The Devil's Scorpion

To be noted,
Artwork by Apeldille.
Discord: Sapphire#3479
Warning, this biography and the character itself may portray mature themes such as but not limited to strong language, sexuality, violence, and abuse. This character is always in-character unless stated otherwise, anything to do with her (such as her thoughts, feelings, updates, and any information on her biography) is purely fictional and not a representation of myself.

The Devil's Scorpion


Umay, or 'May' » crown » mature adult, eternal and ancient, frozen at the age of her first death, born 9th August » female » bisexual with a male preference » a chimeric demon, physique mirrors lion, cervine, and scorpion traits » omnivorous and cannibalistic »
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aloof » surly » apathetic » equally solitary and pack-oriented, yet often a pariah » cynical » devil-may-care » jaded » militant » a virago » observant » callous » resilient » wise » carnal » sensual » coquettish » morbid sense of humour » melancholy » guileful » eloquent, silver-tongued and smart-mouthed » guarded » deeply haunted » viperous » manipulative » cutthroat » sanguinary » depraved » volcanic wrath
warm » affectionate » maternal » sentimental » nostalgic » tender-hearted » supportive » fiercely loving

» The Scorpion's Sting.
Tail is deadly equipped with venom, see here for symptoms. Always uses her stinger during fights but does not always envenom her targets. The usage of venom will be indicated by sneezing her antlers off to default.
» Unhallowed.
The light and the holy is harmful to her body, this includes substances and magic. Primarily in the forest, the devout spell rapidly scorches her fur and flesh and can even result in death if she is over exposed to it. Once upon a time, owned a magical blockade in the form of a pendant that blocked any kind of magic thus protecting her from the devout's harmful effect but it has long since been lost.



just a reference on the rut! because this is hella outdated and unused ):


- Not seeking offspring, participating solely for the social aspect.
- Switches between competitor and judge (default antlers + poppies = competing), though due to a recent injury resulting in the loss of her left eye will likely be keeping to the sidelines until the eye has fully regrown (somewhere around the 7th to spare me from updating this again hahaha god I'm lazy)

Danta: Well in that case, do

Well in that case, do us all a favour and go die, 'kay?





I didn't watch out for a

I didn't watch out for a moment....I-I'm sorry he was able to come so near...

D8 fail.

Don't apologize..I'd..Rather

Don't apologize..I'd..Rather you not get h..-hurt.
Nooo D8
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Dantalion, do you realize how

Dantalion, do you realize how utterly stupid you sound? Sorry, but I'm the vampire here. The only blood that'll be tasted will be yours.
Pretty? Randomly attacking attractive does is a bad way to gain their interest, idiot.
You keep talking as if she was the one who started this. You're pitifully uneducated in just about everything, stag. Position means nothing here, or anywhere for that matter besides hell. Why don't you scurry back?

I haven't fallen into any traps, smart one. Confusing dreams with reality, hm? You don't know me or Umay. You're only making yourself seem even more stupid than you already are. Laughing and switching it around will only prove our point. You're trying to talk and fight your way into something you know nothing about, and obviously are failing miserably. In the end, it will be your downfall.

You're a pathetic excuse of existence. A waste of space. Go back to hell where you might mean something.

By Leuvr

"Oh, shut up already! You

"Oh, shut up already! You useless hell of a scum, get the hell out of my way! I have no business with you, so piss off! And guess what? I dont want to hear any goddamn " because she's my mate" or "because she's my beloved Umay". You're a nothing but a lecherous bastard, you are. This is your last warning, "Rat's Plague", STAY THE HELL OUT! And also, I don't give damn life of who's pretty and who's not. Umay never started any of this, fool. I am very thirsty, so let me make myself clear one last time. STAAAAYYYYY THE FUCKKKK OUT!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!Exclaim!!!!! Perverted aren't and never will be the only vampire, so stop acting so "special"......
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"Umay ? What is happend,

"Umay ? What is happend, again ? Are you alright ?"

Taegan sighed. This doe was really everytime in fighting...


Ahah, I was finally in the forest with Tae' c: He was happy to see Umay ^u^

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She looked to the stag, messy

She looked to the stag, messy bangs hiding away most of her face. "It doesn't matter." Her voice carried a quiet tone. She didn't want to have to explain everything that had happened. "..But I'll be fine."

