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. Happenings .
PFit as a whistle, bursting with energy
Mconstantly curious, learning quickly
Enervous/shy around new things but quickly warms up happy
N...but what to say!

Wondered the forest with her father chasing after insects before they visited the pond where she pounced and chased after the frogs and fish. The two spent most of their day down by the water until she tired herself out and then they returned to their home tree to curl up for the night.


Following dad around and being hyper- constantly
bug hunting- everyday
playing in the snow- all the time
wearing cute sweaters- <3
starting to get little plants on her back- RECENT
BABY ROOT- 12.30.18 (this is her niece/nephew fight her and tell her shes wrong. She is WRONG...)
Got stuck inside Grandma's tree trunk face - This is a fact.
NEW CSS and beautiful Bio art by Lathyrus
Another day in the forest was coming to an end as a loud snapping sound broke the silence in the forest. The sapling clearly showed a crack forming across the wood going along the branch splintering in parts. There wasn't much left holding the pumpkin as the soft cracking sound grew. The fawn didn't like the sound and laid curled tightly within the pumpkin ears flat against their neck. They could hear noise of others and they're here...their voice calmed her. They were all visitors from before. The loud cracking of the branch finally splitting in two was terrifying to the fawn. The sapling snapped up and wiggled back and fourth while the pumpkin lays slightly cracked on the floor of the forest. There was a small crack in the pumpkins side where they could easily see the fawn, but not big enough for the fawn to crawl out. There fur was covered in a thick orange goo and pumpkin seeds. The legs closest to the hooves were a deep reddish orange color blending through to a pumpkin orange with their back being a gold orange color with white spots. There ears wiggled as a hoof wiped the goo from their eyes. The fawn blinked before two bright sky blue eye starred back at them. Just as the bright moonlight lit up the sky the fawn was born into the forest. The fawns family happily greeted the young doe encouraging her to stand withe the rut coming into full swing now she would need to learn to walk. She was curious and curled tightly besides her family members under a small blanket given to her by Miro(her father). (welcome baby Sorana!)
It was a rather cool morning today, a gentle breeze blows through the forest rustling the leaves on the tress. The small little sapling deep within the forest sways and shakes its leaves. Somewhere near the ruins you can find this sapling carrying a large pumpkin. The pumpkin bends the sapling further eat day, the pumpkin is but inches from the ground. Beautiful plants of different variety surround the pumpkin like lavender, herbs and berries. The little fawn inside the pumpkin was just waking up with the forest. their ears slowly rise listening to the muted sounds. 'Its louder today' they thought. The fawn stretched inside, tapping its hooves against the inner walls. A soft knocking sound can be heard as the pumpkin shakes and sways from the fawns movement and the first cracking sounds can be heard from the saplings branch.
The world has been rather quiet, there weren't a lot of visitors, just one. The fawn became excited as they began to tell them stories and just talk to the pumpkin. *I want to meet them......* The small fawn within stretched and shifted within the pumpkin. The sapling struggles to hold the pumpkin with every passing day. The fawn taps her head against the side of the pumpkin seeing if the caregiver will notice. *Hello....* they think to them self as a small muffled sound was heard within as well as the tapping of the small ones head from within.

Miro- Miro moves closer to the pumpkin, pressing his side against it, offering the unborn fawn some warmth. He nuzzled the gourd, still beyond thrilled over the prospect of having his own fawn. "You sure are active, aren't you?" The golden stag told to the pumpkin, finally resting curling up around it, resting his head at it's exterior. Every little bump and muffled sound from inside the pumpkin caused Miro's heart to flutter. He was excited and could sense he'd be meeting his fawn soon.

Pumpkin- The fawn calmed as they felt the presence of their caregiver. The pumpkin was warmer on one side and the thudding sounds of their heart could be heard within the pumpkin. Filled with joy the small fawn curled up close to the side of the pumpkin pressing against it as they pushed their small hooves against the other side of the pumpkin, having grown far too big for the pumpkin already. tell me a story.... they thought before making some tapping sounds and little muffled noises. They wanted to get the attention of the caregiver in hopes of a story.

