Deer fellows, who are you ? :)

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These last two days I took some pictures of the best moments Ocelo spent in the forest, in company of his new friends. If you see your deer on a picture, let me know ! Eye

Dancing in the forest...

Oh my God : is it... a ghost ?!

Everybody say "cheese" ! ^^

Ocelo met one of his hiden children Laughing out loud

Playind with antlers...

... but also with masks Smiling

Face to face.

Taking care of the sleepy ones.

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You're awake! Every time

You're awake! Shocked Every time I've seen you in the forest, you've been asleep! Laughing out loud
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HAY I KNOW YOU! o: That's


That's Dim at the very bottom <:
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Yes, im awake (sometimes >

Yes, im awake (sometimes > lazy me ^^).

Ok, So the sleepy one on the last picture is Dim.

---> Come on guys, I want to know who are the others ! Eye

Lovely pictures dear *thumbs

Lovely pictures dear *thumbs up*
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Yo! I was there! And theres

Yo! I was there! And theres the HOT SEXY SMEXY BEAST DEER!
To me you looked inviseble Hot Sexy Smexy Beast deer!
Maybe because I have da old version!

It was hard to play with ya because my computer was glitching
up! So I just danced.

I'm the deer in with red flowers in antlers,
I'm in da first two pictures. But you might
all ready know me from the few post I talked to
ya in.
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Of course I remember you !

Of course I remember you ! (the weird-comments-deer, hehe ^^)
So it's you in the two first pictures ?! So sad that you run the old version : we won't be able to communicate well T_T.
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Well I plan on running the

Well I plan on running the new version soon,
so don't worry! I'm just lazy that's all.