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Misakos updates/News

Hello kids! For future reference, go to this blog! It's going to be my new updates page. This one will still excist, as I do love nostalgia. (And just look at the age of this thing!) But it won't be updated anymore. Other stuff will be moved to said account as well, but gruadually. I wouldn't want to spam you guys.
I'll still be on Seele for a while Smiling

Aah presentation ! D8'



-Half blind - Friendly - Old - Quiet voice - Clumsy - Loves fawns - First deer -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Neutral.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: -
Love: Saan(Gone)


- Bipolar - Noisy - Rude - Invades privacy - Loves to annoy - Playfull - Selfish - Mother to Poltergeist -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 50% Physically: 100%
Mood: Twisted.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Lost her only daughter.
Love: Solace(Gone)


- Shy - Broken voice, almost mute - Homosexual - Personality disorder - Clingy - Protective - Brother to Gehirn -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Fussy.
Thoughts: "Look at you now! You're all dirty!"
Recent events: Got his set back, enjoyed his new picto - strolled around spying on people - Went to Sonne's grave to clean it up.
Love: Jared


- Pervert - Seductive - Powerfull - Agressive - Protective - Though, always caring - Moody - Brother to Horizon -

Activity: No (On a trip)
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Confident.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Away, on a journey outside the forest with Trees. (No don't ask how he got out. Neither do I know.)
Love: Trees


- Cold - Sarcastic - Soft spot for fawns - Calm - Fighting spirit - Alone -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 70% Physically: 100%
Mood: Avoiding.
Thoughts: "Damn retards."
Recent events: Evaded deer. SUCH DEVELOPMENT.
Love: ...


- Nightmares - Emotionless - Scared - Paranoid - Defensive -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 20% Physically: 100%
Mood: -
Thoughts: "-"
Recent events: -
Love: Noone


- Stubborn - Temperamental - Caring - Playfull - Silly - Teenager - As long as he can stand, he will fight - Son to Virgil -

Activity: Yes
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Protective.
Thoughts: "Hey I ain't trusting that guy, acting all high and mighty before, and now sucking up."
Recent events: Went to his favourite spot, only to be mocked by some bypasser - Left, returned when the other deer left. - Found his dad, ran about with him - Went to Esll with dad, mocked Esll whilst up the tree by scentmarking it - Ran around with Esll, later running about with both him and Virgil - Went to visit Kaoori and Noelle, then approached by the same skulled deer that acted up about his resting place - Saw him sneeze off his skull to get "dad's approval", but didn't want him near a pregnant Kaoori. - Rested. - Greeted Dajhi.
Love: ...


Curious - Playfull - Noisy - Dreamer - Loves company - Daughter to Poltergeist and Wudiin, twinsister to Otis -

Activity: Seems so
Health: Mentally: 80% Physically: 90% Some cuts and bruises.
Mood: Content.
Thoughts: "Every doe I see is.. Round.."
Recent events: Found Kaoori, rested next to her.
Love: Noone


To Do list.

• Do some gift art.
• Do something for Nopje. And do it good.
•Personal biography -> Becoming less likely.
• Buy presents. Send presents.
• Finish plush animal damn! -> Working on.
• Start wall drawing.

13th, yo.

13th, yo. <3
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Your all crazy. The lot of

Your all crazy. The lot of yas.


Oh, this is nice, very

Oh, this is nice, very nice.
Makes me wish I could do something like this, but I'm too lazy to learn CSS.

jealous :\ What's with the

jealous :\

What's with the quotes on the bottom?
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Damn you page/comment

Damn you page/comment stealers. I will cry if I do not have page 15, mark my words. It's my favourite number 8(

Aw thanks! I have to say, most of it is copy-paste work. "Oh, let's change this, see what happens. WACKYY."
Don't be jealous;_;'..
Ehm, the quotes are, believe it or not, things that go through my mind on a day. Things I tell myself, things I discuss with myself. Or my second voice, however you want to call it. My parents should've send me into therapy when I was a kid really 8( (LOL jk. I'm quite normal. OR AM I? NOONE IS!)
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Therapy doesn't help anyway.

Therapy doesn't help anyway. :U I'm a prime example.
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Yeah I've heard about that D8

Yeah I've heard about that D8 It never seems to work for people I hear about getting it. Though it worked for my brother so I guess it.. Depends on the case..
Really though ;_;".. I think I'm ok. I just think too much. *Flails*

Also, since I work alone 8 hours a day, I kind of have too much time to think Cool Though I'm bringing my music player for this last week. Keeping some sanity..
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I hear it does depend a ton

I hear it does depend a ton on the therapist and the person receiving the therapy and how much they're willing to work with the therapist.

