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Misakos updates/News

Hello kids! For future reference, go to this blog! It's going to be my new updates page. This one will still excist, as I do love nostalgia. (And just look at the age of this thing!) But it won't be updated anymore. Other stuff will be moved to said account as well, but gruadually. I wouldn't want to spam you guys.
I'll still be on Seele for a while Smiling

Aah presentation ! D8'



-Half blind - Friendly - Old - Quiet voice - Clumsy - Loves fawns - First deer -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Neutral.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: -
Love: Saan(Gone)


- Bipolar - Noisy - Rude - Invades privacy - Loves to annoy - Playfull - Selfish - Mother to Poltergeist -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 50% Physically: 100%
Mood: Twisted.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Lost her only daughter.
Love: Solace(Gone)


- Shy - Broken voice, almost mute - Homosexual - Personality disorder - Clingy - Protective - Brother to Gehirn -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Fussy.
Thoughts: "Look at you now! You're all dirty!"
Recent events: Got his set back, enjoyed his new picto - strolled around spying on people - Went to Sonne's grave to clean it up.
Love: Jared


- Pervert - Seductive - Powerfull - Agressive - Protective - Though, always caring - Moody - Brother to Horizon -

Activity: No (On a trip)
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Confident.
Thoughts: "..."
Recent events: Away, on a journey outside the forest with Trees. (No don't ask how he got out. Neither do I know.)
Love: Trees


- Cold - Sarcastic - Soft spot for fawns - Calm - Fighting spirit - Alone -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 70% Physically: 100%
Mood: Avoiding.
Thoughts: "Damn retards."
Recent events: Evaded deer. SUCH DEVELOPMENT.
Love: ...


- Nightmares - Emotionless - Scared - Paranoid - Defensive -

Activity: No
Health: Mentally: 20% Physically: 100%
Mood: -
Thoughts: "-"
Recent events: -
Love: Noone


- Stubborn - Temperamental - Caring - Playfull - Silly - Teenager - As long as he can stand, he will fight - Son to Virgil -

Activity: Yes
Health: Mentally: 100% Physically: 100%
Mood: Protective.
Thoughts: "Hey I ain't trusting that guy, acting all high and mighty before, and now sucking up."
Recent events: Went to his favourite spot, only to be mocked by some bypasser - Left, returned when the other deer left. - Found his dad, ran about with him - Went to Esll with dad, mocked Esll whilst up the tree by scentmarking it - Ran around with Esll, later running about with both him and Virgil - Went to visit Kaoori and Noelle, then approached by the same skulled deer that acted up about his resting place - Saw him sneeze off his skull to get "dad's approval", but didn't want him near a pregnant Kaoori. - Rested. - Greeted Dajhi.
Love: ...


Curious - Playfull - Noisy - Dreamer - Loves company - Daughter to Poltergeist and Wudiin, twinsister to Otis -

Activity: Seems so
Health: Mentally: 80% Physically: 90% Some cuts and bruises.
Mood: Content.
Thoughts: "Every doe I see is.. Round.."
Recent events: Found Kaoori, rested next to her.
Love: Noone


To Do list.

• Do some gift art.
• Do something for Nopje. And do it good.
•Personal biography -> Becoming less likely.
• Buy presents. Send presents.
• Finish plush animal damn! -> Working on.
• Start wall drawing.

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The young stag frowned, quite

The young stag frowned, quite a suprised frown. "My allergy. Really such an easy target huh..." It frustrated him, everyone that disliked him had been using it against him.
"Right. Well then." His arrogant expression had slightly shifted. He knew the stag was right, but his stubbornness was holding him back from giving in just yet. "That would never happen." He stated. Last time he protected a fawn, he almost would've died, if it wasn't for his father and friend jumping in. "Though, I'll keep it in mind." He gritted his teeth. Perhaps he should give up that little but of stubbornness left. "Guess, thanks for the warning." His expression still a little annoyed.
He was just young, after all.

