Dancing party, and other stuff :)

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Some new nice pictures of Ocelo's journey in the forest.

Dancing party:
Ocelo took part in a nice dancing party, which quickly turned silly Laughing out loud

But when we took a picture at the end of this little event, someone had disappeared ! O_O
(Will you find who is missing ? ^^)

Fun and disguise:

Red as the flowers.

Is it some kind of Indian deer ?

Ocelo : "Oh my God ! My head ! Where is my head ?!!!"

Today Ocelo discoverd is has a female part... :x

A secret rendez-vous:

Hem... no comment. ^^

Beautiful places:

Could you tell where are the deers ?

A little rest under a tree.

Ocelo met a group of deer during lunch-time, and one of them was wearing Sluggs' picto. So here's the question : Sluggs, was it you ? (nice set anyway ^^)

Look at the white deer in the group.
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Hehe thats a great little

Hehe thats a great little animation of us dancing Laughing out loud

Yeah Sluggs dissapeared O_o and then reappeared and cloned himself o.o

And regarding your last Question, I'm pretty sure that's Sluggs because I saw him wearing that set when I came on.
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I'm glad that you like the

I'm glad that you like the animation : I wanted to make one because I often regret not having something to film the funny things deers do ---> screenshots are so frustrating sometimes.

And what with this habit to clone deers ? x'D lol
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Yeah, I'd love to do a sort

Yeah, I'd love to do a sort of film type thing when funny stuff happens, there's only so much that you can show with screenshots.

Laughing out loud I have no idea, it's Sluggs and he's the King of Random XD