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Lemon's Journal - 12-28-2008

Today's Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv5JXxME0js


After my little rendezvous with the mysterious dotd stag, I met up with Darcy. Remember, he's the one I fell asleep next to, the day it rained. I was so glad to see such a friendly face! We were joined by another fawn, and we headed off for the playground. Oh, we had so much fun, together!

After a while, two more deer approached us -- one was a beautiful peacock deer, and the other one was a fawn. We had a little dancing party on top of the rocks, before laying down to relax and enjoy the peacefullness of the forest. It was good to rest for a while, since the running, dancing, and climbing we had done earlier was beginning to take its toll on my fragile little fawn-body.

I mean, I do like to play. I'm a cheerful girl. But I'm a lot more laid back and calm, then most fawns are. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the peaceful ways of the forest.

After a while, we fawns began to grow a little restless. We began running around, practicing our leaps and bounds -- and then, of all things, Darcy went and laid down inside a rock, with his head poking out. As soon as I saw him, I began to burst with laughter. The peacock deer and I joined him, and eventually so did one of the other fawns.

Tada! It's the 4-headed-deer-idol-rock-monster-thing!

Anyway, I began to feel pretty tired, after that. I said my sorrowful goodbyes, and went to sleep.

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Lemon's Journal - 12-27-2008

Today, I ran across the most peculiar fellow. He was a handsome deer, though I couldn't tell if it was a stag or a doe. For the sake of simplicity, I'll just refer to him as a 'he'.

Well, this stag was dressed in a Day of the Dead pelt, with a skull mask and peacock feathers. He would always lay about twenty feet away from wherever there was a big group of deer. I noticed him laying there, alone, while I was romping around with some new friends. I thought maybe he was just shy. So I went over to try and engage him; but he ran away! I followed him for a bit, trying to get him to open up. After a while, though, I started to think that maybe he just wanted to be left alone.

I went and laid near a fallen log, and was surprised by the arrival of a friend of mine -- a mini doe with a beaker-like pictogram. I remember meeting her a while ago, and I was glad to have her company. She laid next to me (though not before giving me a rather silly looking mask), and we chatted a bit. Mostly about the odd weather.

Anyway, after a while, we got up and moved to a nearby mushroom circle, to continue our idle conversation. I fell asleep after a while. When I awoke, I was startled to notice that the strange stag was laying several feet away, watching us! He was laying next to a tree, all alone. I got up and went over to him, and laid down next to him. I didn't say anything, because I didn't want to spook him. He was content to lay there, for a while. It was only when the mini-doe approached with some other deer, that he got up and galloped off into the forest.

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Lemon's Journal - 12-26-2008

LT: It's a long one, folks!

Today's song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGYg0fL9dqE
Fitting song for the rain. <3


First off, I apologize for the fact that this entry isn't going to be as upbeat and charming as I would like. Those who know me (which probably is only one or two deer, at best), know that I have two very different sides to my personality. The first part is a child-like, cheerful persona -- the fawn you see jumping over sleeping deer, skipping through the forest, and moonwalking backwards with my best friend, Seed. The other half of me is a dark and depressed soul; a very mature fawn with a dismal outlook on life. Unfortunately, it seems that the rain has brought out the latter half of my persona.

I saw Seth, again! Or, I think it was Seth. He's changed his set, so I can't be sure. The day we spent with Calanthe was such a great day. I always think of that day, and smile. But ever since then, I've been far too shy to approach either of them, again. I doubt they even remember me. But that's okay. The memory of our adventure is good enough, for me.

Anyway, Seth was clowning around with some other grown deer. At first, I was hesitant to join them. The rain has got me feeling rather lonely and shy, you see. But after watching their antics for a while, I did decide to join in their frolicking.

After that, I ran off and met a fawn with blue flowers on his head. I have to tell you, I was absolutely mad about him, for an hour or so! We raced through the forest, kicking up our heels in glee. Oh, it feels so glorious to run!

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Lemon's Journal - 12-25-2008

[sub]Well, I feel much better since my last journal entry. I even made some new friends! And I discovered something rather disturbing.

You see, all this time, I thought I was a boy. Turns out, I'm a girl! Would you believe it? Well, I mean, there's no real way to tell whether your a stag or a doe until your birthday, when you're all grown up. But since the magic has been sticking to fawns, we little ones have been getting more acquainted with our future adult selves.

All this time, I thought that I was a boy. But after trying on so many different sets, I just came to the realization that I'm not a stag at all. This is quite a relief, since I have the biggest crush on an older stag... But I can't say anything about that. I mean, I know this is a journal, and all.. but I would positively die if he found out!

Anyway, I can't remember much about what's happened over the past couple of days, I've just been so busy! Let's see what I do remember.