Yeah, it's been a while since they've seen eachother. c:
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Taegan looked her. He knew

Taegan looked her. He knew that she was hurted and in bad situation... He sighed again. He understood that Umay don't wanted explain to him what was happend.

"The world is everytime against you or what... ?"

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She didn't reply for a few

She didn't reply for a few moments, simply because she had nothing to say to that.
"I guess so."

"...H-Hello....Umay..." the

"...H-Hello....Umay..." the little doe said in greetings."...How are your wounds"
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Taegan smiled softly. Him, he

Taegan smiled softly. Him, he don't had so much of story... And he thought that he loved fighting. He can't understood that.

"Hm, I see... If you want speak of this, you know that I'm here; same if you need help."

He frowned. He was really protective with his friends...

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Nez: She turns her head to

She turns her head to the side so she could look at the other female. "A lot better, thank you." Her answer seemed blunt. "Are you okay?" She stared at the doe, she was different today.

She shifted into a much more comfortable position; resting her head on the purple flowers they were all sat on. "I know, and I really appreciate it." Her eyes closed. "Thank you, Taegan."
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Taegan don't slept, he looked

Taegan don't slept, he looked Umay, intrigued. Her wounds was not beautiful to see, he felt hurted for her. He whispered :

"You're welcome, Umay."


Aw, I go eat <3 Sorry if Taegan don't move anymore, I'll come back maybe later, I stay in TEF C:

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The obsidian furred doe

The obsidian furred doe nodded simply " I shall be fine...But I am glad you are doing much better" she said a small smile on her face.

Solaya: Okay c: Nez: :D

Solaya: Okay c:

Nez: :D ♥

&hearts l3

&hearts l3
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-retracks- hehe : ) I really

-retracks- hehe : ) I really like her bio as well.
Crybaby a subject of curiosity.. lololol 8D

I hope he isn't too annoying right now :'D

I hate looking at her bio, I

I hate looking at her bio, I wanna change it but I really can't be bothered, LOL. But thanks anyway. c:
And yeees, he's been one for a while, Umayjusthasn'tgoneuptohimbefore. Until now of course. But that was because he was sleeping.
She didn't think he'd wake up. LOL 8D
And nooo, of course he isn't. 8D
Thanks for the track. cc:
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I like it :3 Hehe : ) I'm

I like it :3

Hehe : ) I'm glad <3

You're welcome.

Edit: Ah and I'm sorry he disappeared so all of sudden... my game disconnected kdlfkjaskfj >_< and I had to get his white pelt back

Yeah I saw that xD. And it's

Yeah I saw that xD. And it's fine~
Sorry if Umay gets boring with just sitting around. If she does, feel free to leave. c:
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She isn't : ) I heard she's

She isn't : )
I heard she's injured... so Crybaby's obviously worrying for her and hoping she feels better soon ; )

Baww, how sweet. (8 Yeah,

Baww, how sweet. (8
Yeah, she'll probably be like this for a while so she won't be moving much~ D>
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: ) Poor Umay &hearts

: )

Poor Umay &hearts

Hey pink (: You know how all

Hey pink (: You know how all of my deer share the same picto? I hate to say it, but you seem unapproachable in my other characters because The picto you see as me reminds you all to much of Dante. So....... now what? Also, feel free to fight him when he is injured. He heals quickly.

Ohai. c: Ohyeah, sometimes

Ohai. c:
Ohyeah, sometimes I'm not sure if it's Danta online or not, so sometimes you might see me go behind a tree near by (like yesterday LOL) to see if it is Danta. Sometimes I'm not sure if he's wearing a different set or something, so -fails- And I try not to stalk most of the time anyways since I feel like I'd be bugging you -failsmore-. So yeah, I think that kinda explains it. But since I know that you wouldn't mind, I could start interacting with your deer more or something, although Umay rarely goes to deer, she lets them come to her. Unlessshe'sstalking


"Umay..." <33

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"Talla~&hearts;" Sorry if

Sorry if Umay just stands there, she's likes to follow Talla rather than deciding where to go. Plus MSN is distracting fawhiufhawufs LOL



S'okay. Talla doesn't like leading sometimes because she thinks her friend will be offended or something silly. XD I'm playing transformice. >D

And yes, she is afraid of a fawn. Talla hates being laughed at when she's afraid. That is Pandora, if I see that picto correctly~
She'll probably take two seconds before she can't top herself from following. Damned curios little doe >D

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Tracking this since you

Tracking this since you tracked mine c:

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UMAYYRGHD. Trackin' dis hoe


Trackin' dis hoe ass niggaa.

