A little funny adventure... ^^

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Notice: Many deers took part in the little adventure I wrote here. I identified Flicka because she recognised Ocelo on the blog, and 21 because she posted a comment. But I still don't know the others ! So if you want to be know, and to see your deer's name in this little story, just tell me ! Eye

I'm going to tell you a story.
As every good story, this one starts with a meeting. A meeting with a charming doe...
Tonight, Ocelo decided to walk a little and see if he could meet new friend. By following the troating he was hearing, he finally encounter a little group of deers...
And she was there !
A lovely doe named 21 ( she's on the left af the picture).

While playing with the deers, Ocelo tried to get closer from this mysterious beauty he just has remarked. To charm her, he also accept to wear the same pelt ! What a guy wouldn't do to be apreciated by a lovely girl ?

He spent some time, dancing and having a good time with her. They seemed to be in the mood so everything was good.

Wanting to show how handsome and quick he was, Ocelo started to run fast around her. She started to race with him and went to the pound to... walk on water ! Ocelo was impressed, of course, but he thought that if a doe could walk on water, he could also do it as well...
Big mistake ! He fell miserably in the pound and lost his all set he was so proud of !
Poor Ocelo, but he shouldn't be so stupid when does are around...

Anyway, the nice little doe saw the poor Ocelo, so ashamed of his own mistake, and decided to help him to recover all his splendor...

But after a short while she suddenly disappeared ! And the poor Ocelo ended alone, and with a total ridiculous looking. What an humiliation for this stag which is so proud of himself : he showed himself ridiculous to please a doe, and she abandonned him !
This should be a good lesson to learn.

But, while crying on his own stupidity, he heard a new troating. An amazing doe was playing with some friends, not far from the pound.
Flicka was her name (), and she was with an other unknown deer ().
They welcomed Ocelo and kindly helped him to recover his pelt, antlers and mask (and some pride to ^^).

Of course it took some time and efforts to get a good result.

But finally my little Ocelo came back to what he was. All his problems and sadness went away, even his broken heart seemed to be repared by the kindness of the sweet Flicka...

He wouldn't admit it, but I know my Ocelo very well and I'm pretty sure he had a big crush on her tonight.
And because he is an HSSBD, or because he can't resist a lovely doe, he started to play fool again, just to impress her ! xD

They raced together, then stopped to drink a little at the pound. And as a prouf that this little stupid stag will never learn anything, he started to play around the pound again...

Flicka and Ocelo started to make some kind of funny jump contest, using an old dead tree lying down in the water.

But Ocelo had to leave, so he took the time to say goodbye to her (bowing to her and nuzzling) and disappeared...

I think they had much fun together tonight, and I know that Ocelo is secretly wishing to see Flicka again in the forest ^^.
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That 'lovely unknown doe'

That 'lovely unknown doe' would be 21.

And Walter doesn't like sharing. =x (Not that she's his mate or anything. He just likes her. Lots. <3)
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Oh, so I'll tell Ocelo to be

Oh, so I'll tell Ocelo to be carefull so ! xD

That was so much fun!

That was so much fun! Ooh
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Look out, Ocelo! Sorry

Look out, Ocelo! Laughing out loud
Sorry about leaving you after your spill in the pond, I had to go for a short while and by the time I returned you'd already gotten your set back. If you're feeling daring enough, I can teach you how to walk on the water and maybe some other silly tricks. Smiling
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Tell him to be -very-

Tell him to be -very- careful. With all these other deer dressing up as him and annoying him, he's not in the best of moods.
(OOC-wise I'm not either. Frustrated and stressed with exams and parents, all that shizzle.)
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@ Flicka : I'm happy to know

@ Flicka : I'm happy to know that Ocelo wasn't the only one to have fun tonight ^^.

@ Ephra : Ocelo is not angry against 21, don't worry. Even if it broke his poor little heart, he is a very frivolous stag, and particularly concerning does... xD
As Flicka was there to heal his poor little heart, I has already forgotten why he was sad ^^.
And because he is daring (as every proud guy), i think he would love to learn funny tricks 21 agree to teach him ! Smiling

@ Verdalas : My God, this Walter seems to be a difficult deer to handle ! I hope my Ocelo and his legendary stupidity will never contrary him (and you neither xD lol) !
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I noticed Flicka, I was on

I noticed Flicka, I was on the phone however so I couldn't visit with her.
Sorry for my rudeness, she seems sweet Smiling

Oh, it's okay. Flicka is a

Oh, it's okay. Flicka is a bit shy, so she is usally on her own. But she really does love company! She noticed another doe that seemed to be shy too. She had on the same set except she had a white pelt, with black legs, and some kind of marking on the back. Just thought I'd say that hehe.
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The doe you're thinking of

The doe you're thinking of Flicka is Stelmaria, she's
a real sweet heart and in fact my deer's sister. She's nice once you get to know her,
I'm sure you'll get along swell.

Oh yes, Ocelo, be careful, some of the does have mates and its best to be cautious before you run around with
one or anything. Not that anyone of the ones you played with earlier did.

PS: I was the butterfly doe in the first picture.

Oh-- I'm sure we will too.

Oh-- I'm sure we will too. =]
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I would not worry too much

I would not worry too much about it, Vinyelle. Laughing out loud It seems to me that he's not taking the roleplaying here so serious as to be malicious. I'd love to hear more about the adventures of this silly deer, even if he does get in trouble for his constant flirting.
Now that I think about it, I'm surprised at the lack of Casanova-type characters here! But I think it will help inject a little humour into the roleplaying. I don't mind the comical kind of deer-drama. Sticking out tongue
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M'kay deary if you say so xD

M'kay deary if you say so xD *me is watching you Ocelo* [/joke]
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No ?! Don't tell me my cute

No ?! Don't tell me my cute Ocelo is the only Casanova in town !
Ok, so ladys watch out ! x'D

I'm pleased that you seem to like my humour, Ephra ---> I want to play it fun, even if my poor Ocelo will probably get in trouble one day (anyway it would give me lots of stories to tell you, which woudn't be a bad thing to my point of vue ^^).

Vinyelle : you're going to scare him ! lol