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i briefly downloaded this game many years ago when i was younger after seeing pictures and videos on the internet. i played for just a short time and i believe it was simply because i wasn't old enough to appreciate the beauty of this game- after coming back and spending a short time playing and taking the time to name my deer, i'm enamored with the beauty of it! it's so peaceful and tranquil, and the integration with art installations is amazing.

i haven't come up with a name for my deer yet, apart from their sigil- i believe i'll find a way to give them more character the more i play Smiling

thanks for reading! excited to make friends and memories Smiling

moving on

I have a history with these original characters, and they are dear to me. However, I don't ever see myself coming back to this place or using them and I would hate to have them continue collecting dust. Forgotten. After a long time of consideration, I have finally decided on parting ways with them and giving someone else the torch where they might live on and be given some love. This isn't first come, first served. I have some terms set and I will think carefully about the holder before transferring. So please read carefully. All I ask is for these characters to not stray far from who and what they are. Please keep their names and history the same. Small redesign is fine. Adding to their story is fine - mild changes to their character development is fine. I will give you any information I have saved up for these characters. You will also receive any art I have of them. As well as their pictograms which must not change; except for 'wood' if you desire. Please email me if you are interested. Tell me what you plan to do with them. I might check on them once in a blue moon.


mar 'teeth' 'wood'
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Weeping Mother [BIO]

Burhumat bio

The Lost Mask

The Lost Mask Story

Suddenly as fall approached the seams of my deer mask began to burst apart. What was once a mask became a black amorphous cloth wriggling where it should not be. You know like underneath the chin, only on the left side of the face, blowing up above my deer eyes etc. So of course in the digital age you can order masks globally.

The search began and every day my mask would unravel. Never the same seam. Sometimes one of the sides and sometimes the front on back one on so upon spelling I suddenly was like a burlesque strumpet before a performance but on my deer face not near my star on the back part. Wriggle butt I am and dance regularly by the cage, but less than 6-month-old mask should last a little longer even if wriggled in. I spell up black. I like black masks. Despite global access, all the masks being black became an issue. I spelled and got any color but black.

Every day for four days I searched for all black masks by spelling and then dipping in the lake whilst going back and trying again. The original mask I used at the ruins had gone to pastel colors and like a wedgie cut. Which is fine for swimming but when the cold wind blows up your snorting nose you need the coverage. Goose pimples on deer noses you cannot warm up in public without getting in trouble. It means endless neck rubbing outside your normal deer group which since the pandemic can be risky. Sometimes you get all heated but not in the fun way. On a cold night, pandemic heat may be useful and of course, a strategically placed hot nose might make a new friend. Everyday I experienced the wedgie as my black mask on my deer body broke seams and traveled to crevices.

Finally, I spelled enough by the lake to get an all-black mask like the Rugby teams of Australia during Haka before a game. Rough but so satisfying. In a couple of days later while playing another black mask appears. All excited I do several and find a need to have a spectrum of black masks.

new to the game!

hello! im new to the endless forest and have been playing for about a week or so, and though its a very lo-fi (dare i say outdated) game, im really intrigued by it. i still have some questions about the game though-- there's no plot, right? what draws you guys to the game? does abiogenesis happen anymore, and what happened at past abiogenesis? were any of you guys there to experience it? and is there anyway to make the game faster, or is the lagginess a product of its time?
id love to hear from you guys, i havent been so invested in a game like this in years and id love to learn more.
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and years later...

(Sorry in advance for my English. I use an online translator.)

Many of us are over 20 years old. Some are over 30 years old. Some of us have children and own a house in real life. It's amazing that we managed to keep an important part of our soul and stay here. And although in real life we have problems, we face injustice and pain... We always have the opportunity to plunge into another world. So let us have at least there will be perfect families and loyal friends here. Here, where it is calm and warm, where we will always be welcome.

I am very glad to meet old friends and acquaintances after many years. I'm glad that Louise has such a wonderful big family. Oira-Oira, Mora, Tarter, Isetore, Daniella, Schtil, Lampir, I love you!

I am glad that Abraham can still spend his leisurely years in the company of good old friends. Sirius, Adolf, Hannelore, Aili - you are always in my heart! Ralph, Chris, Mest, Valentin, Tago - I cherish you and always look forward to your return to the forest.

I'm sorry if you didn't find your name in this text. Here I wanted to express my love to all those with whom I have been friends for more than 5 years. Here I mention those with whom I grew up from a small child into an adult.

And no matter how old I am, I will come here and faithfully wait for my friends <3

SOS : )

Hello deers, i´m sorry for this message, back in the forest after several years and a bit helpless and confused with few things.
So if someone can help me to find answer, i would be happy, support forum doesnt work for me, when i open that site its completely empty.
1.) I have lost my Candles on antlers, i used to wear them years back, in between new computer, so i dont have old datas. And rehojned forest shortly after Days of the all souls. So no chance to get them by picking in forest. Is there any chance or the only way is to wait whole year?
2.) I cannot upload picture, it says eror or it canot be moved.
3.) My deer is falling asleep, althought i can see others are sitting without sleeping when they are afk.
4.) All the forest is terribly slow, using Gforce, and cannot afford new computer and i´m not The computer wizard, so i´m afraid to do tricks with my computer.
Are there any chances for me?
Thank you and wish you all lovely late autumn forest day : )

Bone Eater

Dire Rick [bio]

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