I.... I'm sorry..." She pulled herself in closer to him, lingering just above his shoulder as she hesitated. The heat from his body beckoned her to no resist. She nuzzled her head into the nap of his neck as she lightly leaned against his squared chest.
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The dark orange color makes

The dark orange color makes everything feel homely. I like it.

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Ravynn: Haha it does feel

Ravynn: Haha it does feel homey! Wasn't my intention really but hey it offsets the broody madness :3 Thank you <3

Darcy felt completely cruel as he sent the doe a sidelong glance and watched her peaceful expression melt away. Perhaps he could have worded that I little more gently... Perhaps he shouldn't have said anything at all. Why had he brought her here? Watching the sorrow fill her hazel eyes the stag found himself struggling to remember a purpose behind it. Oh. Right. She had wanted to know, and he- ...he selfishly did, too.

He tensed uncertainly as the doe suddenly shifted towards him, pressing herself against his shoulder before burying her head into the thick fur of his neck. Darcy had seen the shine in her eyes before she craftily hid them from his view and he swallowed the lump building in his throat. It was hard not to be a little affected by her sadness... It was indeed a sad thing. Yet the stag was calm as he stood there, a little frown forming upon his lips as he looked down at her but nothing more. In a little sigh of air, his muscles relaxed again. Gradually she would begin to feel him push lightly back against her, accepting her embrace. It was still strange, being close to her, and she seemed so unsure of herself...
“It's alright. Was a long time ago, now... Seems long, anyways.”

Then, careful not to unsettle her, he shifted away and lowered his head to hers, searching for her eyes. His own were sad, but warm, and his mouth smiled apologetically.
“I'm sorry... Perhaps I should not have showed you. I just come here a lot, when I'm alone, and to her, sometimes. I don't really believe she's still around - I hope she isn't, in fact, but...”
He trailed off and let his eyes wander back to the circle of stones. The patch of earth in the middle looked long undisturbed, already many times replanted with grass and tiny little wild flowers.
“Well. I just thought that you should know. I haven't told many others.”
No. Nobody aside from Reed. Quite abruptly, the stag felt a weight on his chest – from the inside. It pushed on his lungs; it made him feel the strained beating of his heart. His ears slid back against his head warily. He knew that feeling... and he couldn't let it surface.
“Be honest with me, Kumiko. Are you sure you want to know more? There are more tragic things than the graves of stillborn fawns...”
His thoughts drifted a moment to Walter and the commotion he'd caused over Kaoori's fawn's grave. Hoshiko's name and resting place seemed to be known by everyone in the forest... Yet his little one was forever an anonymity. Like father, like daughter...
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The stag's movements were

The stag's movements were settle beneath her light weight. His muscles retracted as the grieving stag sagged beneath the burden he carried; the burden he had hidden from her for so long. Kumiko felt dense as she sadly admired the hidden grave. To the ignorant eye, the patch looked like nothing more than just another part of the Forest. Even a thin coating of moss seemed to climb up long side the largest of the stones. How many times had she playfully pranced by? Leaping about the area completely oblivious to the memories of her dearest friend that he been buried here? A soft sigh escaped from her lips as she closed her eyes, trying to fight back the urge to begin scolding herself for her stupidity. She had even noticed Darcy's trend of returning here but she had never questioned why.

However, how was she to know? While she might have been able to sense the presence of the spirits around the gaveyard, she had never once felt drawn to this particular spot. She had witnessed Hoshiko with her own eyes - ran and danced with the dead. But she had never seen the apparition of a fawn lingering in the clearing. Perhaps the stillborn had successfully passed on... Or perhaps Kumiko was not as in touch with the dead as she had assumed...

Her thoughts were disturbed by Darcy's heartbreaking, compassionate eyes. Her own glassy eyes returned his stare, glancing into the soul. He seemed so haunted by something. Something that he was hesitating to speak of. Be honest with me, Kumiko. Are you sure you want to know more? His strain voice urging her for a reply.

The doe's ears perked as she tried to hear his voice over his steady breath and beating heart. She nodded yes. Her head still pressed against his chest. His thick fur rubbing gently against her face, almost as if it were caressing the stunned doe, "Of course I do." Sensing the uneasiness within him as his heart pounded against her, she pulled herself in slightly closer, attempting to comfort the distressed stag. "I want to know it all... I don't want to be in the dark anymore. And, Darcy?"

She pulled her head away from him enough to allow herself to be eye to eye, blinking away developing tears. Her eyes narrowed as a serious tone spiked within her voice, "Remember... I wanted this."
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Hehehe, don't mind Nightmare.

Hehehe, don't mind Nightmare. He's such a crazy creature |D But is a gentle giant... for the most part LOL!

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Thank you for dealing with

Thank you for dealing with Ravyn's strange self.
I'm not very fond of in-game emotes, so I guess it makes it somewhat difficult to communicate with her...
But usually when she wanders over she is just simply looking for company, anyway.
Nothing too much. (:
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A disgruntled snort would

A disgruntled snort would come from the stag as he sat nearby and watched the stranger. With Herla around, he didn't seem to mind nor care if others were unnerved by his presence but this stranger seemed more... annoyed than the rest of them. And Nightmare wasn't sure what the heck to make of such a stag, on one end he just didn't have a care in the world. And on the other he wanted to hover over Herla like he often did and be that protective male that he became known as.