Miro- The Little Sun laughed as the fawn made her presence even clearer. He had nothing left to tell of family, having told it all to her by now, and began telling another tale. He made a point of telling the child various tales of Slavic origin. It was fitting. Something Miro felt at peace doing. As he spoke he adjusted some baby blankets he had knitted in preparation whilst visiting grandparents, gently tucking some around the base of the pumpkin, and storing some underneath the ferns and foliage at his tree's roots.

Pumpkin- the laugh echoed through the pumpkin startling the fawn at first, but they could her the happy tone in their voice. *you seem so warm....* they said as they rubbed the side of the pumpkin with their head. They started to settle down curling into a ball as the Slavic stories began, but just the sound of their voice was enough for them. It was comforting, warm, like they were embrace. This was why they kicked at the pumpkins walls.
Today there was a new visitor. they bumped the sides of my small world as they squeaked and spoke to the voice whose been with me since the beginning. "Aunt...." they thought "what is an aunt?" the pumpkin wiggled as the fawn within it stretched its legs and pushed against the sides causing the pumpkin ti wiggle about.
Over the pasted months the pumpkin continued to grow in peace within Miro's garden surrounded by lavender, herbs and flowers. The vines of the pumpkin twist and intertwine themselves within the garden. The pumpkin rests against the ground with the sapling struggling, wanting to snap from all of the weight from the pumpkin. The fawn that grows within the pumpkin wiggles about stretching and kicking reacting to the sounds. As the sun shines down on it, sometimes its as if you can see the small fawn within.
The pumpkin has grown to about the size of a cantaloupe, the poor saplings branch is bending in a curved structure due to the weight of the pumpkin. There has been a warm presence that visits often. I like when they visit, they talk softly to me about things. Im not sure what they are but i just like that they are there.

After a few days the garden began to flourish and thus began the growth of a small pumpkin in color bulb growing on the young saplings branches bending it slightly. What was once quiet became very loud, spooky sounds of unfamiliar voices and the constant quaking booms as others stomped around the garden. What an intriguing place.

Miro delicately creates a garden within the forest, this is the beginning of my story. Anything is possible with some magical pumpkin seeds and a piece of Miro's antler. But for now, the forest remains quiet.

. Essentials .

Name Sorana
Forest-given sunsprout
Sobriquets Pumpkinbabe
Gender Female
Age 16 days old
Birth date 10.01.18
Size somewhere between #4 & #8
Species red deer with heavy plant influences
Scent pumpkin spice and lavender
Haunt Tree/garden
Reference Sorana

. Self .

Shy - Energetic - Playful - Curious - Snugglebug



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. Bonds .

- Blood -

Miro Father.
more thoughts here!

Brin Uncle.
more thoughts here!

Blaž Uncle.
more thoughts here!

Zlata Aunt.
more thoughts here!

Jagoda Grandmother.
more thoughts here!

'Sol stag' Grandfather.
Unmet, not around.

- Positive -

more thoughts here!

- Seen -

more thoughts here!

- Negative -

more thoughts here!

- Past -

more thoughts here!

. Other .

- Possession -

🙚 Knitted blankets from Miro.
🙚 Necklace from Brin.
🙚 Item!
🙚 Item!

- Art -

Artist Name: *
Artist Name: *
Artist Name: *
Artist Name: *
Artist Name: *



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Made me smile, I love it)

Made me smile, I love it)
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Thank you.

Thank you. <3
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Oh goodness me, there's the

Oh goodness me, there's the Great Pumpkin!
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yay the pumpkin is here!

yay the pumpkin is here!
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I'm so late... ;w;

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this is too sweet Smiling


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This is the deer I chose to

This is the deer I chose to draw for you! Smiling
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Ah thank you

Ah thank you
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