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Dancing party, and other stuff :)

Some new nice pictures of Ocelo's journey in the forest.

Dancing party:
Ocelo took part in a nice dancing party, which quickly turned silly Laughing out loud

But when we took a picture at the end of this little event, someone had disappeared ! O_O
(Will you find who is missing ? ^^)

Fun and disguise:

Red as the flowers.

Is it some kind of Indian deer ?

Ocelo : "Oh my God ! My head ! Where is my head ?!!!"

Today Ocelo discoverd is has a female part... :x

A secret rendez-vous:

Hem... no comment. ^^

Beautiful places:

Could you tell where are the deers ?

A little rest under a tree.

Ocelo met a group of deer during lunch-time, and one of them was wearing Sluggs' picto. So here's the question : Sluggs, was it you ? (nice set anyway ^^)

Look at the white deer in the group.
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A little funny adventure... ^^

Notice: Many deers took part in the little adventure I wrote here. I identified Flicka because she recognised Ocelo on the blog, and 21 because she posted a comment. But I still don't know the others ! So if you want to be know, and to see your deer's name in this little story, just tell me ! Eye

I'm going to tell you a story.
As every good story, this one starts with a meeting. A meeting with a charming doe...
Tonight, Ocelo decided to walk a little and see if he could meet new friend. By following the troating he was hearing, he finally encounter a little group of deers...
And she was there !
A lovely doe named 21 ( she's on the left af the picture).

While playing with the deers, Ocelo tried to get closer from this mysterious beauty he just has remarked. To charm her, he also accept to wear the same pelt ! What a guy wouldn't do to be apreciated by a lovely girl ?

He spent some time, dancing and having a good time with her. They seemed to be in the mood so everything was good.

Wanting to show how handsome and quick he was, Ocelo started to run fast around her. She started to race with him and went to the pound to... walk on water ! Ocelo was impressed, of course, but he thought that if a doe could walk on water, he could also do it as well...
Big mistake ! He fell miserably in the pound and lost his all set he was so proud of !
Poor Ocelo, but he shouldn't be so stupid when does are around...
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New pictures (edited)...

New pictures again. Maybe I take too much screenshots ? I don't care, it's funny ! Smiling
As usual, tell me if you see your deer Eye

I hope I didn't disturb you guys, but Ocelo couldn't resist to sit down next to you and take a picture xD

Hey white deer, why didn't you stay with me for a while ? Smiling

Sitting down the old oak.

Drinking in the pound.

White pelt party (classy, don't you think ?).

Sluggs, is that you ? ^^

B-boys posing... hey little fawn, don't come in front of the camera ! xD

Friendship is so dizzy ^^.

Resting near the idols after a race through the forest.

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Some wallpapers.

I present you some wallpaper I made with screenshots. Nothing extraordinary, but I wanted to share them with you all Smiling

The first one, dedicated to Ocelo.

800x600 / 1280x1024

And a random one.

800x600 / 1280x1024

Hope you'll like them ^^.
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Deer fellows, who are you ? :)

These last two days I took some pictures of the best moments Ocelo spent in the forest, in company of his new friends. If you see your deer on a picture, let me know ! Eye

Dancing in the forest...

Oh my God : is it... a ghost ?!

Everybody say "cheese" ! ^^

Ocelo met one of his hiden children Laughing out loud

Playind with antlers...

... but also with masks Smiling

Face to face.

Taking care of the sleepy ones.

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Ocelo's wonderful biography x'D (edited)

Name: Ocelo.

Meaning: This name is related to the ocelot, which is a little feline that I love, and it fits with the pelt of my deer (lucky me? ^^).

Gender: HSSBD (Hot Sexy Smexy Beast Deer > thanks Blackhoof for the nickname ^^)… Ok, it’s a stag.

Birthday: April 13, 2008.

How to Remember: Think about a mountain with clouds on the top (but my boyfriend told me it was like a house with smoke coming out from the chimney -_-‘). Clearly less cute...

Bio: Ocelo's life has always been simple. Nothing important happened in his childhood, and he has always been charming (not "Prince charming": "Deer charming", huhu xD). Now that he is an adult, he travels through the forest, looking for other deers. It’s a kind of modern lonesome cow-boy, crossed with a "Don Juan" (huhu ^^).

Personality: Did I tell you he is charming? Ok, so he likes to meet other deers, make friends and play with them. He isn’t shy at all, and is very demonstrative: he likes to show how beautiful he is, and loves to disguise (exchanging antlers, masks and pelts with other deers).

Appearance: Orange-brown pelt with spots, dark brown legs, white chest and belly. He wears a brown deer mask (which makes a big deep noise), and great long grey antlers. I was about to forgot : hey girls, he has blue eyes Eye.

Location: He can be anywhere. When he is around, he looks for friends, play a lot, and will sleep at the last place where he was playing.
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Self-portrait :3

Just because i love my Ocelo so much (isn't he cute ? ^^).
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Streching ! ^^

Streching is what all deers should do to avoid over-fatigue while running through the forest... ^^
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Dear Ocelo...

A drawing of my deer, Ocelo.
Oils pastels on paper, than arranged with Photoshop.
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