Well, the first thing I did, after waking, was join a line-dance! Dancing always makes me happy. This time, it was a midget dance. Everybody participating was tiny! Well, actually, there were one or two full-size stags there. But that only made it better! Oh, I had a blast. It feels so good to dance.

I met some new fawns! I know, most of the deer running around as fawns aren't really fawns. With the magic sticking, it seems like everyone wants to be a fawn! But I'm certainly not complaining. I like fawns.

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Lemon's Diary pg. 2 - 12/24/2008

[center]Wow, what a day!

Today was the very first day I have ever seen snow. At first, I didn't even realize that it was snowing. Then, all of the sudden, I realized that there was snow falling from the sky! I was so thrilled, I just had to run around, leap, and skip through the snow! I just wish it wasn't so cold. Being a fawn, I don't really have much protection against the winter chill. Yet another reason I can't wait to be a stag!

Anyway, I ran off through the snow -- and who should I bump into, but my friend, Seed? I was so happy to see him, I couldn't help but run circles around him. Although I'm usually a pretty calm foal, sometimes I can be too hyperactive for my own good. Anyway, Seed and I played for a bit with some other deer. Then I got turned into a bat, and chased him around the forest. I'm not sure if he saw me, though, so I was more or less just following him.

Then we played around with spells for a bit -- and I discovered that I was able to keep my magic! Oh, I was so happy to discover this!

All day long, I've been experimenting with different sets. All this magic makes me even more excited for my stag-day.

Of course, I don't have many friends, right now. But who knows how many deer I'll meet from now until then? I love meeting new deer, even though sometimes I do feel quite intimidated by the older stags. I know a lot of deer, but I really only think of Seed as my friend. And I had a blast with Seth and Calanthe the other day, but I don't see them around very often. Well, I mean, I see Calanthe around a lot, but she always seems busy with other things, and I don't want to bug her. Sometimes I can be quite shy, you see. Older deer can be so intimidating! If only I wasn't so small...
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Winter Abio?

Just curious, but is there going to be a Winter/Christmas Abio? ^^
If so, when?

I heard it would be on the 31st, but there are lots of interesting things going on in the forest. Fawn sets are sticking and there's music coming from the twin God's statue (are they shifted slightly, or is that just me?)

- LT
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Lemon's Diary pg. 1

Today was a ton of fun! I hung out with Seed for an hour or so, and we had a blast. I really like that guy, he's pretty fun.

We played around on the playground for a while. What is it with stags and the playground? I'm not too fond of the place. With so many creepy stories about the deermuda triangle, I'm always watching my step. Most deer like to tempt fate, but I'm not going to risk my life with that stuff! Plus, the playground is full of huge rocks, and I can never quite seem to navigate them as well as the adults do. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun playing with Seed on the rocks.

He showed me how to jump up on to one of the big rocks. It took a while for me to get it, but Seed was patient. And when I finally made it, I did a victory dance, and Seed joined me!

Then some other deer joined us. One was shapeshifted into a dove, and he turned Seed into a frog! I tried to squish frog-Seed with my butt, but he was too quick.

After that, Seed and I moonwalked through the forest backwards, for a bit. I was laughing so much! We must have looked so silly. I love hanging out with Seed. Smiling

Then Seed and I ran off and found a big herd of deer. I had a lot of fun playing around with the other deer, and wearing lots of rediculous looking masks. There was a Zombie deer there, with no pictogram! I figured it was simply a glitch, but he sure did look spooky. It was almost as if he were a ghost!

I do like the zombie masks. I secretly wish that one day, I might be able to wear a zombie mask. I don't like the pelt, though -- it creeps me out!

Anyway, it wasn't long before LT's game crashed, and refushed to let her log in, again. Sad

So, that's all for today!

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All About LT!

luls, remember this? My first post on TEF! Updated Nov 8. <3






March 19th

5' 5"

WEIGHT [lol idk who wants to know this]
About 110 lbs

Jan, 20

Hazel [green, mostly; with bits of brown, blue, and grey]

+ The internetz
+ Dachshunds, Bull Terriers, Borzoi, and other strange-looking dogs. c:
+ Yellow flowers
+ The color Turquoise
+ Art [painting, photography, literature, etc]
+ Water [my element; oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, etc]
+ Swimming
+ HOT weather!
+ Horses
+ Hiking, the great outdoors
+ Cheesecake
+ Animals, plants, nature in general

I've always wanted to work in an animal-related field. I've always dreamed of becoming a caretaker for large cats at a zoo or reserve; though I know I'll never be able to have that job. I'd also love to be a dog groomer, or nature photographer.

I currently have a dog named Andy, who is a miniature Dachshund. Unfortunately, that's all at the moment. :c Having grown up with a house full of animals, it's pretty strange having just one dog, now...
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