I hated mine. |D So much so that I tried to light her hair on fire, but that's beside the point.

You're fine! Everyone's guilty of some strange conversations they've held in their head and the out of place thought here and there. Music is good too, though. B]


OH MY GOOD. THIS UPDATES ARE AWESOOOOOMEHUUUUUUUUUURG! I mean.... :B The Screenshots you used. FFFF. &heats;




-sulks in a corner-
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......... Thank you Nopje!

Thank you Nopje!

*Stares at Sarie*


ghjklm. &hearts;

ghjklm. ♥

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i'mma own page 14,

i'mma own page 14, dammit

[edit] DAMMIT

Page 14 is mine! (8

Page 14 is mine! (8<


*Spies on you all. - 007

*Spies on you all. - 007 music plays.*

This is amazing! /tracks

This is amazing!

I am jealous you get to meet

I am jealous you get to meet Vee and travel, and I am jealous of Vee getting to meet you. X3' Unfortunately Europe is just too dang far for me.

Well I used to "talk" to myself in my head all the time, and still do sometimes. Heck I even used to talk to myself out loud once in a while, when I was alone. I used to wonder if I was crazy, but I think it's normal.
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I'm not crazy. you all

I'm not crazy. you all are.


*Pokes head in.* I'm crazy!

*Pokes head in.*
I'm crazy!
*Hides again.*
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*wonders why she hasn't

*wonders why she hasn't tracked this yet and proceeds to do so in a very stealthy ninja manner....*
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I've been tracking this for a

I've been tracking this for a long time, and I would have to say I really like your new layout. Keep it up! =DDD
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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"Seems you're doing well,

"Seems you're doing well, Lucian." He offers a nod to the older stag. "That's good." He leaves an awkward silence, nodding again.

[Keme was just checking up on Luc. x3 <3]
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Regardless of the fact that I

Regardless of the fact that I have no clue what exactly happened, I do hope you feel better =/


Anyone who would accuse you

Anyone who would accuse you of something like that clearly doesn't understand. Like you said, if they really knew, they wouldn't say such things.

It seems I must have made more of a connection with Polt than I realized, because it feels more like I lost a friend. But I don't blame you, because I know you had your reasons, and I understand why you did it. Anyone who has a problem with it, well, it's their problem. They don't know what they're talking about.
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Ah-ha! I request Zach chasing

Ah-ha! I request Zach chasing Luc who feared butt-nuzzles! XD (comic or otherwise). It was super fun. I'll see you when you get back. I'll miss you.. ;_; *huggles*

* floof snuggles and tracks*

* floof snuggles and tracks*
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ROFL. I'll have to add the

ROFL. I'll have to add the Zach fearing Lucian's slobbery kisses later on though. God, I have a lot of things in my mind with that bunch of deer..

<333 *Floof snuggles back* Apologies if Luc is inactive! We're panicking and running around the house right now. YAYYY
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Ahaha..feel free! XD I bet

Ahaha..feel free! XD I bet it's going to be awesome.

Have fun on your trip. ^_^ You'd better stay alive through all that! ;D

Its fine >w< We're just glad

Its fine >w< We're just glad that we can snuggle with him right now ^_^. :3 Btw I hope you have loads of fun on your trip.
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Oh ff, have fun in Austria!

Oh ff, have fun in Austria! Laughing out loud Austria is very nice. I really need to go there sometime again...

Soo, drawing ideas, huh? Let me think of some... Maybe..
Sterre having a dream in which she encounters Poltergeist. Mhh...
Or maybe Sterre & Otis having an equal dream in which they encounter Polt & Wud. Ahh, I obviously fail at ideas.
Or maybe, how would Flyra's first meeting with Sterre look like? Flyra trying to be all motherly but Sterre just going her own silly billy way? --- Argh, idk. I wish my deer were any closer to yours. ;A; I still blame my laptop, though it seems to work a bit better now.
f l y r a b l o g avatar by tinkee, sig by Quamar

Have fun on your trip!!!!

Have fun on your trip!!!! <3
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Silverpaw: Oh I will > It's

Oh I will >Cool It's going to be FUN RAWR. Thank you <33

Aw thank you! And the snuggle was adorable, baw X"D Still sorry about him being so inactive, though!

It is! I've been there before a few times when I was youngerr. Like 12.
I really like your ideas actually <33 Hmm, going to note them down yess. I'll see whatever comes to mind when I'm sitting in my lazy chair, with my sketchbook in front of me. My hugeass sketchbook. *Weirdo*
Oh pff, I think I saw your Auriea copy-picto in the forest before. Scary. ROFL. But it's ok really <333 I also have a lot of new deer Flyra most likely doesn't know so, it'sok.