(Not a problem! Believe me, the allergy has been exploited before rofl ;x I sometimes feel bad for him. XDD Aww! That sounds quite recognisable. The gray doe Lucian got all roar about is his closest friend, Dajhi. He always tries to protect her, then she hits him because she doesn't need such, but he's too stupid to give up. 8/ XD I think he's just scared.
Lucian seems to battle in both those cases too, though, if there is a stag he greatly dislikes/fears coming closer, he will also rush in. This really has cost him too much in the past, butit's hard to hold the boy back sometimes.
I'm sure he'd love a spar <3)



MY PAGE 12 VIRGINITY D8< WUT. Are you trying to win some prize? >8( XD
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"I can't help the talk I

"I can't help the talk I hear." He shrugs, head tilting to the side.
"You don't seem like the type to hurt fawns anyhow, not intentionally." He yawns, stretching a little. He'd been busy watching deer lately, which had left him rather out of energy. "Don't thank me." A frown. "Just watch out." The stag was somewhat puzzled by the other one.
"If you think I dislike you, don't give yourself that much credit." He snorts softly.

[LOL. Poor guy.
I may have to have him wake up with purple flowers some day. >.<
Ah well, he does what he's gotta do. ;D
Someday! As soon as Keme stops lecturing him, at least. P: -pushes him-

@Murr: How dare you! >:]
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Nukilik's the skull-faced

Nukilik's the skull-faced stag, right? *can't remember* |D Does he have a biography anywhere?
Oh yeah, for some reason that fawn doesn't like spells cast on him. Zach tried it earlier and got the same reaction. <:
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Ahh! My wish! I too want to

Ahh! My wish! I too want to make silouets of my deer, but still not know, how to make them from screenshots... Could you help please! So cool bio! T_T
Mel in ore, verba lactis,
Fel in corde, fraus in factis.
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Fin: Yes it is! Skull mask -

Yes it is! Skull mask - Kabuki pelt - Ram antlers.
I'm not sure if he has a bio.. I actually think not. Ah yes, Zach told rofl. Lucian just wanted to plaaayyy. XDD emo emo emo.

Ohdear! XD Ehm, well, you have to use photoshop! I eh, sneakily took a file out of my TEF to make the whole BG white, so it's easier to cut the subject out. I took the file: Program files -> Tale of Tales -> The Endless forest 3 -> Data -> Assets -> Textures -> Naturetextures.CGR out. Yes. It's a deep search. Lawl.
If you do that, the floor goes white in TEF. You then put nature details off, and tadah. Get your closeups, open them in photoshop, and use the magic wand tool to select all the white and kill it.
Have fun!
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Bawwww! Thank you!!

Bawwww! Thank you!!
Mel in ore, verba lactis,
Fel in corde, fraus in factis.
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I hope you know... could you

I hope you know... could you tell, how to capture TEF video, without making background move?
Mel in ore, verba lactis,
Fel in corde, fraus in factis.

pffff poor Lucian having to

pffff poor Lucian having to go through that in front of his girlfriend Stelmaria. X3 Amary was happy to see him again. :3
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HEY MIS. HEY HEY. I miss you.

I miss you.
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Shanol: ...Uh, I actually

...Uh, I actually have no idea what you're talking about xD...

ROFL. Watch out with your words, he will come after you X"D

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"Lucian..." The doe faltered

"Lucian..." The doe faltered and averted her eyes to the dark, rippled surface of the pond. Occasionally one of the resident koi fish drifted lazily to the surface, sucked in a gulp of air, and floated down to the sandy bottom out of sight. For a minute, she listened to the steady rhythm of the raindrops; it was the symphony of the forest. An ear flicked as a fat drop of water made impact.

Stelmaria allowed her thoughts to return to earlier, when she had awoken to find Lucian atop a little hill, frowning down at the sight of her and Reed sitting so near each other. She knew of their rivalry, of how protective the young stag was over Dahji. Yet, if Dahji was permitted to go near Reed, why couldn't she? He had protected her, after all.

As much as she had wanted to avoid Lucian, for she believed he was in the wrong, she couldn't bring herself to unleash her temper. So she swallowed it and made up with him, allowing her frustration to fade away as they had a good time together. But at the end of the day, the doe could not shake off the small portion of agitation she still harbored.

Without looking at him, she continued speaking. "Forgive me if I don't fully understand your dislike for Reed. But... he did protect me once. He seems amiable, at least he has been to me. And to Dahji, surely you haven't noticed."

