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Understanding Lemon!

Okay! I've been trying to make something like this for a while, and Zerg's post prompted me to get it finished. c: Well, not really finished. I'll add more as I think of them. For now, this will do!

Here's an explanation for some of Lemon's common behaviors. <3


BOW + HEAD TILT | The doe bow/curtsy. Lemon happens to think that tilting one's head while bowing is very feminine, while simply bowing without the head tilt is quite masculine.

HEAD TILT | Can be used to say, "aww!", or "what/eh?". Lemon also has a habit of tilting her head whenever someone tilts their head at her. If the other deer is inclined to do the same, this sometimes results in never-ending head-tilting sessions. c:

AMAZEMENT | Lemon's favorite action, for sure! Lemon will become amazed when seeing a beloved friend, or when meeting up with someone she hasn't seen for a long time, along with other generally shocking or surprising moments. She also may become amazed at random moments, simply because it's fun to do. And like head tilting, Lemon will copy you if you become amazed at her.

SCRATCH GROUND + LAY DOWN | "I'll be right back."

SCRATCH GROUND + NOD + HEAD TILT | "Will you wait for me? I'll be right back." Lemon is expecting either a nod or a shake of the head, when she asks this.

NOD + HEAD TILT | "Is this what you want?" or "I'm... not sure what you want."

SCRATCH GROUND + RUN OFF | "Follow me!" Lemon may also rear and turn in the direction she wants you to go. If you don't follow her immediately, she will stop and wait. If you still do not follow, she will repeat the scratch + run action.

FEAR + HEAD TILT | This is Lemon's way of saying, "Why are you scaring me? What did I ever do to you?", or "Please don't hurt me!".
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Rai, dear.

I'm so sorry. .____. Like I said, I honestly didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I knew it was a bad idea.

Is there any way I make it up to you? <3
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Questions for Lemon? D:

Ohcrap. I've always wanted to do this, but I worry that no one will have any questions, and my post will just sink into loneliness. ;____;

BUT. I think today I finally have the courage. :>

So, if you have any questions for Lemon (or me, lol) -- any at all! -- please ask! <3 :'D
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UGH. Internet failure.

I'm truly sorry if Lemon is not responding for long periods of time, or disappearing suddenly. My internet has been working off and on lately, and it seems that it's decided not to function much at all, today. :< I probably won't be in-forest much, from now on -- until I can get my connection issues fixed...
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The Encounter IV

ooc; sorry for the bump! Just changing a few minor things. <3


Deep within the forest, a little silver doe lay, curled up with her nose tucked against the warmth of her belly. Three little white birds perched on a branch just above her, peering nervously down at the young miss below. Suddenly, a hush fell over the forest. A blue-white mist settled over the three birds, and their eyes turned a ghostly shade of white. One by one, the three birds fluttered down to the sleeping doe, and perched on her soft, peacock-feather head dress. ”Gilda,” they called in unison. The little doe stirred, but did not rise. Gilda!” The birds called again, their voices sweet and serene. The silver doe lifted her head, and the birds fluttered to the ground before her, tilting their heads to peer up at her.

”Gilda, we must act quickly. We are incarnates of the great forest spirits; it has taken us a very long time to find you.”

The doe, known by most as Lemon, shifted her weight with surprise. She began to speak, but was interrupted by the voices of the three little birds.
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LT's Story Index

Thought I'd get my chapters all organized, here. <3 I quite like writing stories, and I hope to write more (better ones) in the future! So here's where I'll keep them, indexed away. c:



Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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The Encounter III

Lemon had been avoiding Walter as best she could; mostly because she didn’t want to confront the fact that she was destined to murder him. Not only did she hate the idea of any deer passing on before their time; but Lemon actually liked the old stag, quite a bit. She had a tendency to associate with misunderstood and under appreciated deer of the forest; and Walter was certainly no exception. She had come to enjoy the peculiar old stag’s company, even if he could be a bastard, sometimes. The little doe wasn’t going to roam the forest with his blood on her hooves.