Watching the stranger as he seemed to go into a fit, Nightmare didn't know whether the actions were to be taken towards him... or the sleeping stag that was departing. Though a bit agitated by the sudden taunts and bellows, Nightmare merely stood his ground and kept his distance. Gritting fangs in his skull as he watched Herla try to piece together what had happened. It was a bit of a hassle to keep himself in check, naturally Nightmare himself would have gone at this stranger for such acts but with Herla there he did not wish to spark out a fight and end up hurting her.

Now, with Herla gone though Nightmare had decided to see just who this strange stag was and had positioned himself nearby after a couple sniffs and a tilt of the head. Laying close he just merely watched and observed... keeping his guard up just in case something were to break out "Mind telling this old monster what bee got under your fur? That voice was a crackled one, but held that sense of power and pride... but it carried a chilling tone to it as well.

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Graveyard: LOL and don't

LOL and don't mind Darcy...he gets a little edgy sometimes when stags start vying for Herla's attention >< THEN he remembers he's supposed to be an unbiased gentleman -cough- He apologizes haha.

It's hardly trouble! She's always been a bit 'quiet'...I hope his actions weren't too confusing either ha. She can seek him out anytime for company, we enjoy it ^^
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Haha, Nightmare was unsure of

Haha, Nightmare was unsure of how to respond to Darcy's sudden rage over Reed XD And wasn't sure what to make of it. One one end he was like D< Did you just taunt at ME!? And on the other he was all B| Herla's here damn it... can't headbutt this crazy guy XD

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Graveyard: [Sorry this took

Graveyard: [Sorry this took so long lol]

The stag had calmed considerably since his...little outburst. He had clearly been some kind of insane, turning and challenging the giant like that... Honestly! What had he been thinking? Upon returning from his stress-relieving run, he gazed upon the grotesque beast with an uneasy attempt at indifference, though his mood was clearly sullied. Still, Darcy swallowed his aggressive urges and settled quietly by the cherished doe until she dozed off. Nightmare was a hard presence to ignore. Despite keeping his eyes diverted, the monarch stag took note of every movement the giant made. When he rose and wandered over, he tensed beneath the shadow cast over him. Darcy was not a fact, he was far too foolish for his own good, being the size he was – but he knew when he was clearly outmatched. Drawing in a breath to calm his fear and irritability, the scarred stag stood and exchanged the appropriate pleasantries before rigidly settling beside the present birch. His ears twitched at the sound of the other males eerie, boastful tone. Darcy snorted, holding himself higher and forcing his amber eyes upward to make contact.
“It was...just a minor lapse in judgment,” he informed the other coolly, though there was an edge of irritation added to the final word. With a deep sigh, he relaxed a little and tore his eyes away, finding the other's gaze unnerving.
“I apologize... I don't know where my head was.”
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[[ Haha no worries hun

[[ Haha no worries hun <3 Oh man I see this turning into something either good or bad LOL! ]]

That gaze never averted itself, forever staring... forever watching every movement that Darcy made. A deep, unimpressed snort came from Nightmare as the stag held himself higher and was forcing himself to look up and make contact with those black voids. A lapse in judgement? Another snort and Nightmare snarled some "You should be thankful my aggression did not get the best of me... most who would have done that would have been thrown to the ground..."

Those words were true, Nightmare was often relentless when even a minor sign of aggression was shown towards him. But only few have seen his... dark, cruel and destructive side "Thankfully old age and experience have worked on keeping my head in place... that, and dear Herla would have been upset if I had torn into your hide..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Graveyard: Darcy's eyes

Darcy's eyes narrowed at the rough snarl, despite the tremor it sent up his spine. To challenge the giant anymore with even the harmlessness of dirty looks hardly seemed wise, but he couldn't force himself to be completely idle as the beast tore into his pride. His lips pressed firmly together to keep any unwanted comments from spilling out. The muscles in his neck and jaw flexed and tensed as his teeth ground against one another. His gaze again flitted upward to briefly search the dark holes that gaped down at him.
“Then I guess... she's a good girl to have around,” he finally allowed himself to speak, his expression relaxing some as the corner of his mouth lifted in a crooked grin.
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A snorted out chuckle came

A snorted out chuckle came out of Nightmare as he leaned that head down, skull rather close to that stags nose as he stared. Never blinking, never doing any motion... it was one thing that made the beast such an intimidating thing. Another chuckle, and those jaws opened, the three prongs that made up the bottom spreading slightly, it was a rather disturbing grin of sorts "You think she is quite the catch don't you? A small doe like that, such the prize to any fit stag..."

Drawing back Nightmare shifted and rolled those shoulders "I don't care for such emotions... all they ever did was kill me in the end. But... if you feel I am intruding on your territory... by all means... feel free to try and shove me away."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"