She paused briefly, knowing her words would likely sting him. "No one owns me, Lucian. I am free to do as I please."
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His short fur had been soaked

His short fur had been soaked in the rain, the white hair atop of his head a mess. He didn't know how to act, uncomfortably shifting his weight, averting his eyes, occasionally shaking the water off. He finally decided to let his eyes rest on the ground, just before Stelmaria's hooves. He watched the grass surpressed by the rain, the sand pulled apart by the drops.
He didn't know how to control his temper, and he didn't know what to do about it either. He knew he had been wrong, but his stubbornness would keep him from saying so directly. The grass, still, fed on the water and it would keep it from drying out.

No one owns me Lucian, I am free to do as I please.

And it was there the stag trembled, felt guilty again as how he acted. He knew that was quite right, and he never wanted to make her feel that way. Though, he did, and he needed to solve so.
"Dajhi knows why I dislike him so much..." His voice was almost a whisper, more directed at the grasses beneath as at the doe he was speaking to. He shifted his weight, again, shook the water off, again. "She was there when he tried to murder me.."

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes, lifting his head up again. He still didn't have the courage to look her in the eyes longer as two seconds, though. "I have my reasons for hating him, but I need to keep you out of such." Lucian's voice had gone less shaky. "I'll just leave you two be, then, since I can't move in one space with him." Lucian stepped back, almost getting the willow's leaves stuck in his antlers, but quickly shaking them off. "Don't worry, I don't try to own you in any way. Perhaps I was just..." He quickly drops his eyes to the ground again. He was scared he'd take her away again. "Nothing. I'll just.. Keep away, yes.. I won't be a bother. I'm sorry about how I behaved.."
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"Wait." She stood as he moved

"Wait." She stood as he moved to leave, hooves cutting the rain-laden grass. His green eyes were downcast, refusing to meet her. She stepped towards him, extending her neck to the dripping canopy above to pull aside the vines with her nose. Once they had been set aside from the stag, she turned to him, eyes misty with remorse. "I'm sorry. Please understand that I will always choose your company over Reed's. I don't know him. But I know you." She looked away then, sighing softly. "It's just that... he was there at the time. I needed to see someone. I've been alone for so long... you don't know what that's like."

"You'd be surprised at the number of murderers walking through these very trees. If they haven't murdered, they might as well have; their thoughts are there. Reed tried to kill my brother... many times. Even Esll has tried to kill him, among others. But perhaps Reed's heart is in a different place, now. Didn't the two of you engage in a sparring match not long ago?" The doe turned to him imploringly.
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Totally rooting for ya right now. 83

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You know... one of these days

You know... one of these days Lucian and Aleit have gotta meet.
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Fin: He closed his jaws


He closed his jaws tightly on one another, gritting his teeth. Atleast he had been freed from the willow but, he was hesistant in walking away just yet. Perhaps that wasn't the best choice. For a second, he dared to lock his eyes with hers, and the second after, he casted them down again. But he did catch her emotion. "No that's.. You shouldn't have to do that. It's perhaps good for you to be friends with him. Lucian had spoken to Dajhi about the matter. She warned him: It's always better to be friends with Reed, as to be his enemy. Lucian realized that pretty well. "I'm sure he did a great job protecting you."
He could've said that with more joy in his voice. Still, he did not trust the stag and his intentions.
The black coloured stag had his ears pointed in her direction, making sure not to miss a word while the rain drummed on his head. The willow had done a good job keeping him dry but, now the vines had been soaked as well. She has been alone for so long, Lucian, you never have. "It's.. Alright, really, I understand." Or, he tried to. Still, a slight smile appeared on his face, and it wasn't a faked one.

Murderers, huh. "Plenty of those. The thought used to scare me but, I've grown used to it. Really, Reed's not the only one who has wanted me dead before. It really made the stag wonder what he had done wrong at being born, anyway. Yes, well, I don't know. I do think so but... It's because father told him not to harm me. I guess, and he respects my father so. Perhaps that is why he mellowed towards me?" The stag honestly didn't know. One time Reed was violent, the other time just a bother: casting purple flowers, how cruel. "Really I don't think..." The stag hesitated, turning his head away again. He eyed the pond, a place where many deer would often gather, friends or possible new ones. Perhaps even enemies, simply to take a drink. "What do you want me to do? Become friends with him? I'll tolerate him for you if you like but, I don't think I'll ever be comfortable in his company."

