The Devil's Scorpion

To be noted,
Artwork by Apeldille.
Discord: Sapphire#3479
Warning, this biography and the character itself may portray mature themes such as but not limited to strong language, sexuality, violence, and abuse. This character is always in-character unless stated otherwise, anything to do with her (such as her thoughts, feelings, updates, and any information on her biography) is purely fictional and not a representation of myself.

The Devil's Scorpion


Umay, or 'May' » crown » mature adult, eternal and ancient, frozen at the age of her first death, born 9th August » female » bisexual with a male preference » a chimeric demon, physique mirrors lion, cervine, and scorpion traits » omnivorous and cannibalistic »
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aloof » surly » apathetic » equally solitary and pack-oriented, yet often a pariah » cynical » devil-may-care » jaded » militant » a virago » observant » callous » resilient » wise » carnal » sensual » coquettish » morbid sense of humour » melancholy » guileful » eloquent, silver-tongued and smart-mouthed » guarded » deeply haunted » viperous » manipulative » cutthroat » sanguinary » depraved » volcanic wrath
warm » affectionate » maternal » sentimental » nostalgic » tender-hearted » supportive » fiercely loving

» The Scorpion's Sting.
Tail is deadly equipped with venom, see here for symptoms. Always uses her stinger during fights but does not always envenom her targets. The usage of venom will be indicated by sneezing her antlers off to default.
» Unhallowed.
The light and the holy is harmful to her body, this includes substances and magic. Primarily in the forest, the devout spell rapidly scorches her fur and flesh and can even result in death if she is over exposed to it. Once upon a time, owned a magical blockade in the form of a pendant that blocked any kind of magic thus protecting her from the devout's harmful effect but it has long since been lost.



just a reference on the rut! because this is hella outdated and unused ):


- Not seeking offspring, participating solely for the social aspect.
- Switches between competitor and judge (default antlers + poppies = competing), though due to a recent injury resulting in the loss of her left eye will likely be keeping to the sidelines until the eye has fully regrown (somewhere around the 7th to spare me from updating this again hahaha god I'm lazy)

Same.. ;; Umay does too, even

Same.. ;; Umay does too, even after all that drama between Blimp, Reaper, Kody and Umay. I feel bad about all that. /fail.
But I understand, I'd probably feel the same..
He was definately a fun character to play with though. <3

Edit: Sorry for poofing, watching something on TV then I'll be back in like, maybe half an hour if you still want spamming.<3
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I still want him, but maybe

I still want him, but maybe his design will be changed a little. The skull mask is over-used but it's pretty so I'm not too sure about that hjdfjdjkdhj.
It's alright~ :>

I eeez back~! Baww, that'd be

I eeez back~!
Baww, that'd be cool, if you are going to. I like his current set now, butwhatevurr.<3
Yeah, I agree. Not that I'm bothered about it though, but it does make me feel..Idk, bad that Umay has it too. I kinda wanna change her design, but the skull suits her andit'ssoprettyyyy.
fabfuiawfbuya do what ju want, if you like it, go for it! c:
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I don't know. I edited a

I don't know. I edited a picture with the set I like, but I won't say anything to anyone because he won't last long.
I just seem to want to play him every now and then, not too often though. I was thinking maybe he only comes out at night. :3

The set?

Baww, well, he doesn't have

Baww, well, he doesn't have to be completely active in order to keep him? [:
That's a good idea actually, it makes sense. <:
Yeeees! That set is so pretty<3 Makes a change from all the hugeantler'dskullmask'dstags that you get running around. It's like, the new trend or something. LOL. Although they always look nice together anyways.
But yeah, I love that set. 8D
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OMG SAFFIE I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS NEW LAYOUT Exclaim !!! !!! 8DDDD FFF I looove the colors, the categories and the way you wrote them/lay them out, especially the screenshots to help us SEE what happened. Plague will die if he doesn't see Umay again soon ;u;<333 And he is extremely upset about this 'Tullus' >8C

By Leuvr


HUIFWAHFIUAA EEEE~! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!!!
I was so affraid if I made it look oogly or if something went wrong OR SOMETHING IDK BUT THANKYOUU<3

