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Gen2 Pictos available


I'm not politically correct enough for this dramallama community so
If anyone would like to 'donate' a small amount to the cause of me keeping my house and feeding my pets, I have three Gen2 pictos I would give them in 'exchange'.
I've been a part of this community for years and yes, stood up for it's cause for years, and yes, I've donated money here too.

Though personally I feel I should get some back for the therapy bills alone -.-

But no, juuuuust asking for donations here from someone in need who would be very grateful. If you don't want to, then don't do it.

Email me if you're interested.

Gen2 Pictos Available
Given Away
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Looking for dominant male character...

A friend of mine would like to join a submissive female character, but before doing so she'd like to know if there'd be anyone interested in fulfilling a particular guiding role in this character's life.

From what I know she's a quiet, docile girl. Very timid and easily submissive as well as dependant.

The player is looking for a strong, dominant male character who could fill the role of someone to...take charge of her, so to speak. Someone to offer guidance (negative or positive) or even be commanding of her. Basically someone who will give her some attention and purpose? Perhaps with the potential of relationship building?

Would require the player at least be active and mature toward this type of dynamic.
Also, no wolves, feline, or heavily predatory creatures please. We wants to keep her sane XD

If you're interested please contact Wudiin via skype: wudiin or Shi via skype: Shioriness

Thanks for looking!
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To all those who made Character of the Week Art! In plzums

Hey there :3

Well we ended up losing all the links to everyone's art so far ._. If you would be so kind as to reply to this with any art you've made for the CotW characters we would BE soooooo grateful!

Also, just a reminder, please link back when you do create art so we don't have to go searching for it :3
Thanks so much to everyone who has participated so far though! These guys deserve it!

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Taking Requests! Free Chibi Sketches...[Closed]

Alright so I really need to get back into making art >< Took a long break and I think I'm ready to try and get back into the game...but small steps first!

I'll be taking taking 5 character requests for now. May open up more if I find I'm getting them done quickly. You know the drill! Post the character's bio or a couple good references. Feel free to suggest a pose if you want. I will also try and do couples :3

1] June
2] Cremello
3] Whisper
4] Nephthy
5] Mai

Thank you!
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Rp/plot opportunity. Fishing for interest!

Hello there :3

My character Sonne has been out of commission recently and I'd really like to get her back on her feet. Unfortunately she's a bit of a toughie, and I'll need....some unusual consent and cooperation to go what I want out of her interactions.

In a delicate nutshell, I need someone with a male or possibly female deer interested in...'casual encounters' with Sonne. Some harmless, some with the potential to be more graphic. All flirty XD She's a submissive deer whose goal is to please so a more dominant deer is preferred. Open to rough and abusive relationships. Definitely not shy about graphic rp but I'm sensitive to individual preferences ^^

For more info you can email or MSN me at
I'm also on Skype as Shioriness

Sonne's bio can be found HERE

Thanks for considering!
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Pennshire - Human/Animal/Supernatural Rpg

Hello, TEF community! Cicadia, Kumiko and I decided to create a human role playing game in the thought of role playing our deer as humans. It slowly grew into something more however, and we're inviting you to join us and make it a successful community. Whether you're interested in rping an animal, a supernatural or an ordinary human, this is a intermediate level free-form rpg that caters to all three and encourages you to come up with your own stories. Based in a fictional European city, you can be anywhere and everywhere.

So, without further delay, there's a little more about our site. Please give it a visit and consider trying it out!

--> P e n n s h i r e. <--

A European city nestled cozily in the middle of a large island in the Atlantic. Just like any other bustling metropolis, this place has got it all. Downtown streets packed with stores and businesses catering to anyone with a little money to spend, and winding back alleys where anyone can find a way to make a buck or two. Maybe even a little trouble. There are plenty of flats in the heart of the city for people on the go, or maybe you'd be interested in the sprawling suburbs at the edge of town perfect for raising that family you always wanted. And it's all surrounded by the big blue. But is there more to Pennshire than meets the eye? Some might say mysterious things have happened here...but then, what place is safe from a little harmless folklore?

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Lu's Livestreaming

And I'm posting a blog for her! :3

Go Watch!
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Adoptable Deer Design Auction [CLOSED]

Alright, been working on these for a little bit. Pretty happy with all of them and hopeful that someone can find a use for them.

Nine deer designs. Both human faced and deer faced. Despite their feminine appearance I consider them androgynous, so they could be either male or female depending on how you want to use them. These are simply color designs (and hair styles =p) They do not include masks or antlers...those you can add yourself! Winners may request small changes and may receive a larger file.

Going to start the bidding off at $2 on each of them. Please bid by 50 cent increments.

Auction Over!


8.) Strange Birthmark
To Momochi for $2

9.) Scarred by Lightning
To Cicadia for $3

Please send money via Paypal to and I'll give you a larger version of the design if you'd like ^^ Thanks for participating!

Missed out? I'll be offering these on DA after a while, so keep an eye on my gallery Here
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