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[Scandinavian Skies]

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[WIP Characters]

Just a place to keep notes of newer characters...
Bear in mind that they're all VERY changeable at this point. Ideas can come and go, things can be entirely revamped.
That being said, none of them are restricted from most types of developments that can happen.
If any of these characters stick well enough in my head they'll eventually get their own proper biography.

• Collaborated with Jin to create a Ref for Garai. <3 [05/10/2017]
• Garai left the forest in the early hours, escaping the cold winter for a warmer climate more familiar to him. As a parting gift, left behind two game birds, one for Fari and another for Greitai, at their respective nests. [09/10/2017]
• Although the event is over, Herne will remain in a state of rut for the next few weeks, as it's tied to his biology and instinct. [09/10/2017]
• Ison ref no longer entirely accurate. Anatomy is correct, markings are now: this, thanks Luu!
. [23/10/2017]
• Overhauled Letsatsi, renamed him to Jirra. Changed species from Kudu to Red Kangaroo. Memories remain the same. [25/10/2017]
* Relocated Herne's original homeland to the Cairn Gorm's national park, rather than Loch Lomond. Suggesting an actively moving mother. [16/02/2018]
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[Turn me into phantoms]

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Courage, dear heart

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Since is a thing now...

Post a link to your profiles? Would be nice to have a central hub in order to find and add one another... <3

I'll update this to add more links.

Get some invite codes here!


The Endless Forest World

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Minecraft Server [Inactive]

Latest Map: Download here
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