The Soft Pitter Patter of Raindrops

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Day 141

The Egg

(All egg information can be found on the first tab. this is tab 1)

Over the course of a few dry sunny days the eggs color fades and the glowing at night isnt as frequent, but with the return of the rainfall the eggs color perks up and the glowing continues. (it needs water)

As the sun slowly rises over the tree tops its rays cast ripples of light across the pond within the forest. Birds chirp off in the distance as a cool breeze rustles the foliage around the small egg resting wedged in the mud.

Once the sun has set the egg begins to glow a faint green color, growing in intensity through the night, glowing can be controlled possibly by emotions?
The glowing seems sporadic, and controlled.

The shell of the egg is very thin as you can catch glimpses of light and a silhouette of the creature within wiggling about. To the touch it feels wet,sticky and slimy but it doesn't leave any residue when touched. Egg shows signs of drying out.

As the weather cools the egg begins to freeze and the glowing light has begun to fade. There is no movement from within.

The egg will become dormant until incubated, if no incubation occurs then the egg/character wont exist.

Here I will post information about the egg as it grows all the way up to its hatching.


Since the change in location the egg has slowly begun thawing from its icy slumber. The creature within has nearly eaten up all of the resources within to keep itself alive in its hibernation. There is a faint glow within the hallow tree tonight.

DAY 120
Ciar post:
The alien’s huge black eyes scanned the forest. Now grown and much taller, it almost felt new again walking amongst the looping trees. Luckily, his body adapted by now and no longer did the bitter cold of the Forest freeze Ciar’s bones. Without a care, he made his way to the pond. He flicked his tongue as he gazed at his spiraling horns in the water’s reflection. Ciar turned to leave, before being stopped by the sight of an egg. He froze, then quickly moved in to examine it. Cold. Despite it being nestled in a tiny bed, it was clear it had no parents. Thinking quickly, Ciar feverishly nudged the egg free of its place, carefully holding it in his long jaws. The alien wasted no time scurrying to his den, taking long, graceful strides to try and avoid shaking the egg around too much. Once there he tucked the unborn into the small nest he long outgrew him, before curling tightly and gently around the egg. Ciar wrapped his long tail around him, using the curly tuft as a blanket. He quietly chirped, almost sadly. The egg felt like ice and all he knew was to offer his body’s warmth. He hoped that’d be enough.

Egg Reaction:
The creature within rested limply against the side of the egg, and began to move about as it was carried away from its only known home for the passed couple of days. Soon a warm spot began to form on one side from the others breath. the shell was thin and soft, unlike most eggs. Soon the motion stopped and the egg rested softly within its new location in the forest, unknowingly. The egg didn't move or show any form of life.

The egg lays dormant in the small nest by the lake, as the weather cools and begins to freeze with the first snow fall. The creature withins glow begins to fade with each passing day, growing more cold. The outside of the egg begins to freeze without the warmth of a mother/other to care for it. Perhaps this is the end.
Due to the Rut I took a break from the egg's updates but will continue with the updates within the coming days.

Since the egg had been moved, there weren't many visitors which was surprising as the world had grown very loud. The rain was welcomed as the shells outer protective layer had grown dry and the small creature inside was having difficulties breathing, but as the sky opened up and the rain began to fall, the small creature flourished again. Visitors where have you gone?

As the morning light rises in the forest, those who pass by can see that the egg has begun to change color fading from the bright green and blue hues. It looks as if its drying out. The creature within is quiet as it's still sleeping.

span style="font:11px Georgia;font-style:italics;color:#14233B;text-shadow:0 0 10px #666EEF">9-26-2018

They slept most of the day away relaxing to the common sounds around them when the sound of herding hooves run pass them startling them awake. Obviously they weren't the only one in this world, but its so difficult when they are so small and unable to see the world. They let off a faint glow as they gave a great big stretch within the egg. Their ears stayed alert for awhile until the small creature drifted off to sleep again.

