Aodhfin:ones true fire

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PFinally starting to feel better after falling out of the sky
Mcalm and relaxing, finally feeling like hes found himself
Nwearing a blue tear drop gem earring and a gold necklace with a red crystal around his neck from Alchemilla

Updated with new artwork and will be updating this bio. Im terrible with updating bios i will try to be better. XD
The approach of the dreaded moons shadow is upon us. Fin finds himself growing weak and feeling ill. Luckily he has enough strength to open up a portal to issoria to visit with Cae. The two have their own home together there and he has been away for some time studying and caring for his father in his home realm. He wanted to relax and visit, perhaps go for a fly. Fin arrives at their home dropping his bags at the front door as he hears cae rummaging in their garden. as he turns the corner he sees the little bee hive hes been wanting to have, and excitement and an overwhelming amount of love bubbles up in his stomach. he digs in his pocket for the small box he has for caelestis. As he opens it inside there is a blue tear drop shaped opal pendant on a silver necklace, while fin has a matching ornate earring with the same tear drop opal. The two plan for a night of fun with a picnic and a nightly flight as caelestis talks about the beautiful Aurora borealis. They started their flight with the sky looking as if it was made out of cotton candy and the bright yellow and pink hues from the lights rays bounce off of the clouds as the stars began to shimmer. Although as the world grows darker and the moon shines brightly in the sky shrouded by the clouds, fin begins to grow dizzy and weak, but ignores the feeling for as long as possible. when the lunar eclipse is at its peak fins world begins to spin as he finds himself passing out from the pain. his body begins to drop out of the sky and falling fast. tufts of fur speckled white and black while the opal markings blend and shift from red and blue, feathers float up into the sky being carried from the updraft of his fall, some black and some white. The stag hits the ground with a large thud, bones break as he coughs up blood. his body is on fire and luckily his wings are unscathed, but his rib cage took the blunt force of his impact and remains broken and his lungs punctured.

through broken speech and coughs fin speaks about his adoptive mother Alchemilla and her home in issoria. He prays that the bird is home and can help him, cae runs off towards the direction of the birds home, praying that it wont be too late......
Linked new picto for his cyropheonix form.

Has been wandering the forest less these days since Zennec came to find him in the forest, taking him to his world. Has been spending a lot of time in his fathers world learning magic and how to fly while alongside his sister Navi. He's traveled to the forest to see Cae, Alchemilla and Chichi. Although with today was different. He woke up in a sweat as the memories from July flooded his mind and his muscles ache, growing in intensity throughout the day. Could it be happening today.....the moon....please no....I cant go through that again.

1.20.19 eclipse begins at 10:30pm, full eclipsed by 11:41
1.21.19 eclipse fades 12:46am, completely gone by 1:45am

Upon entering the forest the young buck wondered in look for his friend or family. Anyone would do, just a warm soul to keep him company. He was growing ever more suspicious of the stars and moon above him. Slowly a shadow began to creep along the outer rim of the moon. The eclipse began late in the evening (10:30pm). He saw no sign of his family or friends and didn't feel well enough to travel to his fathers world, using portal magic barely agreed with him on a good day and the pain was beginning to intensify. He found himself walking towards his old family home near the ruins deep within the forest. He looked around to see if Alchemilla was around to comfort him or be by his side during this time, but they weren't to be found. He shook his head frustrated as he plopped himself down at the family den and curled himself tight. He would glance up from time to time to watch the shadow move along the white glowing moon, blocking out its light, increasing his own pain and suffering.
caelestis soon arrived at his families den and the young buck called out to him, pleaded with him to stay by his side. The two laid together as Aodhfin felt cold, freezing and even with all of his fur and feathers he felt colder than ice. His muscles were stubborn and barely reacted to his motions as he violently pushed Cae's wing off of him to run a distance ahead of them to vomit several times. Tears stream down his face in embarrassment, this was exactly like last time. the pain grew and his legs shake barely able to hold his own body up as his wings lay open and slump alongside his body as he cries to the young buck comforting him. The sickness quickly passed but Aodhfin was freezing and his fur and feathers had a fine frost covering them. Cae encouraged him to rest and the two returned to the tree after he buried his mess in the snow and dirt to snuggle. The frost continued to cover his body as aodhfin basically froze besides the young buck. The fire that once was lit inside him lighting his fire opal from within dulled and burned out leaving him covered in a crystallized almost icicle like look. he grew quiet for some time as caelestis groomed his form frantically. Aodhfin laid there enduring the pain, but as the shadow began to fade from the moon so did his pain. the once black fur fell in clumps with his feathers as he shook off the frost and shifted his wings. The color was replaced by a light grey and white fur, and the once fire colored opal shined bright like ice with a warm fire lit behind it. The varying colors of blue were beautiful in the moonlight. Exhausted by the three hour long experience of excruciating pain and suffering he lays silently curled with caelestis at his families home. His once white pupils now look up at the young buck with a pupil as black as the night sky. "C-caelestis...." he began before whispering the last part "I love you....thank you for staying with me."

Visited Millie and Chichi as he brought gifts back from Zennec's home world as presents. As he returned to the forest he saw it was late twilight and everyone was having a party as the stars fall and dance close to the ground. Millie was dressed up in their feathery head dress which was very beautiful. Cenne was hanging around playing with chichi. This was the first time since his transition that he has seen his brother. He smirked as he offered up some playful sparring, but it helped as he was annoyed that his brother left him back in july. Adofhin won the spar and Tristan suggested the two stinky boys go to the pond to bathe. Afterwards they all joined on the bridge to dance and play under the stars. Aodfhin made chichi a small head dress of his own feathers and flowers. He now has some tender spots on his wings and some bruises and small scrapes from teh play sparring with cenn
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Fin, Finny, Adof (aodf technically)


#12 Height Chart

a year; juvenile

Chimera (heavy canine, pheonix, pegasus and cervine)


smell of minerals and moonlight/crisp air

in game set
nightfall pelt, pronghorn antlers, skull mask

Competitive - Playful - Caring
Envious - Loyal - Strong Will

As a fawn he was small and scrawny. White base coat with black stripes, orange opal rivets within the black that shimmers rainbow in any form of light. Seems to glow in dim light, though it doesn't, just reflects light. Fluffy tail not fully grown to length. Eyes are white on white on black (Iris and pupil are white), sometimes a touch light grey. Vision is fine, despite looking like he is blind. An advantage against those who assume. Hooves are also straight fire opal.

Eclipse Transformation

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Blue opal tear drop earring that matches Caelestis's necklace that he gave to him.
red crystal necklace from Alchemilla
presents from Calida
Alchemilla's feather




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Finally this guy can have an official mama track <3
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thanks for the track guys
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I thought i had this tracked ♥
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