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[Shy Little Doe][[Chantico]]

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[COLLECTOR] | {Trader}

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This bio could contain adult language and situations. You have been warned.
Moving some bios back to my Baal account, sorry for the spam!

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[Baal] Rut Blog

I am crap at CSS, so this won't be pretty. xD

Edit: Thank you all who offered! I believe a future mum has been found. ^_^

Just the start of a Rut blog for Baal.
Looking to possibly find someone who would be willing to have a fawn with him. I would like the fawn for a new character before I retire Baal from the forest.

I do have a full time job with a varied schedule, so my online times might be odd.

If anyone is willing, feel free to hit me up on discord: Lbaal#4389
Or just comment here. ^_^
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[Little Fae] The Choice

Little Fae background story.
Will be updated as I go in comments. More than welcome to comment if you want.

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Character Hub

Just putting all of my babboos in one place. No CSS forever is likely, so sorry for the ugly. xD
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This Bio could contain mature or unsettling content. You have been warned.

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To be happy...[Blood Warning]

Disturbing Content, read at your own risk.
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