Bawww, Umay really misses him too. >: SHE'LL DIE.. MORE.. IF SHE DOESN'T SEE HIM SOON. ;OO; <33
She's practically already dead though. /SHOT LOL
She had another fight and lost, again, and is pretty wounded.
I'mma update her bio soon with screenies and junkandwhatnot so. B)
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Ugh it takes me so long to

Ugh it takes me so long to reply by phone, but it's all I have right now T.T Ah well. Anyways, yeah, I'll still be on vacation until like Monday, but luckily I might have computer access today or sometimes between the time before I go back home. But I don't know for sure. UMAY IS PRACTICALLY DEAD WHAAA

Who the hell fought you?

By Leuvr

FFFFFFFFF. I hope so.

FFFFFFFFF. I hope so. Dx!
She just got her butt handed to her. Big time. [8


She doesn't even know his name yet. LAWWL
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Khdjbjjhjedjkdfhfhdj NOT

Khdjbjjhjedjkdfhfhdj NOT ACCEPTABLE LOOOL.

... I need to teach you how to fight so that this won't happen again. Or I could just kick anyone's ass FOR you |D


By Leuvr

NO. NO IT'S NOT. ..I kn..ow

..I kn..ow how
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INCORRECT<3 I'll teach you even more. Sparring frequently should do the trick. Sadistic.

By Leuvr

...I..don't need to

...I..don't need to be..t-..taught? Ngn..
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*sniffs and stands over to

*sniffs and stands over to protect from rain*


Sith is too kind.

Sith is too kind.<3
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T.T Fine. ...



By Leuvr
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I'm sorryyyyy, crashed. Ffff.

I'm sorryyyyy, crashed. Ffff. : P


Appa: Umay's in a grumpy

Appa: Umay's in a grumpy mood. <3
Sith: 'Tis fine. 8'D

Pfft Idk why this isn't

Pfft Idk why this isn't tracked.

What was I doing all this time, where were you all my life? D:


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" Taegan sit with Umay and

" Taegan sit with Umay and says : What is happend, Umay ? You looks tired... No, you are tired. "

He knows that it was a fighting, because the fur and the eyes of Umay say all... "

*for one time that I come with Tae' xD*
(Sorry for the english)

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"I-t doesn't..matterngh." The

"I-t doesn't..matterngh." The female barely moves, she could easily have been mistaken for being dead if it wasn't for her breathing and the occasional shifting.

Sorry for the slow reply. D8 /slow

Nice bio *stalkstalkstalk*

Nice bio



Thanks! <:
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" A fighting... Who ? "

" A fighting... Who ? " Taegan don't likes speak... He thinks that the words are just letters. He understand that Umay was too tired and hurt for speak, and he don't insist, but he was worried - thing really rare, except for his friends... But He wants know who have hurt Umay. Go know why.

It's okay for the answer ^^

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"I.." She pauses to think.

"I.." She pauses to think. She didn't really know who it was that she was fighting with. "He's..W-white.." Her voice sounded very muffled and faint, so much that it was probably hard to understand what she was saying.
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She says that he was white...

She says that he was white... Taegan wants understand why he haves attack, but he don't ask, because Umay is too tired... He just looks her and nodd the head, but don't know if she can see. *Who can to be white ?* He sigh. Much of white deers was in the forest. But maybe that one day, he can find him... But not for the moment. " You'll feel better tomorrow... " He smiles. He knows this feeling. The feeling of the fighting... And if we are winner or looser, it's the same problem : all the deers are tired, hurt and have much of blood on their fur. And their memory is... bad for few times... ?

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"Thank you.." She forces a

"Thank you.." She forces a brief smile, though it was barely noticable.





A strange doe came up to

A strange doe came up to Umay.
Dear one here take these these are cobwebs. They are good for stopping bleeding. Remember change them when they feel wet and cold. also if there is horrible pain eat poppy seeds to calm your self.
The doe takes a bundle of white of her back and puts it down carefully while taking a bundle leaves too.
Poppyseeds make you sleep but they stop some of the pain, eat at least 2 to 3 poppy seeds to calm the pain down. I really do hope it helps you.
The space beluga pelted doe leaves quietly.

