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Feel free to interact*Both text and visual roleplay are welcome. If you have been given my Skype address, you are welcome to interact there as well. with Phaios and Endriaga here.
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OOC Notes: Behavior*Maternal instinct in overdrive following the loss of one of 'her' younglings; likely to protect most fawns, but those she knows are guarded with an especially intense ferocity. Potentially severely aggressive, depending on the situation. Tolerance for others varies. - Weather*None. OOC Notes: Behavior*Endri tends to be a bit of a hyperactive pest. If she is bothering you as a player, please airsit and I will know to reign her in. (If you are unable to airsit, shake your head and sit down for a minute and I'll get the point, too!)
Boy, this place is dusty!
Don't get too excited; we still have a ways to go yet.

Note: Email has returned to
Player Notes
Points are usually taken in groups of 5, and a basic status is listed. These may mix and match at times.

Both deer are quick healers, and their health is intertwined. If one is injured, so is the other.
[The below are guidelines and may be longer or shorter depending on the extent of the injury and how much rest each deer gets. Numbers are subject to tweaking; I don't usually use numbers for health, so these guys are my guinea pigs]

Accelerated Rate (Endriaga resting) - Up to +10/day
Regular Rate (Endriaga active) - Up to +5/day

Approximate heal times:
Minor wounds: 3 days (regular), 1 day (accelerated)
Major wounds: 6 days (regular), 3 days (accelerated)
Broken bones, etc: 14 days (regular), 7 days (accelerated)
85-100"Good/Fair"(Minor or no wounds ~1-3 day normal heal)
70-84"Fair"(Moderate wounds ~3-6 day normal heal)
50-69"Poor"(Major wounds ~6-10 day normal heal)
30-49"Very Poor"(Serious wounds ~10-14 day normal heal)
10-29"Critical"(Grievous wounds)
0-10"Perilous"(Likely to be fatal without immediate/intensive care)


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Aaaand tracking X3

Aaaand tracking X3

"What is it that you are

"What is it that you are listening for?"

~Track :3

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"I thought I heard

"I thought I heard something... that's all."

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*sits here*

*sits here*
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I love the way Endriaga

I love the way Endriaga talks. ♥
Gustiro's picture

Phaios' company was very

Phaios' company was very pleasant tonight. Thank you and good night. : )

::Sneak Track::
Phaios's picture

Sorry I missed your goodbye!

Sorry I missed your goodbye! I was perched precariously on a rolly chair while I tried to pin up a blanket for makeshift curtains because it is COLD.
Gustiro's always lovely company (scuffles aside) <3
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Lost half our traffic lights

Lost half our traffic lights today! Yay blackouts! XD

Gustiro's picture

Hope both your weather gets

Hope both your weather gets better! Stay safe!
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blackouts are FUN!

blackouts are FUN! Idea
The sky is not the limit when there are footprints on the moon.
~Gruffen thanks so much MidnightRose! He's so cute! http://endlessforest.org/community/rp-blog-9 RP with me please!
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I'm not sure if we've ever

I'm not sure if we've ever formally talked.. but I thank you for your company all this time. The little shika smiled, looking up at the other doe. It seems you and I share an affinity for a grave, too.. I am thankful there is someone else watching over them while I am away.

(just thought I"d have her finally say something..I'm not sure if they've ever spoken ^^ )
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"Ah, Little Mother," the doe

"Ah, Little Mother," the doe smiles warmly as she realizes who it is who's come to speak to her. "It's my pleasure; you are wonderful company." Her gaze whisks in the direction of the ruins at the smaller deer's next sentence. "Yes... It brings back memories. And they are so often forgotten."

[♥! I don't believe they have.]
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They are often forgotten..

They are often forgotten.. but I promised this one, I'd never forget her.. I am glad you watch over her while you sit here. You may not be near her, but I know you would not let harm come to her.
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A quiet hum reverberates

A quiet hum reverberates briefly in her throat. "No," she agrees softly. "Memories are far too precious."
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May I ask, what is wrong with

May I ask, what is wrong with Phaios? Used to be friendly with me, but not anymore... And what is the deal with that deer that has a frown as a pictogram? That deer is always threatening me, and shunning me... I'm pretty sick and tired of being treated this way Phaios....


-track- c:

-track- c: <3

Also, Aisu, the stag with the frown pictogram is Gustiro.

He is only protecting his 'claimed' deer, aka, Phaios and the mini with them [ my rather skittish stag Chess ]. Chess got nervous when Sky cast another pelt on him, and because he is a mini deer, I can't sneeze it off. I had to travel to the Twin Gods to replace the pelt, and Gustiro ovbiously thought Chess was running away from Skylar because he was scared. That is why he got defensive and started protecting Chess. It's just his nature to do that. Don't take it personally or to heart. If you have any more questions, you can look at his biography and list of claimed deer. c: It will help.

