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Just a place to keep notes of newer characters...
Bear in mind that they're all VERY changeable at this point. Ideas can come and go, things can be entirely revamped.
That being said, none of them are restricted from most types of developments that can happen.
If any of these characters stick well enough in my head they'll eventually get their own proper biography.

• Collaborated with Jin to create a Ref for Garai. <3 [05/10/2017]
• Garai left the forest in the early hours, escaping the cold winter for a warmer climate more familiar to him. As a parting gift, left behind two game birds, one for Fari and another for Greitai, at their respective nests. [09/10/2017]
• Although the event is over, Herne will remain in a state of rut for the next few weeks, as it's tied to his biology and instinct. [09/10/2017]
• Ison ref no longer entirely accurate. Anatomy is correct, markings are now: this, thanks Luu!
. [23/10/2017]
• Overhauled Letsatsi, renamed him to Jirra. Changed species from Kudu to Red Kangaroo. Memories remain the same. [25/10/2017]
* Relocated Herne's original homeland to the Cairn Gorm's national park, rather than Loch Lomond. Suggesting an actively moving mother. [16/02/2018]


"Suns"By Chrome, "Carnelian"By Bhaelum

Red Kangaroo. Youth.
Son of the Forest.

• Asperger's Syndrome.
• Deeply fascinated by death and gore.
• Bright and happy personality, "sunshine".
• Would eat almost any plant, both safe and dangerous. A risk everytime.
• Owns a Painted Sheep Skull; Deep blue with light-gold swirls. [Hisoka: 24/08/2017]
• Ages unnaturally: grows according to his mental age. Would be a ten year old by human standards.
• TEF magic manipulator; can use his picto by reshaping it into whatever he needs: weapon, tool, hand*Undefined shape, changes to whatever's most effective.. Yet undiscovered.

Reference (Lineart by JotaHota @ DA. "Soft Shell" by Aquilo.Size: ?

Pending new name...

Unknown Species*Highly inspired by dinosaur designs.. Mature Adult.
Son of Vittani & Raptor. Brother to Parvarti & Fari.

• Seasonal migrant.
• Expert Bird Hunter.
• Built for a warmer climate. Rendered lethargic in cold weather.
• Highly bacterial saliva, bites have a high risk of causing sepsis.
• Moderately muscular build, but prefers an agile approach to combat.
• Independent for the most part, though keen to form a familial 'pack'.
• Socially shy and quiet, but not opposed to or made uncomfortable by company.

ReferenceSize 29

"Herne"By Vee

Scottish Red Deer. Young Adult*Born: 11/06/2014.
Son of Kajo. Family Tree

• Leucistic Feral Deer. Four Tined.
• Lived wild in the Cairn Gorms mountain range in Scotland.
• Artistic and muse based existance. Here to help motivate me to shape up my lore.
• Culled from his homeland and arrived via Vee's intervention. Gunshot scar on Left Shoulder.

Size 13Photographic

Scotland Lore Fragments - for later Refining.
• Based on the real world; everything there irl is there for the fictional characters involved with this realm. Tied directly to modern times.
• Anyone involved with this world's linage can only procreate with predominantly cervine species. Contact Vee for compromises if desired.
• The Endless Forest has an odd effect on deer from this realm. Varying in extremity from individual to individual, their minds may be opened in many unnatural ways.
• All connected to this linage and/or travelling to/from this realm will have direct contact to Vee. He acts as the portal between, and will make any necessary modifications for characters passing through. Most prominently including: changing one's form to blend in so not to attract human attention.
• To those from this linage born in Scotland, use of the Twin Gods magic is especially energy consuming for them; this means that modifications to appearance or alternative uses of magic will tire them out - moreso than the average resident. Over time this can cause a large negative impact of their physical health, especially during the colder months. The extremity of the effects depends on the consistency of the magic use and environmental aspects; worst cases occur when resources are low, therefore excessive use of magic can lead to starvation, illness, and even death.


Ibex. Adult.
Son of Unknown Origins.

• Huge for his kind.
• Comet and Ice muse.
• Voice like Jónsi without the accent.
• Usually human faced wearing a human skull mask.
• Below average body temperature. Cool to the touch.
• Ridge of fur along his back rise during intense moments.
• "Trigger happy". Quick to fight for the rush. A bit of an adrenaline junkie.
• Horns are made of indestructible compressed ice, creating a look similar to a blue iceberg.
• Large scar on his back from an old stab wound, made larger due to poor treatment while healing.
• Deeply insecure, most of his (cringe) ego is just bluff. Prefers the company of those he perceives to be weaker than himself, and is intimidated by those who seem stronger. Distinctly uneasy towards anything sharp.

Size 17Anatomy (outdated markings)Markings (see anatomy for accurate anatomy)


• -



• -


These characters belong to me and any parallels to existing characters are purely coincidental. I do take inspiration and muse from outside sources, but I am in no way out to plagiarize anything or anyone.
These characters are IC and do not reflect my views as a player. I reserve the right to withdraw them from situations I'm uncomfortable with, and I am wholly responsible for their depictions, and am open to being contacted for reasonable discussions should anyone have a problem with them, or should you want me to have them avoid your characters for OOC reasons.
If you wish to contact me, you may do so here or at the following addresses:
Discord: Vee#1329 | Email: vee-vee-vee@hotmail.co.uk

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Thank you all so much for the

Thank you all so much for the tracks! <3

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Starl: Set the table. For

Starl: Set the table. For dinner I've prepared you my special: butternut squash.
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LMFAOOO oh deer! Poor thing's

LMFAOOO oh deer!
Poor thing's really become the butt of our jokes now.........

Ison is magnificent.

Ison is magnificent.
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Draconia: Jörnburnd was SO

Draconia: Jörnburnd was SO MUCH FUN omfg the cheek! Ison enjoyed chasing him about a lil too LMAO.
Calix: Hey there! <3 Sorry about your lag there, holding up okay?

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Damn, Garai looks nice

Damn, Garai looks nice Laughing out loud
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stg i love all of your characters no joke
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cries thank you so much. ;_; Love yours, too. Glad we hang out. <3

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Teeth. :B

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