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Self proclaimed savior of the innocent. Expect blood and gore. Possibly some crude or violent language. If you have a fawn character and do NOT want them to be the subject of her interest, by all means leave a post saying so. If she has bothered your fawn and you decide that you don't want her attention upon discovering this bio, please leave a post as well.

If you are unsure of her intentions, then I will go ahead and say it is to kill and "free" innocent young fawns after gaining their trust, plus ulterior motives.

RP always welcome.

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Language and Adult Content Warning
All updates in comments. Occasional thoughts/quotes in bio.
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The Journal

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Broken Pieces[Writing Blog]

Just bits and pieces of unfinished writing.
May contain things that could be offensive to some, please read at your own risk.

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Chunky Blinkers! [CLOSED]

Closed til I finish most of these. xD
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Project : Baal

Moments in forest may appear here in teeny form. I can't abandon everything you know.

Track if you want, comment if you want, critique if you want. I enjoy each and every comment, even if it is in nothing but a view number.

Thank you.
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I'd really like to know...

And done.

I had an idea and I'd like some thoughts. I literally just had it, it's poorly thought out and I've no idea if it stands a chance in hell of working, but I thought it was pretty awesome.

Hear me out?
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