AND we failed. ROFL.

YES. THEY. SHOULD. I bet they'd have very manly convo's 8/ XDD And he kind of needs some guy friends.
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Aw Lucian, it's alright!

Aw Lucian, it's alright! There's nothing wrong with being a doe-magnet xDDDD /kicked
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I'm sorry, I forgot to reply

I'm sorry, I forgot to reply to this. :c

- - -

"I wouldn't say it's good to be friends with him... I don't actually consider him a friend. I've only met him a couple of times... but he seems to like my company, and I won't deny him the pleasure." The doe paused, a ghost of a smile passing across her muzzle. "That is, unless you happen to be in the vicinity."

On the matter of protection, Stelmaria's smile faded a little. It was true the bull had indeed protected her, but that had only been one time. He cared less about her safety, she assumed, and more about showing off, trying to prove to her he wasn't a threat. And yet she recalled all the times he had chased her, even cast a spell on her just to see her reaction. That had hurt her feelings. But she was willing to give him a second chance, if he had a change of heart. That didn't mean she would easily forgive him if he happened to offend her again. "His protection was not triggered by concern for me," she replied flatly. She looked at him, a genuine gratefulness sparkling in her brown eyes. "Your protection without a doubt surpasses his. I feel safer with you."

"I am not asking you to be on good terms with him. That is between you and him. I only ask for your friendship, and for nothing like Reed's want for my company to tarnish it. I know you were upset with me when you found us together, and I apologize for not telling you sooner of our acquaintance. I also do not expect for you two to be within feet of each other for my sake."

Have fun! Have fun in

Have fun! Have fun in Austria! ♥

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ArrowDoe: ROFL. Butbutbut,

ROFL. Butbutbut, THEY'RE GIRLS. AAAH. Don't guys need a manly convo once in a while? ;_; X"D LIKE ABOUT DOES? D8< XD


That's quite fine <33


The stag brought up a smile, a blush creeping across his face. Though, he was blessed with black fur, which hid such well. He hoped. "You don't have to leave his company for mine, you know. I already feel embarassed enough about my behaivor last time." Lucian grinned, a bit dorky, his ears low. He didn't want to make that same mistake twice.

"You feel safer with me?" The dark stag's expression lit up. He hadn't expected she would, after all, he seemed to do a bad job protecting her. Or that was how he felt. "Reed's strenght would outdo mine, though." He said, still with suprise in his voice. He had stopped shifting his weight around, or being unable to took at Stelmaria. "He's so much stronger as I am though.."
His voice became a whisper near the end of the sentence. He knew the answer to that one. She told him before it was the fight in his heart that'd win the battle, though, he still thought strenght was a handy thing too.

"No... Reed can't tarnish this, even if he'd try. It's alright, I was just a little shocked, is all. Especially since he kept chasing you before." His face had gone to a worrying again, though as long as Reed wasn't bothering her, it could't be really wrong. "Let's just hope we don't have to bump into eachother! But I'll try to control my temper, really." He grinned, a light, embarassed chuckle from his throat. "Take it out on a tree or something."

Thank you!
Austria is Oostenrijk, misschien zegt dat je meer? Sticking out tongue

? Something wrong? You can say whatever you like, really, I appreciate honesty ;_;
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It's a link, don't you see

It's a link, don't you see it? Shocked
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TINYTINYYYY. I thought "they edited their post nuuh ;_; *curious explode*" as it seems the hype to change it into a dot then..
BUT THAT IS AWESUUUM, he looks so hot and proud 8DDD
Did you ever see the sketches I made for you on my sketchblog? Can't remember if you commented or not, so just askin XDD But I really like how you drew Gehirn there <3 You just keep improving. *Pulls his antlers* Heehee!
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WHUT NO. Shocked MUST GO FIND NOW. ---- By the way you do realise there's a ']' sign next to Poltergeist in your siggie right? It's been there ages and just pops out slightly above the 'reply' and it's DRIVING ME NUTS...
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There you gooo. You can bump

There you gooo. You can bump my updates with a response instead of that ugly thing though >.> XD
Also, no I didn't notice :X..... It survived a long time, hidden behind the reply button. But now I killed it. Thanks 8D X"D
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Probably screen size

Probably screen size difference maybe hides it for you, plus sorry I didn't read the comment in time about bumping your sketch blog but it deserved to be bumped anyway.

