The Devil's Scorpion

To be noted,
Artwork by Apeldille.
Discord: Sapphire#3479
Warning, this biography and the character itself may portray mature themes such as but not limited to strong language, sexuality, violence, and abuse. This character is always in-character unless stated otherwise, anything to do with her (such as her thoughts, feelings, updates, and any information on her biography) is purely fictional and not a representation of myself.

The Devil's Scorpion


Umay, or 'May' » crown » mature adult, eternal and ancient, frozen at the age of her first death, born 9th August » female » bisexual with a male preference » a chimeric demon, physique mirrors lion, cervine, and scorpion traits » omnivorous and cannibalistic »
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aloof » surly » apathetic » equally solitary and pack-oriented, yet often a pariah » cynical » devil-may-care » jaded » militant » a virago » observant » callous » resilient » wise » carnal » sensual » coquettish » morbid sense of humour » melancholy » guileful » eloquent, silver-tongued and smart-mouthed » guarded » deeply haunted » viperous » manipulative » cutthroat » sanguinary » depraved » volcanic wrath
warm » affectionate » maternal » sentimental » nostalgic » tender-hearted » supportive » fiercely loving

» The Scorpion's Sting.
Tail is deadly equipped with venom, see here for symptoms. Always uses her stinger during fights but does not always envenom her targets. The usage of venom will be indicated by sneezing her antlers off to default.
» Unhallowed.
The light and the holy is harmful to her body, this includes substances and magic. Primarily in the forest, the devout spell rapidly scorches her fur and flesh and can even result in death if she is over exposed to it. Once upon a time, owned a magical blockade in the form of a pendant that blocked any kind of magic thus protecting her from the devout's harmful effect but it has long since been lost.



just a reference on the rut! because this is hella outdated and unused ):


- Not seeking offspring, participating solely for the social aspect.
- Switches between competitor and judge (default antlers + poppies = competing), though due to a recent injury resulting in the loss of her left eye will likely be keeping to the sidelines until the eye has fully regrown (somewhere around the 7th to spare me from updating this again hahaha god I'm lazy)

Don't ever touch my

Don't ever touch my friends.
Don't even look at them because if you do, I swear to god I will rip your eyes out and shove them somewhere you really wouldn't like.
And I'm not joking.
Leave my friends out of this.

I will not. Youhhnn

I will not. Youhhnn attahhcked Elyana for a foolish reason.
You throw insults just from her approaching.
Who's to say someone looking out for her can't get a little revenge?
You'd do the same for yourhhs.


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I started this... ROFL FOFO

I started this...


By Leuvr

YEUUH I was gonna admit it


I was gonna admit it sooner or later >>

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Hi Pink! Hey do you have msn?

Hi Pink! Hey do you have msn? Cause I think I would enjoy rping with you and plus Demon wants to give Umay a piece of his mind.....mwhaha dramargh ^^;
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Give her a piece of your mind

Give her a piece of your mind and I'll give you your severed head back.
xD &hearts

By Leuvr
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Apparanza: Oh my, even more

Apparanza: Oh my, even more major dramargh XD. Aw man, if Umay, Plague, Demon, and Elyana all got together...........that would make one, amazing epic, and very fun rp. It may even end up where Plague and Demon fight, but this time for eal. Ooooo, that'd be awsome.
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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Plague wouldn't fight Demon

Plague wouldn't fight Demon for real unless Demon had the nerve to bother Umay, especially if Plague was there. Because he liked the spar and he doesn't have many active spar partners xD But he won't hesitate if Demon provokes Umay.

By Leuvr

Of course.

Of course. 8D

By the way, I get incredibly shy at first when I'm talking to people I don't talk to a lot on MSN, so sorry if I don't say much. Iprobablywillbetooscaredotstartaconversationtoo.../Fail
And yeees, that's be pretty fun.<33

Keller: I am very pleased to

Keller: I am very pleased to meet you... You intrigue me so...

Cheerio: Uhhhhh............. He-he- hello!

Nice to meet you, Umay! ( yes, this is me speaaking.)
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I guess I should tell you

I guess I should tell you that I've been stalking this page forever.... xDDDD
Sooooo TRACK
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- tracking - This is gorgeous

- tracking - This is gorgeous :3

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"

Thank you.

Thank you.<3
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I hope u dunt mind me

I hope u dunt mind me stalking this.

-hides behind bush with a water gun-

Idk o.o

(No subject)

<3 (8

Double post fail. DDD'8

Double post fail. DDD'8

Thanks for letting my Demari

Thanks for letting my Demari play with you today! His first friend in the whole forest o3o I hope this thanks you enough -->

Eee, I'm so sorry if Umay

Eee, I'm so sorry if Umay didn't do much though, I was pretty busy and was getting distracted. D8
And that drawing is amazing, and I love the shading so much, I hope you're proud of it <333 Bwuh, it's so cute that it's not even funny, I just wanna squeeze them both right now ;; ♥


"Nngh...uhm...Um? Um-Um?"