-ahem- Sorry for intruding, but I felt it was my fault and that I should explain the situation.
Phaios's picture

Skylar was rearing at the

Skylar was rearing at the frown-face deer (Gustiro) and getting him worked up, and Phaios was requesting that Skylar stop, as Gustiro is a friend of hers and she has been watching over him. She wasn't trying to hurt Skylar. Gustiro is protective of Phaios, and often shoos away deer he doesn't know. Phai has been asking him to stop, as well, and as you've seen, Gustiro has allowed Skylar to sit close on several occasions. Phai has been playing with Skylar all day today and letting him sit near.
Gustiro was also asking that Skylar not cast another pelt on the mini deer, because it is very difficult for a mini deer to get its original pelt back. Mini deer cannot sneeze pelts off.

Edit: Ninja'd x3
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Oh okay, sorry Phaios. )=

Oh okay, sorry Phaios. )=

Phaios's picture

It's alright :3 Sometimes

It's alright :3 Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what is going on, especially if you haven't been playing for a really long time.
iAisu's picture

Lol so true! XD I'm such a

Lol so true! XD I'm such a newbie, still learning how things work around here.
Maybe sometime in the further you can teach me the body language of the deer... The meaning behind it... You know. Lol

Phaios's picture

Haha, a lot of it is

Haha, a lot of it is knowledge gained by trial-and-error.
There are some general actions that are pretty universal, though.
iAisu's picture

Haha, thank you Phaios. I'll

Haha, thank you Phaios.
I'll learn by trial and error then!
And why is Phaios sad and baffled??

Phaios's picture

Because the little blue deer

Because the little blue deer - Kaoori - ran off.
Sorry for the randomness right now - we're casting on a deer. I don't think you can see her. The game is glitching right now.
iAisu's picture

I can see her, it isn't

I can see her, it isn't glitching for me at all... Weird..
And no problem Phaios, I love randomness. XD

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Trackin'. Hiya! Somethings

Hiya! Somethings wrong with TEF. I look on the map, your picto is on there, I log on to TEF, it works fine, but I can't find your picto. What part of the country do you live in? It might be distance related. (And yes, I checked the map while I was connected, and you were still on)

Lolz, Skylar, I'm pretty sure you were the one who gave me my pelt. I was the doe you were talking about above. I couldn't see Phai or Pegasicorn yet, and you were right by me. So, yeah, thank ya!

And I hope TEF connects like it did during the snow thingy, Phai. I was working, with the exception that I was a giant bunny. XD
Phaios's picture

Humh. I haven't logged in

Humh. I haven't logged in since last night (the 16th) (and I'm pretty sure I saw you run by a couple times then), so I can't imagine why Phai's picto would still be on the map. The map's not usually THAT out of date... Although it is notorious for going an hour or two without refreshing itself, at times.
I live in the central US, but that shouldn't affect anything.

That giant bunny was awesome x3 Too bad you couldn't see it, lmao.
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Yeah, I was the 16. I forgot

Yeah, I was the 16. I forgot to say that. And maybe TEF had that glitch were a couple deer show up with your own pictogram, and you can't tell which deer it is. I HATE that glitch!
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There was a new kind rage in

There was a new kind rage in the bull's eyes. Their normally dull appearance was filled with a light. Emotion and intelligence that they usually lacked.
"Is Stupid doe!"
Never before has the bull shown any real anger towards the brown doe until now. Never had he raised his voice at her. Now he raged, nearly spat his words at her.
"Next time let eaten by predator!"
His large bulk paced before her unable to stand still. Occasionally a random muscle would quiver.
"Is all stupid! All get eaten! Is no know better? All run other way! No together! Let fawns play with teeth! Is stupid!"
Suddenly he stopped, standing before her.
"And can not help fight. Has to keep stupid deer together. Is no good! Keep gettin’ close and close! Like want eatin’!"
His dark eyes bore into her but they were quickly loosing their heat. Soon the light in his eyes went out and he merely looked exhausted.
"Must use stupid words? Must use words understand?"
He huffed.
"Stupid need words."
Phaios's picture

The doe listens in silence,

The doe listens in silence, her demeanour cool aside from her ears, which lay half-back. Calm, sad eyes meet the raging bull's without hesitation. She waits patiently until the red bull has finished shouting, and replies with a tone both quiet and firm; she intends to make him be quiet and pay attention if he wants to hear anything. "Did you not see the fawn run after him? I went to fetch the little one away from the creature. The beast is wounded now, and was not lunging. You were fighting to guard a fawn not so long ago. Do not shout at me for doing the same." She snuffs softly. "At least I'm not shaking my antlers at teeth while I'm already wounded. Stop lecturing and go and rest."
Gustiro's picture

The red bull grunted at her.

