Streching ! ^^

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Streching is what all deers should do to avoid over-fatigue while running through the forest... ^^
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Stretching's fun :3 Except

Stretching's fun :3 Except when you bonk your head on a rock when you stand up <<; *anzel is silly*

Umm, I'm curious, how do you bump blogs? Sticking out tongue
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By editing them, I believe.

By editing them, I believe. I used to think it was when someone commented, but I now think that when you edit a blog entry, it gets moved back up to the top. Or maybe it's both? D:
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That's both in fact : I

That's both in fact : I edited nearly all my blog entries (mostly to remove mistakes Arrow my english is bad T_T) and saw them coming up of the top ! xD