Ammy: Haha, yeah that's

Ammy: Haha, yeah that's Panpan. c: Sorry for leaving back then, needed to go help my mum downstairs with the shopping. Cx

Leveled: Thanks (8

Thankyou hoe ass niggaaa ♥
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Stalker post. o: Noe also

Stalker post. o: Noe also apologizes for telling Umay to gtfo the other day. |D

Eee, no need to say sorry. I

Eee, no need to say sorry. I apologize for having Umay go all ">:c" for a moment the other day, she/I had no idea that was Noe, otherwise she'd have more respect for her since she's Fay's sister. She thought she was just another deer trying to annoy her. BECAUSE I FAIL LIKE THAT LOL.
Thanks for the track anyways <3 c:
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Bah! No need to apologize

Bah! No need to apologize yourself! ♥ I thought it all worked out rather well. |D Noe likes her all the more for sticking up for Fay. She's glad Fay has friends like Umay to look out for her. C:

Pfft. &hearts; Haha, that's

Pfft. ♥
Haha, that's good. xD And bwuh fwobaiohfao c: I wouldn't say they're that close, but either way Umay'll protect all of her friends from pretty much anything that she thinks are bothering them c; Unfortunately she didn't realize that that doe with her was Noelle/Fay's sister so. LOL Cx
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The hell? I thought I was

The hell? I thought I was tracking this.
I await the return of the bio. c:


Bwuh, you might be waiting for a while then.
/Failing with it at the moment/

"Stay...... away.....

"Stay...... away..... from...... my....... CHILD! Ill show no MERCY! I'LL DESTROY YOU WENCH! Don't don't even go near her! I don't care if she says she's the one who goes by you, I don't care if she feels sorry for you, stay the hell away!

"But it's not her fault!

"First of all, I haven't hurt

"First of all, I haven't hurt her today, idiot.
Second of all, stay the hell away from me and my friends. Otherwise I won't think twice about snapping that fawns head off next time she decides to stupidly come near me."

"Well thats just 'absolutely'

"Well thats just 'absolutely' brilliant, you dumbass. You had better think twice about snapping "that fawn's head off", or even mine for that matter. I don't think you understand. Demons dont let other demons snap their heads off, you fool. If thats the case, you aren't a demon at all. You seem to know nothing about demons, what they do, what they kill. You're a complete idiot! Hnhn, and when will you decide to hurt her, Ms. low- class? I don't give a damn if she gets hurt by you (to be honest) If you call that bad parenting..... then you are still an idiot about "us". I'm just worried about her fawn body so that she can blend in with the rest of you."



"Dumb ass? Ha, you're the one

"Dumb ass? Ha, you're the one to talk. This has nothing to do with what I am, or what you are. I don't care if you're a demon, I don't care if I'm a demon. Does it matter? No.
I also don't care what you think of me, because you don't know anything about me, so why don't you take your head out of your ass and leave us alone.
Do you think I care about all this 'demons do blahblahblah'? I do what I want to do. Don't like it? Don't come near me. Don't like your daughter coming near me? Tell her to stop it, because if she comes near me again, I'm going to kill her. And if you don't care about her? Stop protecting her.
I mean this sincerely;
I hope you and your daughter die in hell."


(No subject)

(No subject)




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MONMONMONMO Dawoooop. plzkth


Talla is muchly dying when she sees them fight.
She's being 'brave' because she knows they wont hurt her ( she hopes )
Of course that only goes as far as shaking her head and casting spells. |D

Signature by Terabetha


Umay is muchly dying when she sees Talla act like she did. She feels pretty guilty for the fight.
But Umay says she won't stop fighting unless Reed stops hurting her friends and herself. OF COURSE SHE'S WILLING TO STOP THOUGH, BUT NOT IF HE HURTS ANYMORE OF THOSE SHE LUUUURVS. >8D
The player says it's fun though.


And Umay'd nevereverevereverever hurt Talla. SHE'S HER BABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYAYAYAY.