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Trying to get Jericho back out there. He's a very old character and badly needs to be updated and get new art, but! Until then, here he is.

This bio will contain violence, gore and adult language. This character is 100% IC and all interactions will be taken as such. If you do not wish to interact with him, a head shake no will send me on my way.
Feel free to approach him as you please, I welcome all interaction, good or bad. If wanted, I can be reached on discord: Lbaal#4389
I like to think I'm friendly, so don't feel shy. Unlike Jericho, I don't bite. ^_^


[Health - 60%]
Various new cuts and bruises to add to fading wounds from before.
[Mental - 30%]
Feeling overly restless, anxious. Can't be still. Acting strangely. Randomly aggressive with no real intention of attacking.

[02.15.2020][Slow update. ;-;]
Has been anxious, twitchy and moody as all hell. Doesn't know why and was pondering finding a hole to bury himself in when a scent caught his attention and suddenly a fix to his mood was in his sights. The little shiny doe[Kaoori], standing, on a hill, alone. He could not resist putting all of his irritation on her. A worthy draw of his attentions, and, if lucky, a tasty meal.
These thoughts were only compounded more as there appeared to be no saviors to rush in a ruin his fun. For once.
He approached with clearly unkind intentions and she was off! Quicker than he was expecting, but a chase was as good as a catch today. She was clearly intending it to be such as they tore through the forest, him barely able to nip at her heels. He'd never felt so off...
It wasn't long, however, before the usual 'knights' were coming to her defense. And he welcomed them. There was no urge in him to truly fight, but the thrill of it all, the charges and the hits, did wonders for his mood.
Right up until he started wearing down, and that blasted, spiky male[Carmine] wouldn't back down. His previous improved mood went more than sour. Especially when the little dog[Ragnara] decided to join in too.
This new development sent him into the safety of the pond, where the spiky one paced and paced. The action and their bleeding drawing him out of the waters time and time again. He knew better, new he was outmatched with the pair, but the scent of blood on the air was stronger than his sense.
He wore quickly though, even with the other male's anger turning to taunting and useless rage, he knew it would be foolish to try them again.
He remained beneath the waters, eventually drawing to the deepest end of the pond to try and soothe his jittery hide. It took a long time for him to calm enough to truly rest.

Has been in a mood, an unusual funk and he's not too thrilled with it. Doesn't even want to go to the pond, the waters are doing nothing but irritating his hide.

Has been roaming aimlessly through the forest, a crawling sensation under his hide refusing to let him relax. Doesn't know what is wrong but he can not rest. It's as though he is looking for something.
Is feeling more alone than he ever has before. Beyond irritable.

It was only in passing. He didn't know why he kept following the doe. Their paths seemed to keep crossing and then he was curious perhaps? He didn't know...
They were nice enough though...

Was having a grand time bopping about the forest when lo and behold, one of his absolute favorite targets was just there[Kaoori], and all alone to boot! He couldn't resist taking the opportunity to give chase the second she noticed him and bolted, though he was sure to stay just far enough back to make it fun.
However, that proved to be his loss as none other than the same white buck[Sadiki] who had proven to be a pain in his side every, single, time, spotted his less than pure minded actions and the battle began!
He tried taking a few bites out of the little doe target, trying to ignore her protector, but that just brought more guardians to the fray, forcing him to turn most of his attacks on the other buck and new friends. For once he stuck to a fight, turning more of his effort into putting down the aggravating 'knight in white armor' that never failed to come to the little doe's rescue. Truly, if he weren't such a pain in the ass, he could almost like the guy.
But the feeling was clearly not mutual as the fight did not seem to be slowing, even his running off to come back around from another angle wasn't paying off as the buck stayed hot on his heels and was eventually joined by some other creature entirely. Only a few halfhearted attempts were left after that before he took his battered and bruised form back to the pond to wait them out and, as usual, sulk.
[[Sorry if your character's name isn't mentioned, I couldn't see most of y'all on the map. ¯\_(?)_/¯]]



Was huddled in the old oak, suffering from infection and fever, beyond miserable when the tiny Ptashka found him. He'd met the pretty little bird once before and she had offered to see to his wounds then. Unfortunately that had not worked out for him.