So she needed to devise a plan to save him – she needed to speak to Mystress. For now, her idea of avoiding the old stag was falling apart. Lemon stood near the playground rocks, listening intently to her surroundings. She knew that Walter was nearby, accompanied by a buck whom she did not recognize. She considered simply turning and trotting the other direction, on the off chance that Walter hadn’t yet noticed her. But in case the old man had noticed her, Lemon would rather he not be alerted to the fact that she was carefully avoiding him.
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The Encounter II

Holy cow, this is long. Sorry. Cx

I have a very interesting twist planned; I can’t wait to get to it. 8’) It will be revealed later, however – not quite yet. For now, I’ll just say that the spirits aren’t as evil as they seem. <3


”W-where did she go?” Lemon was in a panic, stumbling from one edge of the clearing to the other. Her eyes burned with tears, her heart hammered relentlessly against her little chest. She had been looking after a handful of fawns, and had let her mind wander for a moment – only a moment! – back to her recent meeting with the spirits. Now, she came to realize that one of the fawns she had been looking after, had disappeared.

She had been laying with a few of her friends, watching over a few fawns as they played. Now the group of fawns was minus one, and no one else seemed to be nearly as concerned as Lemon.

The little doe could feel the first traces of a panic attack begin to overtake her – she could hardly breathe, could hardly think. Her entire body felt as if it was trembling, quaking. How could she have lost a fawn? How could she have let it slip away? Lemon leaned against a nearby tree, her sides heaving. No, Lemon thought. No, its okay. Its not your daughter; she can take care of herself. She isn’t your responsibility! After a moment, Lemon began to regain her stability. She righted herself and inhaled deeply. Lemon couldn’t even remember what the fawn’s name was; she wasn’t going to find her again, any time soon. There was no use panicking over the matter.

The little doe turned, making sure that the remaining fawns were safe from harm – and was pleased to see that each of them had snuggled up against an adult. Breathing a resigned sigh, Lemon headed toward the pond.
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The Encounter

There was something ill in the air; Lemon had been feeling it all day. Now that her daughter had gone to sleep, the little silver doe suddenly felt quite ill at ease. She didn’t want to be alone, when such a bad feeling was surrounding her. There were no other deer around that Lemon could sense. Perhaps she ought to seek the refuge of the Twin Gods’…

Suddenly, the forest fell silent, and dark. Lemon blinked, her heart pounding against her chest. They had arrived – the forest spirits. It had been a long time since their last visit. Lemon backed up, and felt her rump brush against the cold bark of an old tree. Suddenly, she was surrounded by a blue-white glow; a swirling mist of skulls and hooves. The mist grew brighter and brighter, until it was nearly blinding, and collected into the shape of a large, male deer. Lemon fell to her knees, kissing the ground at the misty white stag’s cloved hooves.

”Gilda,” the spirits whispered. Lemon trembled, and slowly rose to her feet. It had been a long time since she had heard her Celtic name. The sound of the spirits pronouncing that long-forgotten name brought back memories of the mortal world, and Lemon felt fear bubble up within her. ”You’ve become distracted. What is this nonsense you’ve gone and wrapped yourself up in? We did not intend for you to become partnered with that male; and that child doesn’t belong to you. This is not what we had planned, Gilda. What have you done?” Lemon took a step back, startled.

”I… I didn’t know I was not permitted to have a mate. Seth and I f-fell in love, w-we.. and Peppa isn’t- she didn’t- she wasn’t…!” Lemon found herself stumbling over her own words, and the spirits were growing impatient. The gentle buzzing in Lemon’s mind suddenly turned to a sour hiss, and she cowered in terror.

”GILDA! We told you what your purpose was. And you are becoming distracted.”
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New Laptop! :D

Hey guys! I got a new laptop! I have yet to see how TEF runs on it, but it should work much better than it did on my desktop, since this is a pretty darn expensive laptop. ;D

But anyway, I lost Lemon (and Eliott's) sets when I switched over to the laptop; so if you see her running around in anything other than her set, please feel free to spell-spam the heck out of her until you get bored. Smiling
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