Ocelo's wonderful biography x'D (edited)

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Name: Ocelo.

Meaning: This name is related to the ocelot, which is a little feline that I love, and it fits with the pelt of my deer (lucky me? ^^).

Gender: HSSBD (Hot Sexy Smexy Beast Deer > thanks Blackhoof for the nickname ^^)… Ok, it’s a stag.

Birthday: April 13, 2008.

How to Remember: Think about a mountain with clouds on the top (but my boyfriend told me it was like a house with smoke coming out from the chimney -_-‘). Clearly less cute...

Bio: Ocelo's life has always been simple. Nothing important happened in his childhood, and he has always been charming (not "Prince charming": "Deer charming", huhu xD). Now that he is an adult, he travels through the forest, looking for other deers. It’s a kind of modern lonesome cow-boy, crossed with a "Don Juan" (huhu ^^).

Personality: Did I tell you he is charming? Ok, so he likes to meet other deers, make friends and play with them. He isn’t shy at all, and is very demonstrative: he likes to show how beautiful he is, and loves to disguise (exchanging antlers, masks and pelts with other deers).

Appearance: Orange-brown pelt with spots, dark brown legs, white chest and belly. He wears a brown deer mask (which makes a big deep noise), and great long grey antlers. I was about to forgot : hey girls, he has blue eyes Eye.

Location: He can be anywhere. When he is around, he looks for friends, play a lot, and will sleep at the last place where he was playing.

Behaviour: He loves other deers as he loves himself. When meeting another deer he will first bow to say hello, and then start to play. Always ready to follow others, it will be a pleasure for him to play, guide new deers and fawns, and race through the forest, just for fun.

- Running
- Jumping
- Changing masks, pelts, and antlers
- Dancing
- Having a good time (especially with cute does… :3)
- Helping fawns and other deers

- Being alone

- Amica (his little sister)
- Alyca (his niece)

- Anyone willing to play (and willing to admire him ^^)

Mate: He doesn’t want to find somebody. As a “Don Juan”, he must be free as the wind, to be disposable for any lovely doe that would need his company… :3

My lil' doe played with

My lil' doe played with Ocelo today, or atleast I think. She had fun with him. ^.^
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Yes he did. And without

Yes he did. And without knowing, you're little doe took an important part in a funny story ^^.
(And I shouldn't tell you that, but I think Ocelo has a crush on her... Eye )

A funny story? Are you going

A funny story? Are you going to share? I would love to hear it! =D

(A crush. Don't worry, I wont tell her! Eye)
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Of course I'm going to share

Of course I'm going to share (even if my bad english is going to limit my wonderfull writing skills x'D lol).
I'm writing it already, so you should be able to read it on my blog very soon Eye

(I hope you won't tell : Ocelo is to proud to assume anything ^^.)

Oh, yay! And I'm sure others

Oh, yay! And I'm sure others wont mind your english.

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Ha HA! I KNEW it! I knew

Ha HA! I KNEW it!

I knew Ocelo = Ocelot, which is my favorite animal, heh. I used to have a character named Ocela Sticking out tongue

*dances* Ocelots rock, no?
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Yes they rock. ^^ Ocelots

Yes they rock. ^^
Ocelots power Exclaim (Don't worry, I'm a little bit silly but it never last for too long... xD)