Future Character Hub and personal journal

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SOOOOooooo... this is going to be a future blog. I need a place to put links to all of my characters bios as well as a personal blog to just post things.
some of my old characters from before my hiatus I love but have lost muse for, thus i want to retire them, but not entirely. So for now I need to organize them and state who is active and not active. Many i want to rework, but for now i want to make some new characters and form some new friendships here in TEF. A lot of the people i used to interact with have disappeared, but im still looking for interactions and potential plots. Im fairly active so if your ever interested send me a message on Discord @ Osmotious #9391

And as i said before i will be linking and organizing characters in here, just have to work on the css-ish. it will probably be basic.

Osmotious (semi-active he has weird love triangle going on...with no rps to progress so in limbo)?
Ayaki (active)?
Aodhfin (semi-active need to re do css) ?
Iona (active)?
Amancer (reworking) ?
Sorana (active) ?
Nahiri (active) ?
Nimue (semi-active working on characteristics/personality)?
EGG (redesigning)?
Emorie (reworking/redesigning)?
Dara (Retired)
Thanos (plot character)
Vasilica (Plot character)
???-to be born
???-coming soon
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add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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Oooh! Happy holidays for


Happy holidays for you! ♥