Thank youu! Sorry if Luc behaved off sometimes, had to run all around the place here! XDD

Yah, when Lucian ran off Zan'

Yah, when Lucian ran off Zan' followed but when you did the sad emote I kind of figured you were logging off. That's why we went back to Dajhi. X- D Lucian's one of the deer Zan' would follow over the others.

Though he'd follow Stella or the White Stag before him. :- P And /maybe/ Viral. But I never seem to catch him on that character. :/ Though I think Stella's the one he'd follow off a cliff. X- D

Oh, and when you came in earlier, Zan' was unsure about the Mini Lucian and Celes' brought. That's why he was acting weird. He wasn't scared or upset at Lucian.

Oh, and I understand about you running around OUTSIDE of the computer. X- D I've been on long out of state trips. So I know how it can be. ^_~
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Have a good trip, you. Enjoy

Have a good trip, you. Enjoy it! Smiling

White water rafting and

White water rafting and mountain climbing? You are insane. O-o;
Well, ah, have fun, and stuff, even though I have a hard time thinking of those things as "fun" instead of terrifying...

Hmm...You've done so much art for me already, I don't want to ask you for more. I don't have any ideas, either.
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Have fun, okay? you'll be

Have fun, okay?
you'll be back after my birthday. Enjoy all that fun stuff!
I want to see whatever you draw when you return as well. Smiling
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Have fun on your trip!

Have fun on your trip! <3

A comic? I dont think I have

A comic? I dont think I have any ideas XD; But have fun on your trip! C: ♥
We will miss youu~<333

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I can sympathise with the sun though. Even though the suns all warm n shizz HOLYHELL I BURN.
Damn our pale skin -shakes fist-

AS FOR ARTS. I Have no clue. Feel free to use any of my characters for anything. Although some Nooit n Geev or Chis and Parasol would be interesting but really
go nuts <3
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Have a great time away!! (8

Have a great time away!! (8 *sends love* We'll miss you. ;_;
Take lots of pictures, mkay? |D

As for art ideas, I don't have any idea. <33 /helpful
But you are free to use any characters of mine, if you wish.
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PrairieWolf: Ooh! No it's

Ooh! No it's fine I understand X"D Perhaps he should've been on his own anyway, grumpy stag.
Awww <33 He and Stella are completely adorable XDD

No I run inside a computer. *Eyebrowwiggle*. Rofl jk ;_;

I love how you have wished me a good trip three times now <3 Now it has to be AWESOME. 8D XDD AND A HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY Dang. <33 And I'll show you, you just wait Cool

I LOVE BEING INSANE. YES. Though there are things I won't do. Like bungee-jumping. Not so much the falling, but when that elastic thing snaps back.. Urgk it just looks terribly painfull. I've done wild water rafting before, it's amazingly fun XDD With those wetsuits and all. (Terrible to take off though.)
Nooo, it's not like asking for art, it's like giving me some good ideas so I won't be bored XDDD

Thank youu!! <333

Haha it's fine! We'll miss you too <333...

It's evil 8(.. I just don't have the pigment. I tend to get EENY BEENY tiny brown spots on my arm instead of a tan. Weird. X"D
Yesyes, I am definitly taking note of those <3333 YAY IDEAS

Aw thank you ;_; We'll miss you tooo! D8 And I will, I'm the photographer. Though I'm usually too distracted by.. .. Not taking pictures. <<... XD Ah, good, it's good enough to know I'm free to use yours. XDDD

Ohf, I should sleep. BUT I DON'T FEEEL LIKKEE IIT. Sittin on my ass all day tomorrow anyway.
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ROFL Have I seriously wished

ROFL Have I seriously wished you a good trip three times? omg. 8D
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Have fun ~

Have fun ~<3
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Thought I'd link it I miss

Thought I'd link it

I miss you so much. ;_; <33333

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I never finished this,

I never finished this, because it sucked. Just thought I'd show you anyway...
I hope you're having fun away!
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VCG: Aw thank you for linking

Aw thank you for linking it <33 And I missed you so friggin much too ;_; And you can go tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow all the way, but now I'm here you're gone! You douche.

Aw you nutty XD LOL get a haircut. DO IT POLT, DO IT. It doesn't suck! I really quite like it, but I really love your style in general <33 You've been improving majorly since you've joined here, and even though from the beginning on you've said "I suck", you've actually continued and improved along the way! Dig your handwriting there too. <33



Welcome back haha!! 8DD

Welcome back haha!! 8DD

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Welcome back! &hearts

Welcome back! &hearts