Pro: ...................FU.

Pro: ...................FU. *HOOF'S* Noilureally. 8'D

The doe weakly lifts her head to view the other female, though with her poor vision, it wasn't easy to see her. She was just a mere bundle of blurred colours to Umay now.
The large creature never spoke, but allowed the other doe to help her. She knew what she was doing, her old friends once did the same thing, back where Umay used to live.
"Thank you.." She finally uttered, but by then, the stranger had already left.


The stag stepped forth to the

The stag stepped forth to the injured doe, looking at her wounded, practically broken body.
He could tell there were more than just physical injuries, judging by the scent she gave off"Oh Umay... What happened to you?"

It doesn't matter. FFF SORRY

It doesn't matter.


"Oh yes it does. You don't

"Oh yes it does.

You don't have to tell me anything. But I'm here for you."


She shifts position, resting

She shifts position, resting her head onto the grave next to her. "Nng.." She sighs to herself before she closes her eyes. "..Thanks." Her voice lacked enthusiasm, she wasn't in the mood to talk. Or even think. Or even live. Not right now.

The colorful stag noticed

The colorful stag noticed that talk maybe wasn't the best of things right now. Without saying a word, without one moment of hesitation, he lowered his skull down to her fluffed neck.
Gently, he brushed his face against her fur, ruby eyes seeming to dim. Just a little. "Welcome."

As soon as Umay felt the

As soon as Umay felt the warmth of the stag's body meet hers, she wanted to smile. She tried to, but she didn't.
She wanted to tell him that she's glad he cares for her, and thank him for being there for her when she needed him, even though he doesn't know what has been going on.
But she didn't.

CHH! Leetel gurrhll....doohnt

CHH! Leetel gurrhll....doohnt think this is the end. I will come for you.
And again.
And again...

I will have you begging to be put out of your misery!

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By Leuvr




"Hnngh.. Umay. " La track.~

"Hnngh.. Umay. "

La track.~



Watch it girly...youhnn

Watch it girly...youhnn asking for it. Next time Tullussshh seesnns you
Youhnn will be screaming.

Tully is angry as FUCK
Who'd ever think him to be protective of Elyana despite the fact that he beat the shit out of her a few days ago. D:
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Demon now HATES Umay for

Demon now HATES Umay for being cruel to Elyana, be careful when you're in the forest.
I found out what happened between Elyana and Umay through a msn rp, but I'll still track your bio cause I think Umay is a cool character =3.
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

Province: Stay out of this,

Province: Stay out of this, it has nothing to do with you.
Awww. xDD And I don't blame him either, if that happened to one of Umay's friends, she'd be angry too. LOL

ggliden: Haha, I'm not surprised! xDDD I think Umay deserves a good beating after what she's done/said, she's been such a
bitch bully to Elyana. D8
And thanks<3 It means a lot. [:
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lol, I was too exhausted to

lol, I was too exhausted to really join the RP but... I think this is the only female that Lorque is really angry at >3> Next time he won't just stand there like a dork. 8D

(no more buttsniffs for you.) xD <333

Baww, LOL. He has a good

Baww, LOL. He has a good reason to be angry at her though, doesn't he? 8'D <33

Chh...Youhhn not have the

Chh...Youhhn not have the place to tell a poltergeist what it can, and cant do.
Stay clear from Elyana. Youhnn harm her agaiihnn, and I will never stop coming after you.
I'll take those lives. One wayhh or anothurr...

He is such a vengeful fish. POLTERGEIST OF REVEEENENNNGE

Don't go telling a demon what

Don't go telling a demon what it can and can't do. You can't control me.
I'm not affraid of you. I will do what I want, so I suggest you start protecting Elyana with your life.
Go back to hell, jerk. It's where you belong.


I will sayhh the same. Youhnn

I will sayhh the same. Youhnn watch it, female. I will go after everyone youhh cherish, everyone you have ever loved,
If youhhnn dohhn't stay away from her. Do keep that pretty mouth shut, before I teaurr it off...

I'm not going anywherrhe...This is too fun!