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*insert words here*bio and stuff yeah

eventually i'll fix this up and make it look all pretty but until then here's a pile of disorganized crap

Name: Lynx
Human name: Heather Mayra Coleman
Date of Birth: December 21st, 1974
Date of Death: January 1st, 1996
Gender: Female
Species: Part Whitetail Deer, part Iberian Lynx

Appearance: Bulky, rather big for a doe. Long haired, most noticeable is her furry neck, which works like a lion's mane to make her look much bigger than she actually is. She has a lynx-like tail. Bulky, strong legs with lynx paws. Lynx ears with tuft, and a lynx face with cheek tufts. Snout is quite long. Icy blue cat-like eyes. Mostly black/dark brown color, around legs, neck, shoulders, and legs. Her face fades into a light brown color, white around the nose. Around her rear end the dark fades into a lighter chocolate brown with black lynx spots. Ram antlers

Set: Real deer pelt, Real deer mask, Ram antlers

Personality traits: Not exactly warm and fuzzy. Usually tends to ignore others, often finding a place to herself to lay in all day. She will be a little more kind to fawns, telling them she is not in the mood to play, and may lead them to a place with a group of deer to play with. Naturally territorial, but knowing how territory is handled in the forest, she will tolerate sharing with other deer. Just don't expect her to play with you- or even acknowledge your existence.

The only way you can really become friends with her is to bother her. Depending on what mood she is or who you are, she will either be willing to talk, or "play" with you, or get irritated and snap at you to go away. While it may not seem like it, Lynx has a very quick temper. Annoy her for a long time, she will get very mad. Helping her with something is another way to earn her friendship, or as she sees it, "alliance". She is loyal to those she likes, and will protect them from harm. Lynx has a very cold, dark personality. She is certainly not somebody everybody can be friends with.
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sharp knife of a short life

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Needing some help (non tef)

Okay, so I kinda feel weird about doing this since I feel like this isn't the place to ask these kinds of things. But I know how kind this community is, which is a rarity in this huge world we call the Internet. So I hope that at least one member on here could help, a least a little. I really don't know where else to go. This morning I was feeling depressed when a light bulb popped over my head, and that light bulb is to talk to you guys. I am feeling really hopeful... I just ask if you can help me, even if you know little about this topic. Just tell me all you know about this, because chances are you know more than me.

My cat, Twiggy, was a birthday gift when I turned 13. She had always been skinny, ever since I first saw her at the Humane Society, hence her name. She ate like a pig so we all just assumed it was her metabolism or something. Recently, the problem got worse. A while ago we took her to the vet to get her treated for tapeworms. The last time she had been at the vet, she had weighed 7 pounds. When we took her to the vet this time, she weighed 5. Of course, we thought it was the tapeworms. So we gave her some medicine for them, and that got rid of the worms.

Then, I'm not sure if this is because of the medicine or if it's coincidental, but around the time we first gave her the medicine she wasn't herself. She didn't move and run around as much as she did. She loved to go outside, but she stopped. We took her to the vet again, to check her worms. I wasn't there this time. My mother told me that the vet had felt that one of her kidneys was bigger than the other. She told me there was nothing we can do, but I felt she was lying to me so I called the vet. He had recommended we do blood work, but mom refused to do it because it was expensive. I wanted to pay for it, I mean it was only 200 dollars, I can pay for that. But my mom thought it was stupid.
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So yeah, I'm gonna give this place another chance and just, restart my characters.

I got rid of them all. I might bring back Pierce, but for now I'm just going to refresh and start new.

I'll probably start with one character, might make more in the future. I did have a new character idea.

Her name is Lynx. Basically, she is a lynx. Kinda. She used to be a lynx before she came to the Forest. Whatever, still working on a back story, and her appearance.

If you wish to roleplay with her here, then you may do so. I might as well start to develop her now.
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To the creators of this game, and my family here in the forest...

Under cut, because this is a loooooooooong post.
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Working on something non-tef you guys may or may not be interested in.

So I'm working on a comic series for fun. I thought you guys might be interested in it Smiling

More information is about it here-

Yeah... not much else to say...
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Gone for good

I think now is the best time to leave.

You guys are my family, but if I stay here it will kill me.

I may come back later.

But for now, goodbye.

I will miss you all.
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Officially a teenager (and needing some help)

I turned 13 today!

"My childhood... isn't coming back?"

...Nah I'm pretty happy =) well I'm a bit nervous about something and I need somebody's help.

We're adopting a cat from the Humane Society, as a present. And we have a stupid fat collie beautiful, wonderful dog waiting for it at home. I know the two won't get along right away. I know you have to do things, like put them in different rooms, let them sniff each other out, but for how long, and how do I do it? I usually don't do this.

When we got our aussie Moxie at the other house, we already owned a cat. She got used to the cat, but the cat was territorial and started to spray the dog beds; soon we had to give him away. I'm not sure if our dog will do the same, but I know he might be more territorial than Moxie because he's lived in this house for two years, and a new animal is going to come in.

If anyone has ever done this, can you give me some advice? Like, how to get the animals used to each other? I would really appreciate the help!
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"I'm leaving!" "No, wait, no, I'm back again."

Remember that map of the TEFc that someone made a while ago?

Yeah, just a small visit. I said I was leaving and I will leave but I promised myself I would stay until the end of the year. So I'm hanging around for the next month. After that I think I officially leave.

I don't want to leave just yet because first of all, it's Christmas time and it's always a big celebration here on TEF. I couldn't miss it. Also, I don't think I'm ready to leave quite yet. I kinda left suddenly, explaining why to only a few people. And right before December, which is my favorite month, especially with TEF. I think I should just stay around for the rest of the year and then start the new year without TEF for a few months.

I just want to say that I've had a great time this year. It seems like a week ago it was New Years Eve and we were waiting for 2012 to start... I think 2012 is my favorite year of TEF, until the middle. Something changed here mid-2012 and it's the exact reason I'm leaving. But no matter what happens to TEF, I will always love it and I will never miss out celebrating Christmas and New Years with TEF.

TL;DR, I'm coming back for December but leaving right when 2013 starts.
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