But, she was offering again and he was beyond turning anyone down so agreed without any complaint. She brought some odd assortment of items and set to gently tending his wounds, a whole new experience for him. In the process he learned she was a friend of one of the stags that had chased him off many times before. One he was particularly not fond of in fact, and they had told her all about his less than good nature. Yet, here she was, being kind to him of all creatures, knowing what he had done to others.

He felt a little humbled by that, honored even, to have her kindness placed upon him. He made a decision then and informed her of such, much to her seeming dismay, that should anyone bring her harm, he would kill them. He only tempered his statement a little when she showed displeasure at it, however. He didn't want her to be afraid of him.

After she had gone through the laborious and fascinating task of seeing to his wounds, she had fallen asleep at his side. The trust amazed him and he vowed then to never break it.


Had been sitting in the pond, horribly sore from a well deserved beating days before when he caught a familiar scent. It was faint, but it called to him as it had days ago. He was delighted to find the little blue doe, the owner of said scent, that he'd almost had before so many had come to her defense, and she was all alone! Right up until he started her way in what was a poor attempt at sneaking, his excitement getting the better of him. When, lo and behold, one of her defenders from before returned to white knight for her again. They were a fierce and determined fighter, causing more than a few new wounds on his hide, and, were it not for the searingly intense hate he was feeling at the meddler, he thought he might rather like them. At literally ANY other time.

He was beginning to think this lovely morsel was more trouble than she was worth, but he wasn't known for being a quitter. At least not until ANOTHER white knight joined the fight! A ridiculously large stag that kept charging him until he was more than a little worn out and ran as far away as he could. There had to be easier prey...

Only a moments wandering led him to a small fawn, not too far off from another doe, not as small as the blue one. He ignored them and went for the fawn instead, a little thing that proved it wasn't a complete fool child as it cowered before him. But, before he could snap it up in his jaws, a loud sound came from behind him in the direction of the doe from before. He startled and turned to look back, only to hear the fawn bolt away. A thing he watched with much dismay. But, before he could mope more than a moment, a new presence arrived. A strange, slender creature that simply gave him a rabbit, fat and delicious. He was surprised, even as a babble of words of rewards and a love for their surroundings spilled out of his new friend. Who watched him happily accept the rabbit and just like that was gone. What a wild lot out here...

The rabbit was delicious, but only a small morsel and he found himself looking again, hopefully for that fawn. Instead, he found the doe from before. He had moved about her, called himself sizing her up, and quickly found himself in a mistake in the making as he charged at his new found target. This doe was not to be trifled with and quite merrily handed his ass to him. He tried to save face by staying in the fight far beyond what was smart before tucking his nub of a tail and getting the heck away from her. It proved to be a good choice as he limped for the pond, bleeding profusely from many small wounds and a few larger ones.

He saw the fawn again on his way and gave a half hearted attempt at biting them, but found it a pointless endeavor and moved on the the soothing waters of the pond, where he could sulk and lick his wounds. It was only after he had started to feel more than a little lightheaded that he realized, right in front of him, was a tiny wounded thing. Just...right there. It took everything he had to drag himself up and slowly make his way over to the log the little stag was leaning on. Just as he loomed over, they looked up, startling and he tried to snap, but that's when everything went to hell. His vision went dark and he just kept leaning forward until he collapsed into the water. Vaguely he thrashed, feeling something struggling under his bulk as he tried to get his face up out of the muddy water before finally rolling over and going utterly limp as darkness claimed him.

He honestly had no idea what became of the little stag.

With Safear
[Gore]Doesn't like the idol pelt

- Semi-aquatic
- Will hide in pond when badly injured or frightened
- Carnivore
- Prefers to separate and attack ones perceived as smaller or weaker
- Tends to prefer a bite and ram method of fighting [Bite - Surprise emote + Headtilt] or clawing
- Isn't actually attack happy unless hungry and an easy opportunity presents itself

- If you want him to leave you alone, a head shake no will usually tell me to take him elsewhere. ^_^
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by Draak

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♥ ♥ ♥

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Oo, neat guy you have here.

Oo, neat guy you have here.
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Thank ya! ^_^

Thank ya! ^_^