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I'm back...at last.

Hi everybody !

I know I haven't been in the forest for so long... Life is not always kind, and I had to deal with it so there was no time left for dreams, friends and fun in the forest.
But I'm back now on. I certainly won't be as active as I used to do, but I couldn't imagine to stay away from you all and from the forest forever.
So I hope to see my old friends and the newcomers I haven't met yet in the forest !

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I'd like to make my apologize to everybody...

Hi guys, and sorry I went away for so long.
Lot's of things happened to me this summer, and I have not been able to come back in the forest before today.
I haven't had the time to make the drawings I promised before I left neither.
So I'd like to apologize to all of you, and hope to see you again in the forest.
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I'm late, but you'll get your requests soon ;)

EDIT : I'm finally back, taking care of all this stuff as soon as possible Eye

Requests (there won't be a particular order, it will depend on my mood xD) :
1- SarieBearie
2- Liëka
3- Seele
4- Fenqua
5- Saan

I start with only five requests (I wouldn't like to make you wait, so I start slowly ^^). But even if my list is full, you can post and I'll add you when one slot will be free.
SarieBearie, as I told you on DA I'm going to make one for you. Eye
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Ocelo : "I have the pleasure to introduce... Alyca !" ^^

Ocelo : "Today I have the great pleasure to introduce my niece, Alyca. This sweet little doe is still a fawn, as she was born on May, the 21st, and I'm very proud to be her uncle (even if my sister is not sure that I can be a good exemple for her... >_<').
Anyway, I hope you'll all be kind with her ! She's a little bit shy Eye."

So now you'll know Ocelo's niece : Alyca

Hope you'll like her ^^.
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Funny sunday :)

Today Ocelo has been able to enjoy much more time in the forest because it was sunday (and on sundays his mom have less RL stuff to do ^^).

He met a very nice doe with whom he had a good time.

Then he joined some deers near the ruin for Sluggs' (fake) funerals... a very sad moment.

But Ocelo's pray has been heard, and a miracle happened !

Sluggs came back to life (a little bit weakened, but he came back x'D).

(Find the error on the picture : 5 nuzzles to win ^^.)

Ocelo sat down because he was a little bit tired (too much emotion xD), but some deer thought he was a chair ! O_O (Ouch, my back x'D)

So he decided to find a more peacefull place, and he tried to communicate with butterflies...

... it works better if you put flowers on your antlers Smiling

Flicka came in the forest and they played for a while.

As usually, it made Ocelo very happy ^^.

They discovered together that they had submarin skills xD :

A good sunday, indeed Eye
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How did you do that Sluggs ? O_O

Just wondering how you did to cast the skeleton pelt on me.
I'm happy anyway, it's cool xD
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Thanks everybody ^^

End of the drama x'D, thanks to all the deers who helped me take my set back Laughing out loud

A nice deer helped me to take back my antlers, and it was Ocelo's twin ! ^^
Who are you ? Come and let me a message Eye

Then I met two other very nice deers, and I took back my pelt and mask.

And Draak came but Ocelo had already recovered his set, so we played a little together Smiling .

Thanks guys (and I think I'm going to make a copy of my user data, just in case xD).
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Ocelo : "A gift for all my fans !" (my god, this deer has no shame x'D)

Ocelo : "As I know that I have so many fans now, I thought I could make them this incredible pleasure to have a little souvenir from me and..."

Ok, ok, understood. Now please shut your mouth and show your picture...

M'kay... -_-'.
(I'm ashamed of my silly stag son, sorry everybody....lol x'D)
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Nice night again... :)

(This will be edited later : I'm too lazy to put the screenshots right now ^^', and its too late for me to be able to write correctly in english... T_T)

Ocelo had a great time tonight again.
While walking through the forest, he met a group of deers playing with antlers and masks. He joined them and play to find a good set for one of them.
After a while, Ada came in the place and told him to follow her. Ocelo didn't know the reason, but you know : he is always ready to follow a lovely doe... xD
But a very nice surprise was waiting for him at the end of the road : Flicka !
For some reason her picto was invisible : without Ada's help, Ocelo would have never find her.
Thanks little Ada Eye

He spent a great time with the lovely Flicka, running, boucing, dancing and nuzzling ^^.
They met lots of other deers. One showed some agressivity, but Sir Ocelo was there to protect (I think he has been proud to do that ^^). So they went away and finaly found a nice group of deers to make a big dance party !

Thanks Flicka for this marvelous moment Laughing out loud
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Gift gallery (new wonderful art, from Light this time --> Thanks Light ! *big mega kiss* huhu ^^)

This is the little gallery where I'm going to put all the gifts from my TEF friends (hope it will be a loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg gallery ^^). The most recent is on top.

An absolutly wonderful piece of art from Light Laughing out loud

I makes me dreaming... ^^

Now Bambi's one : mini Ocelo !

He's so cute like that ! Smiling

An art gift, from Seele this time Eye

Don't watch it for too long or you'll fall in love Laughing out loud

The first one I get, the marvelous gift I get from Fincayra : a portrait of my silly Ocelo. ^^

Isn't it simply great ?! ^^
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