(track :B)

Hello~ c: &hearts;

c: ♥

x3 that's perfectly fine.

x3 that's perfectly fine. Deer don't do much anyways!
And thank you <3 I feel like doing a lot of deer fanart now x3

Track *SAV track*

Track *SAV track*

Thanks. cc:

Thanks. cc:

" H-hello...I noticed

" H-hello...I noticed you...yesterday when I was sitting with Kody...and a few times before..."


I know. I remember

I know.
I remember you.

Thanks c:

"...are you okay Miss Umay?"

"...are you okay Miss Umay?"

Yeah, I'll be fine.. Bwuh,

Yeah, I'll be fine..
Bwuh, she's so sweet. <3

" I'm glad...I saw you coming

" I'm glad...I saw you coming over and you didnt look to well...I hope your wounds heal"

>u< <3

Thank you, Aeis..

Thank you, Aeis..

The little doe smiles " Your

The little doe smiles " Your Welcome "
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"Why can't you stay out of

"Why can't you stay out of trouble? Just for once?"

It's about time you updated this |D
You still forgot my edit. I'm insulted. xP

By Leuvr

FYI, I didn't start any of

FYI, I didn't start any of this. :c

FOR ONCE, SHE DIDN'T. Atleast she had good reasons as to why the fight between Uknown and Umay started. And I knowww, I was going to but couldn't find it. I was waiting for you to come online so you could gimme the link. LOOOL

"Who, exactly, did this to

"Who, exactly, did this to you, Miss Umay? Big momma will smash their testicles...she will, she will..."

/upset Jo-face is upset :c

Unknown..I-I think. I.. don't

Unknown..I-I think.
I.. don't know the other stag.

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Well then give me the names

Well then give me the names so I can hunt them down. I already know about that Dante-whatever idiot, now who's the other one?

&hearts I'm worried this is going to be one of those things where it happens every day forever xD
OH! Rofl, here~!! You also made a mistake in the link to Plague's page xP You have it right except for the end where you accidentally put his name C:

By Leuvr


Nnh. Unknown.
Ohshiet, thanks for pointing that out. LOOL
And I've added the picture~ c:
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Aaaaaahhh. Now poor Unknown's

Aaaaaahhh. Now poor Unknown's gonna get hunted.


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*squirts umay with water gun

*squirts umay with water gun and runs*


Umay:...*Sizzles* DDD| LOL

Umay:...*Sizzles* DDD|

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o.o oopsie..... XD *runs




*runs into glass wall*



Umay: HAHA! >8D ó_ó XDDD

Umay: HAHA! >8D


XDDD Lawwwwl <8D
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*throws umay plushie at

*throws umay plushie at umay*


ribbon: wibbown lyk ur haiiiiiir ish pwetty

(ribbon is my baby fawn char :3)
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O.o I was unaware that Renoir

I was unaware that Renoir found pandora today.
I also had no idea Ta was with her either haha~


I've had her sleeping out of sheer exhaustion/stress from the fear she's experienced this last week. A.k.a I was out with a friend lol. And poor umay ♥ She doesn't catch a break with Dante :V

Dantalion:Ha ha ha! Hunt me

Dantalion:Ha ha ha! Hunt me down? Im not invincible, but good twin lords! Hunt me down? Then I'll be waiting, Umay and Plague.... say, Plague looks cute..... I'd like to have a taste.... of his blood.... HA HAHAAHHHHHHHHHH HAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Umay, fool! Your such an underling of a demon! I am Dantlion, 32nd duke of hell, while you're just some... other. Unfortunatley though, you are pretty..... Poor Elyana must have been waiting to see you before you "abused" her. And Tullus.... Me with a nice long tail and a nice (devout.... I- I.... its devout) white coat.... hn hn, Umay.... you are so stupid.... you fall into traps just as easily as Plague does, fool...

Snowbell: Umay:

Umay: ...*Gnawsplushy* ....*Insert fail attempt of a smile here*

I had the feeling you didn't see. xDDD
/Pats LOL
Poor Pandaa. And to think she's only a fawn and already has all of this dramargh in her life. LOL ♥

I know right. LOOL. She's like a drama magnet or something I swear. LOL

I'd suggest you start running. Running for your life.
You know nothing of me and Plague, Dantalion. So don't ever act like you do because trust me, if you think you can kill us, you have one hell of a long trip ahead of you. A long and painful one.
And if you ever even think about touching my mate or even going near him, I will make sure you regret it because I'll rip your fucking head off and tear your microscopic brain appart. Got it? And just to let you know, you look rather pathetic and cowardly getting Tullus to help you.
Have fun choking on my blood. Hope you die.

I hope the cussing doesn't bother you, if it does, let me know so I won't use it next time. c:

You are allowed to kill my

You are allowed to kill my because I totally forgot to stalk this

I fail. :<
I'm Sorry that Shin couldn't stay longer yesterday. She wants to sjkfghfhhhvbjkjhhnhgfthdsbfsjadh / can't put this in word / this fucking idiot who attacked her.


Naww I'm kidding. LOL ♥
And that's fineee, Umay really appreciates her help. c: <333333

Dantalion:I don't give a

Dantalion:I don't give a living shit if I die, I have followers and brothers just as strong as I am, My life is to serve hell, not to live it. I slack off when I do so, its just so fun! Poor, poor Umay..... the joys that hell brings to me is literally "hell" to you, you nosy wench......