The sun greeted the egg as it did the passed few days full of warmth and comfort. Another day has come and gone, but the little creature waits silently curled up inside. Soon, I will know this world.
The world was calm occasionally the sound of hooves galloping about in the distance reached the creatures ears, but it didnt seem like any visitors came today. The egg shifted in the little nest as the creature inside curled up to rest again the soft sounds of the pond puts them to sleep. (Water, frogs and buzzing of bug sounds)

The flashing came as more than a surprised to the dove. The movement inside was a bit of a surprise, too. Wide red eyes stayed fixated on the alien egg, giving a gentle gaze, though one filled with curiosity. It definitely wasn't a bird egg, or even any reptilian one they'd even seen before. "I wonder what you are..." They thought out loud, despite knowing the unborn creature couldn't speak back. Their voice was soft and nurturing. Carefully, they placed their nose to shell's exterior again, investigating its texture, along with trying to feel the small being move again. "You certainly aren't from around here." They spoke again, silently wondering what could possibly be growing inside.

-The Egg enjoyed the warm and soft nest that the visitor had created. There ears twitched when the visitor spoke, taking note to how they sounded. -perhaps they will visit again...

The Dove made their usual trip to the pond, though this time there was a new addition among the cattails and tall grass— a strange green egg, unlike anything they had seen before. Alchemilla cautiously approached, leaning down and gently touching their nose to the egg. They didn't detect any linger scents of a parent and worried this would be another Forest orphan. After a pause the dove created a shallow hole in the soft dirt of the pond's shore, just wide enough for the egg to fit snug, and deep enough to keep it from rolling away. Before relocating the egg, they carefully lined the hole with a layer of long, thick grass from around the pond. Alchemilla proceeded to, with much care, push the egg with their nose into the hole, gently settling it down. They only considered their work done after placing more blades of grass and some lilies around the egg. They took a step back, gazing down at the egg in its new nest of sorts with a smile, before lying down besides it, curiously observing its unusual shell.
tl;dr, pigeon finds egg, confused because they've only seen bird eggs before -From: Lathyrus

The Egg- The egg began to dry under the strangers breath and their nose got a little bit of a cool dew that rest along the eggs shell. The egg wiggled and glowed at the strangers tough and movement could be felt against the strangers nose, to little (paws/hooves/etc). they followed the strangers sounds as they walked and gathered things around them, until they began to roll within their shell as the stranger pushed against the egg placing it into the nest. the initial pushing was scary and the egg reacted with a lot of flashing but calmed once it was in the nest and as they added extra foliage.
It wasnt until long another stranger passed by the egg, squish, squish, splish (hooves stepping in mud and water) Theri shadow blocked out the light on the eggs thin shell. with the darkened surrounding the little egg flashed up at the visitor. @Lathyrus
A strange sound caught the creatures attention Squish, splat, bop, tap tap tap tap....(sound of hooves in the mud and water as they leave) the sound soon faded and the little creature knew they were alone once more. although the soft flashes of lightening bugs above the thin egg shell was calming. the egg glowed green in reply to the fireflies, causing the fireflies to gather in that area of the pond.

After a long nap the creature within stirred, listening to the sounds of the world. Crrrroooak.....ribbit ribbit..bbbzzzz (the sounds of frogs and dragonflies) The little eggs world was filled with so many different sounds. The world was so peaceful compared to the world it came from. The constant shaking, booms, its so different here.....where is here?
Time has passed and the warm suns rays beat down on the little egg. The creature within retreated down towards the portion of the egg submerged in the water curled up tight. The egg wiggled in the mud, stirring the creature awake within as a visitor layed down besides it. A new strange rhythmic sound entered the eggs shell. Bump bump....bump bump....(heart beat) It was peaceful and warm, within the egg the creature stretched giving off a faint glow, barely noticeable in the direct sunlight above them. @ OkamiLugia

The egg was still until the morning rays of sun rose into the sky slowly making its way across the pond water inching up the eggs side warming it. It took some time but the creature that lurked within began to stir from its chilled slumber. Eggs health seems fine for now.

The quiet didn't last long as the world quaked around me vibrating against the eggs shell with the occasional splash of what. Becoming distressed and upset the egg shook as the creature within it shifted and glowed a faint green color, which grew brighter as the forest grew dark. Soon enough the interested creatures passed leaving the egg alone once more to fend for itself tonight.

(I'm planning to have multiple updates a day with this character. Please message me on discord or write an interaction below. contact information in disclaimer)
The Egg

Its quiet again, and this time its cold....although that rhythmic splashing is calming. Yawn*

weeeeeh tries to get a frog spell for the egg before placing them in the forest and gets surrounded by so many ocs. <3 Ended up with Bat because that what the forest wants.


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drop kicks myself in here
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