...SO HA.
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"Surely I would die of

"Surely I would die of boredom if I had to sit with him by his logs, while you were off having fun with Nukilik and the others!" A soft, jubilant laugh escaped the doe as she looked at her friend with glittering eyes. The smile had returned to her lips, much broader than before. She flicked one of his ears with her the tip of her dark snout in an attempt to lessen the drooping.

"I don't like Reed's methods," she confessed, sighing quietly, "not the methods of many of the stags I'm acquainted with. They think I'm in mortal danger whenever someone makes the mistake of coming too near. The unsuspecting ones I can handle myself - all I have to do to avoid them is move away. But stags like Reed... they try to attack them. And I hate it. I hate when they hurt innocent deer just to make me feel safe. You're different. You greet them properly, distract them from me while I move away to a safer place. You can tell if they're a threat, or just passing by. You remind me so much of my brother. He does the same thing. He doesn't blindingly attack an innocent to protect someone." Her tone was sincere and, again, immensely grateful as she said this. His protection and care meant the world to her.

She could sense Lucian's mood was brightening, and the change cheered her. The doe laughed again, the bush of her tail wagging rapidly for an instant before she put a stop to the motion, embarrassed. "There are plenty of trees around that can take all the frustration one has to offer! They are the forest's remedy for any attitude!"
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The stag chuckled at this,

The stag chuckled at this, looking at Stelmaria, eyes shining bright. "Ofcourse we'd only let you watch us play, huh, since you'd have to sit with him. Perhaps he can introduce you to those logs? Maybe they have names. He chuckled again, pointing his tongue at Stelmaria for a second. He was definitly teasing there. He turned his eyes to look at her attempt at lifting his ear up, and couldn't help himself but flop it down. "You must've broken it."

His smile turned back to a more serious look when she continued speaking. She was right, he recognised that. He had often seen stags try and fight everyone that came by off, he remembered another skull-masked stagfriend of hers doing the same. The stag started to feel embarassed when she complimented him on his own methods. "Well, I do my best, you see.." He smiled shyly, looking at her now with his head down in embarassment, though it was of flatter. "Oh I've met your brother! He's a nice guy. He can fight quite a bit too. Huge antlers." He really couldn't help himself, always eying the other's headgear.

Lucian lifted his head up again when she started about the trees. "That is true! I easily snap them though, when I get reaallyy mad." He said, an attempt to brag. Though none of it was true. He had noticed her wagging from the corner of his eyes, and started to grin at her again. He quickly jumped past her, turning around when he was behind her. Lucian stretched his neck to quickly give her tail a slight tug with his mouth, before making another jump to take some distance from her. "You're it!" He laughed, before running away like a lunatic.
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You're so sneakyyyy D8< xDDD

You're so sneakyyyy D8< xDDD

Aleit had been staring at the distant hill for so long, he hadn't noticed his company arrive. "Lucian..." he said, nodding his head in greeting to his brother. "It's good to see you."
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The doe let out another

The doe let out another laugh. "Ah yes, I'm sure the logs do have names, judging by how fond of them his is. He will scarcely let anyone near them unless they have been personally invited!" She edged closer to her friend and whispered boastfully, "You should be jealous, for I have been in the company of the logs on several occasions and know each of their names."

Stelmaria withdrew with an enthusiastic grin. If one were to look carefully and put their imagination to work, they would notice her smile was of curious human-like quality. A beautiful young woman peering behind the face of a white doe. A woman with long, ebony hair...

She noticed his embarrassment, and for some reason it brought color to her cheeks and widened her smile, if it could grow anymore. "Well, my brother may have large antlers, but I think he is rather hot-headed." Her eyes darted around playfully, as if Esll were to suddenly appear behind her at any time. When she looked back, she was startled to find Lucian had vanished. The doe didn't have long to wonder, though, before she felt a light tug on her tail. Instinctively she kicked up her back legs, but it the motion was in playful jest, for she knew Lucian had been the culprit. Then he shouted, and as she whirled around she had only time to glimpse his retreating form before he bounded into the trees, his laughter drifting back to her. "Hey!" Stelmaria shouted, giggling like a child. "You're going to get it, stag! Wait till I catch you!" And with that she galloped after him, her long and elegant strides carrying her swiftly after the dark stag.

