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April 12, 2014 - Forest-Wide Set-Gathering Day [ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO NEED SET HELP]

April 12, 2014 is the marker of 1 month since the release of the 4th generation of Pictograms into TEF. Since many many deer will be looking for set help, I think it would be beneficial to come together as a forest to help out if we want to help everyone get their sets.

What you can do:
There are several of every kind of necessary tree in the forest for spells. It would be good to have deer posted at as many trees as possible to help out with those spells. Also, it would be nice to have some deer dedicated to pelt spells sleeping in locations in the forest for the day. You could even form teams, in which one deer would sleep and the other would cast, then trade-off after awhile. It would also be helpful to have deer in the mushroom circles taking turns sleeping for animal or mini-spells if necessary. Having DOTD and candle casters would be very nice, too.

Again, you don't have to be dedicated to doing it the entire day. Since there are so many players, I was hoping to make everyone aware as well as help those who want spells to find deer willing to give them what they would like.

How to participate:
Post a comment below with a picture of your pictogram, a list of what set pieces you will be available to help with and where in the forest you will be to help with this.

Things to remember
  • Please do not post here with set help requests. Just go to the areas where the deer that can help you are located.
  • Please wait your turn and do not crowd these deer. Do not take spells from others.
  • Do not get angry if the spell-deer has to leave. It is not their responsibility to help you, as they are volunteers and have every right to quit at any time for any reason.
  • Do not use Mini-Deer to get pelt spells unless given prior permission, please.
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Thank you, Michael & Auriea!

Thank you very much for our new sets and this amazing celebration. We're all very grateful for all that you've done and continue to do for us.
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Does anyone want to RP with Cygnus? (I need to develop him.)

RP under the cut. Please only reply if you are literate.

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Nameless Eyes, Visible Soul

A collection of writings to describe the life of a deer, some of which are told through the deer's voice herself, as musings of someone that everyone believes is Nameless.

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...people seem to forget that this game is not something we should take at face value...

It starts as a tiny feeling and from there it grows. It trickles in through the edges of one's subconscious mind, falling like raindrops into the conscious world. At first, it is a sightless world. Soon, small sounds of birdsong and the rustle of trees remind you that you are conscious. Your soul winks into existence first. Your world fades into existence, bringing a spark of joy. Your soul gathers itself, as if preparing for something much larger... and then a bit of you transforms into many others. A chorus of voices fills your ears, prompting you to wake up and realize that you are not alone, but part of a collective consciousness.

This collective consciousness is why you are here. Each soul behind each avatar shares the same feelings you do. Each new meeting brings sparks of happiness to both souls. Make each meeting as bright and hopeful as if it were the first time. Each parting brings a slight sadness to the souls involved. Make each parting as kind as possible, as nobody ever knows just when they will meet each other again. Each soul comes into this little world of ours hopeful, excited, and new. Remember this. Each soul behind each avatar has its own burdens, triggers, and fears. Remember this as you interact with others. Above all, remember that each soul came here equally: They started off young, growing over time. If love, care, respect, generosity, understanding, and honesty is given to each soul, it will grow into something beautiful. If a wrong is committed to a soul, then it will foster something ugly inside that will spread. Do not lower your tines if you don't want others' lowered toward you. Do not turn your back to someone unless you want your back to feel the score of their tines later. Do not hide behind your mask, for your face is still human underneath. We're all the same under the spells.

We are the deer of The Endless Forest and we should take to heart what the creators wanted for this game.
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PSA: Fan Characters and 'Inspired' characters and Crediting.

Please, please remember to credit the show/movie/comic/etc. that you are getting your inspiration from. Fan Characters need to be credited just as much as fan art needs to credit the original artist for the concept.


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Nemophilist (A writing)

Psithurism filled in the little pockets of silence that the forest had between the groans of the trees. It was a white noise background to the sounds of deer calling to one another across the landscape. Each bird call or friendly bellow echoed off of the trees like a pinball bouncing in its machine, but always seemed to reach the ears of its intended audience. These were the sounds that Moss heard today as he lazed in a patch of violet flowers. The stag enjoyed the smell of these particular blooms. He thought it had to be their location both always being baked in the sun and close to the strong magic of a mushroom circle. He religiously moved from his home to this place for daily gokotta.

The sophrosyne stag blearily peered over the landscape. The pond glittered just over to his left like a blue gem. The brook swiftly moved from his right to fill it, hissing the whole way from the crying idol that silently mourned at its origin. He smiled, blinking away the last dregs of sleepiness from his eyes so that he could take a better look. A gust of wind rustled the tree above him, causing the leaves to flicker and the shadows on the ground to do the same. It made the illusion that Moss was moving, when in fact he lay still on the floor of the forest. He almost felt as if he were drifting over the landscape... only to realize that he had indeed fallen asleep and his mind was doing just that. Silently he watched others at play or at rest, occasionally stopping to check on one or two, before moving on. It was then that he realized that he was indeed a Nemophilist; a lover of the forest and nature. This place was the one place he truly loved and belonged in.

While his mind wandered the forest, his body slept. It was a gray mound among violet flowers. A smile graced the deer's face, a mask of pure contentment. A little flower near his nose flailed wildly with each breath or sigh. So was a regular day in the forest for a stag who slept long, but wandered constantly.
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PSA about new pictograms! Please read!

With the very quick end of generation three, I feel it would be important to remind people of one simple thing: The generation ran out extremely quickly compared to the others. We don't want that to keep happening.

Be responsible:

Please, please don't go rushing to register a whole bunch of Gen 4 pictos when they come out. This is especially important if you don't need them. There will be plenty to go around for awhile if everyone doesn't go rushing for them immediately.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all give this some thought.
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Moss FAQs and Development

So I think it's time to make a FAQ/development page for Moss, since his base is finally complete after a little bit over a year. *facepalm*

OKAY! Here goes! Feel free to add any suggestions/input.

  • Moss does not fight or tolerate aggression.
  • He is accepting of all deer, though will leave if aggression is shown or if bad intentions are present.
  • He spends a generous amount of time sleeping or resting.
  • He likes to cuddle.
  • He has shown zero interest in females outside of trying to figure them out. I believe that this is due to the violence displayed in the rut having a subconscious effect on him. If something = violence, he is not likely to do it. Heck, I don't even know if he is physically capable of mating.
  • He is often depicted as being happy, but that isn't the case. Moss shares the emotions that everyone else does, though he understands when certain emotions are being displayed purely out of selfish wishes and aren't appropriate for the situation. He will often go off alone when he is frustrated or tired to think his way out of these emotions or to relieve them in a positive way. Basically, he does get grumpy and tired of being happy all the time like anyone else, but won't likely harm someone because of it.
  • Moss is unable to be physically injured or magically controlled by anyone else unless he purposefully physically injures or otherwise intentionally harms them first. Since this is not likely to happen, he is basically unable to be hurt. It doesn't mean that he has no sense of self-preservation and he will likely try to keep out of harm's way. I like to call this "Golden Rule Protection" because it is all dependent on him not doing something to another that he doesn't want done to himself. He is 99.9% unlikely to attack your deer, so attacking him isn't going to do anything but show that your deer aren't something he wants to be around.
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