The red bull grunted at her.
"Is not shout for protect fawn."
He stamped a single hoof.
"Is shout for all act stupid!"
A heavy sigh escaped him and he shook his tired head. The flare up again quickly dying down.
"Is what for," he murmured, an annoyed tone in his voice. Then repeating her, "to Shake antlers. To watch family."
He huffed and without another word he turned away and moved from her.
Phaios's picture

Phai's head jerks just

Phai's head jerks just slightly. Family. Now there was a word she hadn't heard applied to herself in a while. "Not when you're hurt. Let someone else do it," she insists softly. "I only got as close as necessary to stand guard. That's what I'm for." The doe watches him turn away and lies to rest beside a tree, a sigh of her own ruffling the tall grasses around her. She'd keep an eye on the bull from afar, for now.
Makime's picture

&hearts; Track!

Kaoori's picture

I... Wesker, he- he's not

I... Wesker, he- he's not usually like that.. it's just.. the devout and the twin gods- we have a history with them.. it's not a good one. I'm sorry, I hope you'll forgive him.
The little doe looked up at her friend, ears flattened.
Phaios's picture

Phai blinks with surprise.

Phai blinks with surprise. "Oh, no, no - I'm the one who missed. I've terrible aim," she admits sheepishly. The brown doe glances off towards the distant statues. "I have never been fond of ethereal twins, myself, but for entirely different reasons, I'm sure." Her amber eyes track back to the tiny deer in front of her, curious.
Kaoori's picture

She paused, trying to find

She paused, trying to find the right words. There really were none. But she could summarize most of it in a sentence. Maybe one day.. she'd tell the rest.
Suffice to say.. well...he and I have different beliefs than the twins.. She smiled sheepishly.
Phaios's picture

"I am not very familiar with

"I am not very familiar with the deer's faith," the doe confesses, "So I hold no judgement. These gods are not my gods."
Kaoori's picture

ugh, feel better soon. I'm

ugh, feel better soon. I'm sick too, I know how you feel. Sad
Phaios's picture


Thanks <3
I've had a chronic cough for several years, so a cough in and of itself doesn't usually bother me but when I get under the weather it gets worse and it's rather annoying.
Hope you're feeling better today~
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tracking this now cause I

tracking this now cause I forgot to last time :3!!

also, forgive my inactivity tonight; I am a bit busy with other things but Eraline is so glad to see Phaios again. <3
Phaios's picture

~! I am surprisingly okay


I am surprisingly okay with sitting still and doing nothing tonight, haha. My computer keeps locking up on me, hence Phai's very awkward greeting earlier.
It's getting better, but every now and then it decides to be a butthead >/

Have to admit we both smiled when Eraline magically appeared snuggled up next to Phai, though.
pumpkinseed's picture

I totally understand. I don't

I totally understand. I don't know if you noticed, but Era spun like four times before she could even nuzzle her greeting. XD

some days, just sitting is the best option for everyone.
Phaios's picture

Rofl, no, I didn't manage to

Rofl, no, I didn't manage to catch that. Phai did it too, though.

Yes indeed. I'm practicing landscape sketches :3
So.. many.. mushrooms @.@
pumpkinseed's picture

XD don't forget all the

XD don't forget all the spots. don't miss a detail~!

i am heading to bed, so eraline is out for the night. it was great seeing phaios; she'll find her next time. <3
Phaios's picture

Pff, details. I may or may

Pff, details. I may or may not have left out about six trees...

Phai enjoyed little Eralilne's company, too. Sleep tight!
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"We're both a bit wet but you

"We're both a bit wet but you still make a comfortable pillow, Doe Phaios. And warm too." The fawn tilts her head up at the doe and flashes a small smile. "I'm glad you visited today."


Phaios's picture

A single ear turns askew to

A single ear turns askew to catch the little fawn's words and a smile flickers across the doe's lips as her gaze follows shortly thereafter. "Warmth shared is always better. Even the damp can't change that." Of course, warm fawn fuzzies helped, too. "You are good company, little one. I'm glad to see you."

[Heading to bed pretty soon here, as a heads up.]
pumpkinseed's picture

No problem - that was the

No problem - that was the only bit of IC dialogue I wanted to drop for now. :3
Kaoori's picture

I have no idea how you got

I have no idea how you got that way.. *innocent blink*
Phaios's picture

"Is that so? I suppose I'm

"Is that so? I suppose I'm out of luck finding the culprit, then."