First Friend

To the wonderful brown/honey marbled deer that took time to goof off and play around with a fawn, thank you! It was a lovely time and I enjoyed the company. Hope to continue seeing you around!

Hello World!

Entry Date: 5/6/22
I used to be on here forever ago, but I couldn't remember my name and I've been through quite the journey since then, so i've started over from scratch. I was super excited to see that they've kept updating and working on this lovely screensaver game after almost ten years of hiatus, so of course I had to come back now that I have a decent laptop.
So, Endless forest, meet baby Valko!
-<3 V

ED: 5/7/22

Wow, a lot of deer are active today! I'm enjoying the vibes. It's weird being a fawn again, I miss my customization, but I'm excited to go on the month journey of being small until I earn my antlers.
- <3 V
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Spring Rally 2022 - Dates Announced

The spring rally poll for this year is now up -

The spring rally will be held on the 21st of May - 4th of June

Event Discord -

New user, and it's 2022!

Hello, I'm so happy to write on this blog! Discovering again the entire world from zero is such an interesting way to spend my free time. I'm from Argentina, and today I was entered in this amazing game. I'm right now with six other players just lying in the grass and listening to the birds (and flies occasionally) and I feel so pleased and comfy... I'd like to know more about those users!! It's right next on some two gigant trees!


Invite the forest for a dance, oh, most vile creature. Scorch the ground with your black acid, turn living into death. Inorganic, bitter soil lay in your wake, as you, unstoppable, are a moving helix, leaving no ground untouched, no body unseen and not predated. See all other as other, you, against the world, an innate opposition whose humor is to always mirror the inverse. The inverse, but always worse, no sliver of good or true, or neutral for the matter. Satiate that need, the tendency to torture.

Dance with this boulder - stoic and intentionless who is too, kin of insects and smaller pests, sear its skin, rake its mane, do as you please. Play your game, and the tolerance of matter, because you are weaker than the inevitable. The still that you stir up, it revolves and finds its place once again.

You are merely motion.

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Nothing here yet!

hello! :D

(english isn't my native language, so sorry in advance for my poor grammar and misspellings :') )

hiii! first of all, I need to say it as an average Studio Ghibli enjoyer: as soon as I saw the deer designs my brain went berserk and screamed "LOOK ISN'T THAT THE PRINCESS MONONOKE'S DEER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" at me and I had to try it XD
I just downloaded the game and I'm loving it so far, I love this relaxing vibe and peaceful environment!! I think I'm going to spend a long time here, so please let's be friends and hangout Laughing out loud

soooo, could u guys guide me through the community so I can be as cool as u, pretty please? oh, and should I know anything in particular about The Endless Forest? how do I make my deer big and fancy as the ones I've seen? are there any objectives or quests I didn't notice?

The Red Line has appeared

A deer while romping around the forest can enjoy the palette of green, blue, and grays as they stroll along. Occasionally, a splash of a stellar color will tickle the senses as one bounces by either by flower, mask, or those lovely big red antlers on some deer prancing boldly.

In the distance, one sees massive gray rocks behind the twin gods. A stroll toward the green palette suddenly ends into blood-red ground. Where green vegetation meets the blood-red soil will be the red line. Many ancient deer sit upon the horizontal gray playground rock observing all who cross the red line. Some ancient deer descend on the rock palette nearby. The atmosphere there is not always playful. No amount of bouncing can sway those ancient deer into play. Instead, you find yourself suddenly sitting.

If a deer explores the area enough called the playground Mother-like rocks to form a circle with a red middle, an enclosure. If a deer sits there they sink into the ground as if a grave while the ancient ones look on. Birds even swoop at the deer. So some of the spells that open other realms also serve for entrance into red line hidden areas. Many deer herds will be there sometimes while one or two deer sit much. Get up and then suddenly sit again.

The largest squarish boulder with the ramp one can enter but if surrounded by the other deer an event has occurred. Most deer go play elsewhere. Coming to the playground from the slightly hilled forest across the plain will not let one sneak in. Those ancient deer know your presence. Whole groups will walk up the rock and sit often in line along either side of an ancient deer.

The red line also begins to appear in the art in the forum in many creative ways. Dripping red line on hides, eyes, tattoos, and surrounding background. No one ever talks about it till today. The red line moved into text, into the chat of the forest.


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