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I've been holding onto this for a while, and today has me thinking about it again so I figured I may as well post it.

I want to suggest a tradition within the Forest. Thus far, it has been tradition to honor a fallen community member with a vigil lasting a day or a few days. It is one of the things I find most endearing about this place, and I in no way wish to encroach upon that.

But I would also like to see us never forget those we care for, and the bond that the community shares.
Once upon a time there was an annual walk to remember those who have gone, which Quadraptor put together to honor his late father. I would like to revive that, albeit in a slightly different way.

I would like to see the walk start at Run's memorial, in the sun spot at the Ruins. We would walk to the poppy fields, where we gathered for Flyleaf. From there, to Fern Hill for Fincayra. And for every loss thereafter, whatever location the mourners deemed proper for their loved one at the time of passing, wherever they gathered to remember and hold vigil, would be added to the walk the following year.

When the walk has concluded, those walking could visit the memorial places of loved ones, or resume normal Forest life, or walk the route again - whatever their heart tells them is right. And because event timing is such a delicate balance with so many time zones involved across the community, I would like to see some way for those who cannot make it to the initial walk to participate as well. I think a three day event would suit that need. The second and third day could be devoted to allowing those who could not join the original walk to follow the route at their leisure, and for others to keep vigil at memorial places, or dance and celebrate the lives of those we have lost.

I think having a set date rather than an annually voted timespan will be less stressful, in keeping with the tone of the event, and will help ensure that people can adequately plan ahead if they would like to attend. I think the 1st - 3rd of May or June might work well, as they are away from other Forest-based events and real-world holidays. The first walk should probably occur in the mid-evening for a majority of players (probably somewhere central U.S./Canada), or we could just say "X time in your own timezone" so there's no need to keep track and coordinate; you would just walk with the people in your timezone and anyone else who wished to join. If the community would prefer different dates/times, that can be discussed here too.

This event would also need a name. I like "Memorial Walk" or something similarly simple.

What do you think?

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I really like this idea. I

I really like this idea. I think maybe the walk itself could be at a particular time (or maybe multiple times) as like the main event, but the rest of the day/s can be open for people to join in however they want. Because I feel like getting a group together at a particular time will be easier if people know when exactly to be on if they want to do the walk, but then leaving the rest of the day open would make it possible for people who can't be on at that specific time to participate in some other way. If that makes sense.
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I like this, i remember the

I like this, i remember the sits we did to remember fallen players and i always loved just the care put into all of it. Maybe doing a poll to check time zones and figuring out what time would allow the most players to attend who wish to could be good. Maybe those who cannot make the walk itself we could have a “memory wall” where people post their memories of lost ones and condolences or something? Just a few thoughts I had ^^
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Yes. Yeah. I love this idea

Yes. Yeah. I love this idea
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I really love this idea

I really love this idea <3
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Took part in Quadraptor's

Took part in Quadraptor's walks and enjoyed them greatly. 100% supporting this initiative. Will edit in ideas if I have any but for now very yes, please.
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That sounds like a nice

That sounds like a nice tradition.Smiling
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What I beautiful idea! Always

What I beautiful idea! Always wanted to take part in Quad's walks, but never got a chance to. And I feel like it would be nice to collectively remember and honour those we lost.
Also, I would vote for June, 'cause some countries (including mine) do have holidays at the beginning of May.
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&hearts; lovely idea

lovely idea
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Ahw Aivilo, what a good

Ahw Aivilo,
what a good idea! I really support and like this! remembers me of some good old happenings we had here in TEF before.
let´s do it!
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Love this idea, you

Love this idea, you definitely have my support. <3
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Yes please! I'd love to

Yes please! I'd love to participate in something like this
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would love to take part in

would love to take part in this ♥
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I love this idea.

I love this idea.
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Hub Page Let's see how these

Hub Page

Let's see how these dates/times work out, and we can adjust as needed.