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Mental: Confused |Physical: 85%


Gave the pond grass another try, spat it out and decided to go elsewhere for a meal. Wandered by a few sleepers and considered what the effects of trying to consume them would be before finding his way to the blue bowl. Gorged himself on the blueberries and almost immediately regretted his decision. Made his way to the ruins with an uncomfortably full and angry belly.
Wedged himself into a cool space between a column and a wall to try and sleep off his discomfort. Only managed a fitful nap before awakening to the feeling of being watched. But only a small white deer[Smiling Jack] lay before him, apparently more successful at dozing than he. Was this the watcher that had awoken him? Well, he wasn't watching now...
Felt the need to be petty in his irritable state and realizing the little deer wasn't exactly paying attention, scooted close enough to bury most of the smaller fellow under his bulk and was quite pleased with himself until the stag squirmed free, seemingly caused a bright flash of light and cast some strange net-like mask on his face. Out of confusion tried to fling the mess off only to be startled by another light and the others coat changing color before his very eyes. This must have been some sort of test as the deer only bowed and ran off.
Stood, thoroughly flummoxed at this series of events before finally scraping the offending mask off and going elsewhere for his nap. Maybe somewhere a bit more hospitable.

Nothing. Did absolutely not one thing but lay under a tree and feel sorry for himself.

Starving. Has seen multiple sleeping fawns and feels as though they are mocking him now. All of them had groups of adults nearby and in his weakened state does not feel up to the fight that would be sure to follow a fawn attack. Is running out of frogs and the fish are getting smarter. Ate a miserable few mouthfuls of cattail grasses and flopped grumpily under a willow.

Leg is feeling considerably better after a few more hours rest. Wandered for a bit until the rumbling of an empty stomach led him to the pond and a few frogs which did little to sate his hunger. Meandered off from there to look for larger game only to find most in groups. Not feeling up to trying his luck settled into a spot of sunlight until better opportunities presented themselves.

Lazed about in the tall grass of the birch forest until he got up the nerve to head for the pond and soak his sore leg. Spent much of his time dozing beneath the bridge, quite content. Eventually climbed out and wandered to the ruins to sleep. A lazy day really, though he'll have to hope the soreness in his leg fades soon, hunger is starting to make itself known.

Leg throbbing, utterly exhausted. Has no idea where the two skull faces[Umay/North?] came from or why they seemed determined to corner and chase him, but certainly wasn't up for their sort of game. Found himself run through most of the old forest and had to take to water numerous times to rest and cool the burning pain of his foreleg. Isn't certain why they ended their game, but is glad of the respite. Resting now in the tall grasses of the birchwood, pondering the possibilities if he could get one of them alone. [lol, thanks for the run. Was quite fun. ^_^]

Lazed about before taking an impromptu trip around the forest only to spot a small rabbit sitting all alone and apparently sleeping. Pondered stalking the tempting morsel until a long faced deer [Poseidon?]arrived and give him a bit of a startle. Circled around until the deer wandered farther off and went for the rabbit again, only to have yet another deer appear, albeit a smaller one that did an excellent job of distracting the first, but in the end the attention was more than he cared for. Made his way back to the graveyard to scrounge in peace, which didn't last as the Long Faced deer made a return appearance. Wasn't certain of the fellows intentions so took to quite a strange game of cat and mouse. It ended on a what we'll claim to be a draw and have nothing whatsoever to do with him being worn out. [It was nice to interact with you stranger. I haven't had that much fun stumbling around on TEF in a while. ^_^]



Name | Dohr
Picto | oOo
Gender | Male
Age | Unknown
Orientation | Questionable
Species | Unknown [Moose size/build]

-Suffers lameness in left front leg from a poorly healed break.
-Lacks the ability to hunt well, prefers to draw potential prey to him.
-Carnivorous/Scavenger, mostly Scavenger.
-Large or not, he is a bit of a coward.
-More or less a bully when he thinks he can get away with it.


By Others:
Tuhka \ xXx
PirateHearts | xXx

By me:

{Coding credit to Heartstrings and Unplugged}

Feel free to:
Dance with
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Or anything else with Dohr.
I won't take offense. ♥

RP is always welcome.
If you need to contact me about Dohr: luce.baal[at]gmail.com or Skype: l.baal

Oh that is beautiful.

Oh that is beautiful. ♥
...My curiosity has been peaked.

Lovely layout too. ; ;
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I love your baddies so much.

I love your baddies so much.
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Dinamo - Thankyou! Hopefully

Dinamo - Thankyou! Hopefully I can settle your curiosity. (;

Kaoori - Haha, thankyou. :3

Heee. ♥

Heee. ♥
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Whyyy am I not tracking this?

Whyyy am I not tracking this?
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I'm very curious.

I'm very curious.
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Dohr, glorious Dohr by the

Dohr, glorious Dohr by the amazingly talented Tuhka! ♥!! He must be flaunted! :3

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Ahh, that's beautiful! I

Ahh, that's beautiful!

I remember this guy, btw. Track. <:

avatar by Sithrim!

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Must track super intriguing

Must track super intriguing character :3
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woah, gorgeous! i remember

woah, gorgeous! i remember him too c:
retrack ♥
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So many tracks! Thank you!

So many tracks! Thank you! ♥!!
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Always loved this boy.

Always loved this boy.
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:3 &hearts;

:3 ♥
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Accidently run to its

Accidently run to its bio...

... but i love it. O.o
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Thank you! :3

Thank you! :3