- - -

I love these two! 8D
Thank you for a very entertaining roleplay. ♥

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ArrowDOe: I AM a ninja. *Puts

I AM a ninja. *Puts on mask and dissapears through ceiling. Or something*

The young stag had decided to lead his brother back to Red hill, after playing with the shy fawn that had approached them earlier. He enjoyed doing so, but he noticed both him and Aleit were quite distracted. "Hello Aleit." A slight smile on his face. "It's good to see you as well, we should try doing so when times aren't difficult, huh?"

No, thank you, you're an amazing writer/roleplayer/etc ;_; Really enjoyed this, rofl.
Dangit, you make me want to draw humanversions moar. XDD DERP why not. *Goes to draw*
Yess, I love them tooo <3 Stel makes me giggle.
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So are you.

So are you. <3 I love reading your posts.
ahgsghjgd if I could draw humans I totally would draw them. ;_; Ah well, maybe I'll give it a try sometime!

edit; Also, sorry Stel left so suddenly. My computer decided to initiate its daily dose of crash and fail, and when that happens it's basically hopeless for me to run TEF again until many hours later. ._. it's quite irritating...
Haha, Lucian's reaction to that doe was pretty funny. She certainly was persistent. xD

*Stalk-Track* >.>;

*Stalk-Track* >.>;
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nice layout.

nice layout.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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-tracks- &hearts I love your

-tracks- &hearts I love your CSS here :3
And I'll be in Austria at the same time as you btw rofl xD
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Thank you!

Thank you! <33 Couldn't have done it without help from Vee and Unplugged. And really? That's quite awesome haha XDD We're near the uh.. *Looks up* Klopeinersee. Not sure if that says anything. We've been there years ago, and now we're going again <3
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I looked on the map and lol

I looked on the map and lol we won't be very close at all... we're going to Wien far far away from the Klopeinersee 8D
First time I'm going to Austria :3
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And indeed, this does look

And indeed, this does look very nice. ^^ It's so clean and streamlined without being over-complicated. <:
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these are some sexy CSS

these are some sexy CSS updates.
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Oh la la, very nice O:

Oh la la, very nice O:
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This looks lovely!

This looks lovely! <3

-snaps fingers- there's

-snaps fingers- there's awesome CSS up in here.
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who's the deer on the bottom,

who's the deer on the bottom, Mis?
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This layout is seriously sexy

This layout is seriously sexy B|
Oooh, Lucian's pictogram link doesn't work~!

shdfksdkfk /steals your css skills.
Damn, another person who makes it looks so neat and awesome without using the background and stuffs = MORE AWESOME
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Munkel: Yeah I hadn't

Yeah I hadn't expected us to magically apear near eachother XDD It's a big country.. .. Well compaired to my country everything's big anyway so.

Well thank you! <33

Thanks 8D

Thank youu <33

Thank you as well! *Bows down to all >.> XD*

I'll just say thank you to you personally as well <33 XDD BUT, I got the idea from your updates. I saw their tidyness and was "I want something among those lines too." So I worked from the same base as you got from Vee <33

He's me as much as the above deer is, though he is not me at all! I think it's hard to explain. Let's just say it looks fancy.

Thank you! <3 And it doesn't? Damn boy wants to show he's adopted again. Emo. (IT NEVER works the first time. but thanks for pointing it out 8( XD)

I don't have CSS skills, I had to ask for other people their skills 8( Learned a lot from Vee and Unplugged. But thank you XDD I quite like the colouring M&A picked for the community site <3

Also, take a look at the link of this blog. Poltergeist is haunting me forever X"D.... I did what I could to change it but, it's stuck. She knows how to play her cards.. Now she's true to her name. 8/ XD
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Look at them updates. Just

Look at them updates.
Just look at em.
Hot damn. <3
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600th &hearts;

600th ♥